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MoviesJune 22, 2004

I saw a double feature last night, Saved and The Day After Tomorrow. Goodness. What a juxtaposition THAT was. People I love who live in/near New York City, don’t see TDATomorrow. Actually, no one should go see it. The wolves killed me. Puhleease.

I know that it has a good message – the world can’t keep using up its resources without great repercussion, and I loved it when United States had to flee to Mexico and Mexico closed its borders until the US forgave its debt (fabulous), but honestly, a movie like that is not the way to Wake America Up. How about just raising every utility/petrol product to its actual cost? That would do it. We would wear only wool and walk to where we needed to go.

I know. I’m SO late to the complaining-about-this-movie party. Forgive me.

But am I early in touting the wonders of the movie Saved? Dude, I loved it. I know some churches are trying to get it removed from theatres, but come on. That only served to get me to the show that much faster.

I have this theory that kids of high-school age have to have a passionate outlet for all those feelings. They turn to sex, drugs, theatre, music, or religion. I was a religion gal – Pentecostal, arms in the air, the whole thing. Then when I was eighteen, I admitted that I wasn’t straight, and knew that the god of my church would cast me right out onto the pavement with a thump. I didn’t think (and still don’t think) God made me like this only turn his face away from me, so I left, taking what I knew of my God with me, and leaving the vicious god to bluster and blow with them. And the movie, light and fluffy as it is, shows exactly that progression. And it was cute! And funny! If you’re deeply religious, it will probably offend you. If you’re deeply spiritual, on the other hand, it won’t mean anything to you. If you’re like me, though, you’ll laugh and remember and be glad you’re a grown-up.

I got a lot of a second sock, done, too, especially in The Day After Tomorrow, when the knitting got furious as I stared at the screen in disbelief. The effects were pretty cool, though.

Dang, I’m SO not a movie-reviewed. That’s our Em, not me.

I’ve got a cat (Digit) kneading me and two loads of laundry going. Soon I’m off to the pool (didn’t get there yesterday) to try pool running. Wish me luck.


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A friend told me a few weeks ago that I must see Saved. Thank you for a great second opinion.

Michelle and I went on a date to see Saved on opening night. As two very spiritual girls who were raised Catholic, we enjoyed it tremendously.

The cast is a collection of some of the greatest young talent out there. Eva Amurri is as lovely and talented as her mother. Jena Malone does nuance really well. Macaulay is a mess and plays a mess well. And Mandy Moore...well, as long as she doesn't have to act MUCH she's fine!

Sweetie, you did just fine! I've heard good things about Saved, but it'll probably be out on video by the time I get around to seeing it.

Also, I didn't know all that about your religious background. Wow. Good for you for understanding what God (in whatever form) is and does. I don't understand what's so hard to get, but...I guess grown-ups need something to turn to as well in order to justify all the bad feelings they have.


Running in water...aqua jog? Cool. Let us know how it goes. Saved sounds interesting. I am not up on most movies--unless my kids are asking to go.

Ooh. I want to see "Saved" so badly. This weekend for sure!

I'm glad I am not the only one that thought "The Day After Tomorrow" was way out there. I agree the effects were cooler than cool, esp. on the big screen, but the plot was so far fetched. Giant snow hurricanes. Yeah. And I couldn't figure out how much time had gone by, because the time references were so vague.

W. :)

Just wanted to say: me too. Whoever tried to sell me the idea that all other faiths were headed for the great fiery beyond lost me, though. You are right about the FEELINGS, though. Gads. I'm gonna have my work cut out for me.

DAT had Jake Gyllenhaal, so Rock Chick was there. He could have been fencing onscreen with Carrot Top and I still would have bought a ticket. Yes, I'm that shallow.

If you related to "Saved!" because of your own religious background, you might also check out Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeannette Winterson, if you haven't already. It's a story about a young woman who is deeply involved in Evangelical Christianity, whose mother has already decided she'll be a missionary, but who starts to question it all when she realizes she's gay. I highly recommend it.

Am I the only one who would LOVE a picture of pool running?? This, I gotta see.


Ditto your thoughts on religion; can't wait to see Saved.
Maybe you could knit yourself a little bikini to pool-run in!

I saw Saved a few weeks ago and went home trying to convince everyone I knew to see it. It's so cute and funny, like you said, and gets to what I think is a really important/interesting message about faith without being painfully sappy. So, yay! I was really happy to read your opinions on the movie :)

You were Pentecostal?!? Really?!? I can't believe that! Well, I guess I should believe that, based on this county, right? It's good to be an adult, though, isn't it.

it always amazes me when groups try to get movies removed from the theatres.
the right wing folk are trying to get Farenheit 9/11 removed. makes me wonder what they're scared of.
can't wait to see Saved.
i was raised baptist...but it didn't stick.
; )

Saved! was fantastic. I, too, was one of those kids growing up (raised Presbyterian, ran away screaming around 18) and it brought it all back. Like you, I'm *so* glad I'm a grown-up now.

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