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June 4, 2004

Freeway thoughts:

*In a metropolitan area as large as the Bay Area, why isn’t there a bluegrass/Americana/celtic music radio station?

*I dislike it when someone cuts me off on accident and then waves their cell phone in apology.

*I very much like it when a 1971 VW bug passes me in the fast lane.

(These are some of those blogging thoughts which you think will make good blog-fodder, but when captured later land rather flatly. Thud.)

Sitting at home thoughts:

Okay, I have none. I’ll go photograph the Thing I’m Working on That Needs a Name. “Cabled hoodie by Debbie Bliss” is BORING. Standing up. Oh, I don’t WANT to stand up. All right. Here I go.

Dude, that was harder than I thought. Sleepy....

Here you go. A sleeve (note the wrong-way cable third repeat up on right -- my trotting horse):


And I just like it seen this way:


Hi, Adah! (At present she's keeping watch at the sliding screen door for rats. Ew. But she looks so happy.) (And I know from reading comments that I have to do something about them, but... sigh. They're so big-grin cute in a really ugly way. Anyone know a good piper?)

I've got both sleeves done, and I'm five inches up the left front. And I'm about five minutes (literally) from finishing the last strap of the green ChicKami with the lace front panel, but I've been lazy. It's laughing at me from the work basket. I do want to wear it this weekend, so I think I'll finish it now.

Happy Friday!


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Dude. I can't see the wrong-way cable even with your pointing out where it is, while immobilized in the photo. Trotting horse indeed.

And I think the "huh?!?" about the lack of bluegrass/etc radio is not just because the Bay Area is big but because, as big urban areas go, it's pretty eclectic. While the radio stations are totally un-eclectic.

Yeah...I can't find the wrong-way cable either. I think you're safe even on a statue of a horse with that one.

Can't help you with a Bay Area station ('cept KPIG, but you're too far north in Oakland), but there's a fab station you can listen to online: www.kcuvradio.com

Love your blog, BTW.

The *only* reason I can see it is 'cause you pointed it out. Keep ridin', ma'am. 'S purty, BTW.

Go, Bug, Go! I heart the 4 cylinder engine in my CRV. I always felt like such an imposter passing people in the Blazer.

I stared at the picture for a long time before I spotted it, too. And I wouldn't know it at all if you hadn't said anything. Oh, and I love those thoughts you have about blogging that wind up going nowhere. I have MILLIONS of those. I'm having them right now, in fact.

I think I saw the cable but not sure...How was Shrek you didn't give a review.

Reading about your rats reminds me of the little mouse we had. I liked her. She was cute. I felt she and her extended family were welcome to stay. Cameron serenaded them with They Might Be Giant songs and Kevin killed them. Perhaps you need to bring someone in for the job.

Can't wait to see your Chickami.

Still Life with Regal Cat and sweater....I LOVE it! Howzabout *Cablecar* for the sweater name? You know, cuz you NEED a sweater like that when the Cable car stops at the top of the hill and you have the Perfect Photo Op....and then you get to SKIP the rest of the way down the hill....remember? sigh.

I liked your random freeway thoughts. So there!

Are you sure that they're rats, and not possums? One of my pals in LA said that possums had a good year and are infesting many houses in her hood at the beach. Anyway, I'd buy the traps and poison and not look back. That's me - no friend to the rodenta.

DB cabled cardie is gorgeous. I got as far as buying the pattern, can't afford the cashmerino, but am watching your version intently since it will be made some time...soonish...How do you find the pattern so far? I'm surprised the pattern has no schematics.

Ah happy memories of my deep yellow Jeans Beetle as I trolled around in the 70's. The double take from other drivers was great not only only cos the stylish car and driver, cough but that I tavelled with large dog and pet rodent- yes the domesticated ones are very sweet. Albert, the rodent, trvelled in his car cage in the back window; it had a wheel in it for excercise and it was very funny watching peoples faces as we sailed past them as Albert usally decided at some point to take excercise. Llewellyn, my companion dog at that time would go to sleep with his head propped on the cage which probably looked like he was working towards a snack :0) Oh yes and I am here to say it is true the VW Beetle does float but that as they say is another story.

First time poster, long-time reader (well, a couple of months now). Do you know about the Saturday afernoon programming on KALW 91.7 (http://www.kalw.org/) out of San Francisco? They have a Celtic show, followed by a folk music show, then a bluegrass show, and then an eclectic world music show. KPFA 94.1 has similar programming on Sundays. I have lamented this very same problem about the Bay Area. Ultimately, the Internet is the best place to find this for now.

I just found that KPFA programming this afternoon, and thought of you, but Nicole got here first... But I'm glad you posted about it, because otherwise I might not have stopped to listen to it, and I'm sure glad I did.

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