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Let's Get Back to Business, Shall We?June 12, 2004

Knitting content.

Here’s my LacyChickami. (Can you see the edge of my new windchime?)


I used about three and a half skeins of.... Oh, that's embarrassing. I can't find a ball-band. I bought it in Downtown Yarns in NY with Em and Cari and Iris -- anyone remember what it was? I think it started with an A. Lord. This is why I don't have children. The lace pattern is just one I liked out of a book, started at inch 12 and carried up to the top. Tres simple, tres BonneMarie!

Oh, and here's a bad shot of me, but good of garden:


I have an unexpected and delightful reprieve this afternoon: I was going to work a twelve hour shift for my friend, but she just called and cancelled me, meaning I have all afternoon and evening off! I didn’t mind working for her, because she’s one of those Wonderful People that you’re lucky to have in your life (and she’s the other imperative half of TEAM 911, my marathon partner! You'll be seeing lots of Marama in the future), but with this unexpected time off, I’ll have a chance to rip the straps of this tank. Somehow, even with trying it on first, I thought I got the straps right, but they’re about an inch too long, just that much too big that it creates the bra gap right under the arm. Not attractive. And I hate to do this kind of fixing, because 1) I hate to rip and 2) I hide the yarn ends REALLY well. It’s going to be a challenge.

But I have sleep! I have time! Straps, here I come.

The Debbie Bliss hooded cabled thingie, hereby known as Brick Joy, is coming along. The cables have been pissing me off – she wrote it so that the wee cables that stand alone wrap one direction, and the cables within the open cables wrap the other. I just get that kind of thing wrong. Yep, wrong on a consistent basis. So after doing both sleeves and the left front, I’ve switched the cables to all going the same way on the right front.

And I don’t care.

I had messed up a cable on the front, just like I did on the second sleeve, and noticed it only four rows up. Did I rip? No? Do I consider that a failing on my part? Kinda, yeah. [Okay, I just had a sleepy couple of moments where I stared outside at the blackberry bush that’s wrapped around the aloe vera monster (George) and I realized that were I working on Cromarty, which is Important, I would have ripped. But Brick Joy is going to be a play-sweater, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Not the same thing at all, and I CAN be a perfectionist when it’s called for. So I’m fine with this, and the conversation is over.]

Sorry to subject you to the whole thought-process thing.

Tomorrow is our first day of training! I’ve been calling it “The Sorting” in my head, because they’re going to have us run three miles at our own pace and then sort us into pace groups (houses). I’m so excited I can’t stand it. I’m happy I’ve been doing the three miles regularly already, so I know I can make it. And I’ve been developing shin-splints, so yesterday I went to see a physical therapist who said, basically, that there’s nothing wrong with me the right shoe won’t fix. Now I have new NEW shoes, and I’m READY. Bring it.

(And so’s you know, I’m going to have a sidebar list of all the people who donate, with links to their website, if they have one. If you’d rather NOT be part of this, let me know, but I’d love to honor you in this way, if you’ll let me.)

(And more: The donate link in the post below or to the right isn't working for me, either... Weird. Hopefully they'll get that fixed! That's worrisome...)

And just for fun, Adah sleeps on TOP of her basket:



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It would rock so hard if y'all did your three miles in hats. I mean, we do need a little magic here, right?

Rachel, you are always so good at taking a pattern, and personalizing it to make it yours. The lace on Chickami looks fabulous!
(I remember a while back you were never notified of my comments. I'm using a different e-mail addy here to see if that will make a difference).

I love the lace pattern that you put into your ChicKami. I am working on a kami right now too. The pattern is really easy and fun to knit. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Looking good, as always, and I'm loving the lace. I just ordered the pattern & am gearing up for my first ChicKami, and it's always great to see what new embellishment you've come up with to make this basic top just a wee bit more fab.

Adah's too funny. Why be conventional? (Actually, with cats I guess that's a rhetorical question.)

I must say your knitting is outstanding and very inspiring! I just ordered the ChicKami pattern too and can't wait to try my own variations. I keep looking at your gallery of FO's and am so impressed at your creativity! I was also very amazed at your take on the Voque Knitting cover top with the deep "v" and crossing straps..it looked so dowdy on the model, but downright hot, sexy mama on you! Way to go..

Wow, great chickami! And that garden is amazing! Those trees make a great canopy!

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