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Dear ReadersJune 2, 2004

Yesterday was a fantastic mail day here at ChezYarnagogo. Just lookee. Bethany (reader, not sister) sent me this! Out of the goodness of her heart, and nothing more. And I swear, I had NO idea what a really cool book it is. Updates, schmupdates. I like MY version the best.


Thank you, Bethany. That was so thoughtful, and so sweet.

And from Maggi, completely outtadablue, a Richmond bag (because I *heart* that city) that’s destined to carry many partial sweaters, and stitch markers that she made her very own self. Is there anything happier than those little things? I think not.


Thank you, Mogs. You are darling. (Digit-tail sold separately.)

Lemme just take a minute and say that I love my readers. Seriously. There are good readers/commenters out there, but mine are the best. The BEST. I used to blog because I wanted to jumpstart my writing. It was just for myself. I didn’t care who did or didn’t read. I actually preferred that no one read it. I suppose I could maintain that line and tell myself it wouldn’t matter if no one came to visit my old glass house, but honestly, it would matter to me. It’s like (how to say this without sounding cornier than all get out?), it’s like I have this fountain at my fingertips, and it’s full of good wishes and love and wisdom and advice and empathy. I don't feel like I deserve such wealth. But know that I’m grateful, and happy, and so proud to have people like you, reading my silly ole words and dropping me these fabulous comments and emails that make my heart sing.

Why, just today, MaryB in Richmond (of course), wrote me an email giving me a name for my running style. It’s been suggested that I was SLOGGING, SLow jOGGING. I liked that. But MaryB has an even better one. She says,


I think that you are a beginner, who is thus being careful getting started. Yes? So you are a Beginning LOw-impact joGGER.

Get it?
You’re a BLOGGER!!!!

Priceless. I’m a blogger, all right. And proud of it, too.

So, thank you. We’ll leave the light on for ya. (Not sure why that needed to be said, but it did.) Mwah.


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You may love your readers (your readers sure love you), but I believe I'm addicted. If I check and you haven't updated, my mind begins to whirl, "Hm.. is she sick? Wait -- she worked last night, so that means she's not up yet to write," or "She's not working, so I guess she won't update until late." (Well, late for me, as you are PDT and I am CDT.) Then I check and check and check. It's a sad night when I have to go to bed with no new Rachael to read. Or maybe that's just a sad reflection on me! LOL
And I agree: Richmond is a very special place. Been there once; want to go back.

Ahhh...The Ballad of the Super 8 Motel.

Girl, you've got great readers because of what you're putting up here to read - sure, you're funny, literate and a kick-ass storyteller; but more than that, you celebrate so much of life and share it so generously that it's a joy and a privilege to tag along for even the shortest distance. So there. And thank YOU.

Plus you look so dang cute in all your pictures.

Really it just comes down to this: You are an amazing woman. You are a blessing in my life and the lives of others. It's my honor to know you and call you friend. You love us. We love you back. It's like one great big mutual admiration society.

Lovely presents from lovely people to a lovely person! [And doesn't my overuse of the word lovely annoy to no end? But it's so TRUE!]

Anyway. Rachael, what do you expect? You DESERVE it! I love coming in here and reading about your life and your knitting, and seeing your photos. You share everything in such a warm and friendly manner, even when you're not feeling your best. You share because you enjoy it, and don't expect anything in return. Never catty, never mean, never ranty in a petty way...your blog is a ray of sunshine on my blogroll, bay-bee! :-)

P.S. How's that for corny? But again: It's so TRUE!

We love you, too.

Corny as it may be...you make me feel okay for not wanting to leave the house again, EVER, except, okay, maybe for ice cream and yarn, but really, that's IT, I mean it...
The stuff I'd never admit to, out loud, why lookee, Rachael blogged about it, just last week.
Now when someone accuses me of being *little mary sunshine* in a sarcastic *get with the program* kinda voice, I just skip a little skip and hum neener, neener under my breath and think OH YEAH? You think I'M Overly Optimistic and TOO MUCH About Having FUN to be real? You aint seen nuthin' baybee...
You are My Hero.
cue the Hallmark music....

yay! i'm a reader! by the way, i have that vogue book.

yay! i'm a reader! by the way, i have that vogue book.

what everyone else said! (i could never say it as well as they did!)

we get what we give in life. i can only imagine how much your 'in the flesh' friends get out of a friendship with you - look what we all get, and most of us have never met you in person!

face up to it - yer a blessing! :)

I *heart* you too!

You blogger, you! What a wonderful mail day. Yeah, I had NO IDEA I was going to meet so many interesting and fun people when I began blogging. Oh, the days BB (before blogging).

I look foward to every day and hoping that the first click on your addy pops up with an new post, a new day, a new perspective that touches so many of us and rings so true to life. Ya gotta admit it girl, it's like that beautiful ripple that occurs after a stone is tossed in a calm lake...you reach out and affect so many of us in that same lovely way...mwah backatcha! You are very much appreciated by little 'ole me!

Hey there, just wondering how the knitting while jogging would work out? If it does let me know and i'll try it myself :)

You're fabulous! I love your brave jump-right-in-there knitting (and living) style!

Love you, too, Rachel! Bless your heart. -Your Republican, Christian friend.

Love you, too, Rachel! Bless your heart. -Your Republican, Christian friend -me.

Hey, I have that *cool* version of Vogue Knitting as well. My mom picked it up at a used book store over ten years ago, and passed it on to me when I started knitting. I've never been at a loss for anything, so I don't know what is in the updated version and I shrug my shoulders at it. Don't need the new-fangled version. :)

I think ours is better because they have been used and loved, and passed on with love. What could be better that a well-loved book?

Ooh! I'm so glad you liked my "title" for you (I keep giggling over it, myself....but then I always do like my own stuff!).

When our older son was little, like many other little kids he often "unvented" his own grammar, in ways that made sense to him (and often to the rest of us, too!). One of his phrases, when talking about himself and his younger brother, was to say "We love we-chother!" Oh, shoot, that's hard to write, but if you say it out loud you see he's taken the phrase "each other" and made it a second person pronoun: "We-chother."

So, that long lead-in/explanation simply gives me the chance to say this about Yarn-a-go-go's writer and readers:

We love we-chother!

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