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Knitty's Up!June 30, 2004

And I've got a lil article in the sexy mag.....
Whee! I've had such a great day!


The article is great, that 'love thing'just gets into everything doesn't it :0) Oh and I love the tira darling Absolutely Fabulous!, hope it journeys afar one day.

Wunderbar! But what ever happened with crooked smile girl? Gosh, I wish I could write like you do!

That was a great article. A very enjoyable read. Keep up the good stuff.

Great article! I hope we see more.


wow. wow. WOW!
I cannot ever remember reading an article before looking at the pictures in Knitty!
Write ON.

Kudos on your knitty article, Rachael! Love the tiara shot too!

I just finished reading your article . . . LOVE IT! I want more Rachael stories!

That was beautiful.

I absolutely loved your article! Your description of the items that your friends knit for each other to share their love brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face...Thanks for sharing!

I loved your article...it was beautiful to read about love and knits intertwined.

bravo. :}

Congratulations on the article! I had tears in my eyes when I finished reading it. It was beautiful. Congratulations again!


And it's such a GREAT article too. Absolutely wonderful!

Great article! The beautiful words to your friends were sweet and transcend the knitting thing.

Hey, I read your article and it made me cry...I, admittedly, am a huge sap. You are a great writer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

--Cathy (Carrieoke's evil twin)

Your article was such great reading. Knitting connects us with so many people in so many ways. Your take on Knitting as Sexy is right on target.

Oh! Your artcle made me cry, and I see that I'm not the only one. Your writing rocks, and I love that I'm not the only one using fibery metaphors. :)

Oh, girl, you do know how to get me going. Eyes like faucets, I have. Will I cry through the whole novel too?

I will agree with all of those who said it made tears well up--me too! But even more important, it touched a part of me that is still looking to heal from the ending of a long-term (18+ years) relationship, even three years after it is over. Usually nowadays, I get a bit cynical about wedding stories, feeling like, "yeah, I was there once, just you wait," but something about the sheer love that seems to issue out of these women's knitting needles as they worked really overcame that cynicism. Thanks for sharing, and I better go before, oh sniff, too late...

Just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your article in Knitty! Keep submitting!


Nice job.

Great article! And it led me to your blog, so even better!

Awesome article, Rachael! I loved it! Congrats on such a prestigious publication! :-)

Love the article. I said something similar, except connected to running, at my best friend's wedding eight years ago. It lets you know how so many of the things we love are connected and describe our lives. What did happen with the crooked smile girl, anyway?

P.S. Just wanted to lend my support to gay pride, too. I'm straight and married, and I don't see how being gay, married, proud or otherwise diminishes anyone in any way. For as many creeps as there are out there, remember that there are also people who support you, even if they only know you through your blog.

I'm a softie too! Sniff.... sniff. Your article and the licorice thong are the highlights of this Knitty. You are an amazing writer.

Your article was so poignant... and a touching addition to remind us that you can express a lot of things through knitting, including love.

What a lovely and touching story. The theme of this issue and most of the patterns only inspired an "eh" in me, but I loved your article.

And it's nice to read this insight by a close friend, about people I've met a couple of times (I really can't figure out a way to make that sentence sound any less awkwardly constructed). Makes me feel like you've shared a little of Kira and Rachel with the world (or with the Knitty readership), along with yourself.

I'm all choked up! I'm not sure which part of the story I liked best. Keep up the great writing and storytelling.

Let me just add my voice to the many telling you the absolute truth about how wonderful, talented, and inspiring you are.

You, my dear GAWK, rawk.

Loved the article, too. Grin!

Go GIRL!! What a great article, what a great tribute to the newlyweds..

I love your article! It was perfect, the way you described their love for each other. (And, congrats on over $3000!)

First time I ever read an article in Knitty before looking at the patterns. You are so special and enrich the lives of everyone who knows you. I'm totally jealous of anyone who gets to hang with you in person :0).

Oh yeah, the girl can WRITE.

That was just wonderful - moving & sweet & funny & touching & personal & lovely. Once again, thanks for letting us in - your world is one helluva nice place to be. Or 'just be', if I may paraphrase.

Lady, how you gonna make me cry so early in the monring?

That was a beautiful article. It's rare for a writer to possess the ability to put the reader in the scene and make her feel it, but you did.

Here in Ky in my happy little tears.

Just finally had a chance to read your article. Great job!!!!

Nice work. You write really well. Your writing has the power to effectively draw your reader into the story. Do we get the next chapter in the next Knitty? Hear, hear!!! (Applause);)

Wonderful article, and congrats to the newlyweds. As a happily married het girl, I'm deeply puzzled by the idea that Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon are a threat to my marriage, but Britney Spears isn't. (I cried when I saw the photos the SF Chron published from the weddings at City Hall. The joy shining from everyone's faces was dazzling.)

And on the topic of knitting's "acceptability" these days, one of my favorite quotations is from Nigella Lawson: "There's a disdain for the domestic that bothers me. How anti-feminist is it that any work traditionally associated with women must be disparaged?"

(Greetings from another Mills alum, BTW. I don't think we overlapped, though - I was class of '98, and from the article I gather you started in '99?)

Wow, I'm famous. Cute picture from the wedding, but of course your writing is the star. You are so good. Made me misty and made me laugh out loud too. Can't wait to get some of that good storytelling in person Saturday.

And conrats on $3000+!!!

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