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Have Some Wine?June 23, 2004

Okay. Let me tell you this:


They’ve agreed to be our corporate sponsor for Team 911, and they’ve donated a generous chunk of change (what are the niceties here? Do I say the amount? Let me just say that it’s enough that I’ll be advertising their excellent wines by wearing their tee shirts for the next six months while I’m running around the Bay Area). I talked to Kathy Rosenblum herself, and she couldn’t have been nicer. I tell you. Experience comes in handy sometimes. I’ve been drinking their wine ever since I became aware that they were an actual LOCAL winery, right on the island of Alameda, and now they’re doing this amazing thing for the AIDS Marathon and Team 911.

I’m a little giddy. When I get home from work in the mornings, I always turn my ringer off to sleep. She had left me a message while I was sleeping, and while I try never to check my messages when I wake up until AFTER I’ve done my writing, I saw on the caller ID that the Rosenblum had called, and I couldn’t resist. I checked. And she said right on the message that she would like to be our sponsor.

Now tell me. Aren’t you proud of me that I STILL went out into the garden and did my (addled) writing first before calling her back? That was so hard, but I know that when I first wake up I sound like an idiot on the phone anyway, so it wasn’t actually that great a sacrifice. It was very hard to keep my mind on the novel, though. I kept wanted the main character to pop a bottle of red. Even though it was ten in the morning, her time.

ROSENBLUM! Hooray! Would you like a drink?

Oh, I did my water running yesterday. I think it’s officially known as “aqua-jogging” but that sounds lame, doesn’t it? Water running has a slightly better ring to it. And I’m here to tell you, it is The Most Boring Form of Exercise In The Whole Wide World. Bar none. I told that to both lifeguards, but they didn’t really seem to care. It was lovely for the first five minutes. I strapped that flotation belt on, leapt into the cool water, enjoyed the sun on my face, and just ran through the water. Just like you’re running! It’s easy! Five minutes later I couldn’t imagine how I would occupy my mind for the next thirty-five. I was even grateful when a huge group of children arrived and jumped into the lanes next to me. At least they were distraction, even though they tend to spit. I drove from the pool to Longs, where I bought a ten dollar AM/FM headphone radio. It only picks up AM, apparently, but that’ll be enough. I’ll keep this up this week, and in the future I’ll use it as cross-training.

I can sure feel it working, though. I could hardly stand when I got out of the pool, my muscles were so tired, but it felt great. And my shin splints didn’t hurt at all. I think I’ll be good to go on Sunday when I get out with my pace group again.....

I’m just so excited I can’t stand it. Yay Rosenblum!


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A cool corporate sponsor...woohoo! A bottle of Red, A bottle of white.....sing along with me now...

Hurray for corporate sponsorship! You're really on your way now, kiddo. It's so fantastic. Cheering for you all the way!

Rachael, that's so awesome! And it's a wine company! I'm just busting out for you over here on the East Coast.

Hooray for Rosenblum Cellars! Now I'll have to go buy a bottle to support them like they're supporting you guys. Local enterprise is wonderful.

I concur on the aqua-jogging/water runnning thing. "Aqua-jogging" sounds like something old ladies in flowered bathing caps would do.

And I wanted to let you know how much I love that you're on a completely different schedule from me, so towards late afternoon when I really need a break for my brain, I can usually find a new Yarnagogo post to read.

WhooHoo! Congratulations!! That's so awesome. I'll have to remember that wine brand when doing my (very) occasional wine purchasing.

That's so awesome! Woo-hoo!

And you're so right about "aqua-jogging" -- using "aqua" as a prefix is just SO eighties, don't you think?

YAY! What fabulous news!
And WOW! look at all the Sonoma County wines they have! Okay, so I'm biased :)
Their Healdsburg location is only 20 minutes away from me, I'll definitely go by and tell them Team 911 sent me!

Of course, I'm one of those 'old' ladies that wears flowered bathing cap or I did until it was purloined by someone who couldn't resist the bright fusia cap with huge yellow daisy draped artily around no printing this it was definitely a 3D cap. Aqua-running always sounds like a genteel lady desperate for the toilet.
Congrats on the sponsership but more congratulations on the first thing writing.

Hey, wow, that's great! Can we buy that wine out here on the other coast? Otherwise maybe we'll order up a cse to share around in your honor.
I want to know more about this water-running. What's the flotation belt bit about? Because I could do with working on myself while hanging in the pool with C~

Rosenblum: Good and good for you.

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