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Now I’m a REAL grown-up.June 14, 2004

I have a table. A real one, with a leaf and everything. Look:


My friend Laura gave it to me. I love the formica top, and the red/orange stripes around the side. It’s perfect for my house – I adore it. I’m going to make breakfast in the morning, real breakfast with eggs and toast and if I feel like going crazy, maybe some bacon, just so’s I can eat at the table, legs underneath and everything.

Digit likes it too.


(I am not, nor will I become, one of those people whose cats Never Go On The Table. For those of you are, I hate to break it to you, but your cats go on the table when you’re not home. They have small card parties and get quite drunk and manage to leap off just as your key turns in the door. The countertop is a different question – I *do* keep cats off the countertop. When I’m home.)

I can have that dinner party now. Sheesh. Now expectations are running so high about that proposed dinner party that I’ll prolly never even have one. Way too much on the line now. (Ironically enough, Digit is washing his bottom right now on said table. That knowledge might prevent some people from accepting the invitation to the dinner party, so I hope that gets out.)

I actually went to a dinner party tonight at The Girls’ house. See, they know how to do it. Kira whipped up an eggplant pasta thingie (and then disappeared for no more than six minutes and came out with a mixed fruit cobbler from scratch, I kid you not). And we just sat around a chit-chatted. No stress, no muss, no fuss.

Me? Muss. A given.

Now Digit’s chasing Adah and making her emit high squeaky noises that don’t sound right for a cat to make. Oh! That reminds me of a game I used to play with a friend. We’d put Adah on the couch and then push her off. She would make an odd “OOOFSH” every time. And she loved it, purring the whole time. It would be cheaper to buy a squeak-toy, but way less fun.

Severely disjointed, this post, but I must say: Six Feet Under is a brilliant show and last night’s season premiere was stunning. Running a close second in my affections is Deadwood, which I’ve adored from the first episode. I love TV.


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we should start some kind of Six Feet Under along knitting only with black and only during the show..... I was discussing the show with another fan and they seemed to think that Lisa's death was a suicide -- do you have that impression? they were also highly suspicious of the Dr. Pepper can in her car - something I didn't even notice (or maybe I missed an episode)

Your cats can hwock up great hairballs on that table and I'm still at the party, girlfriend. And not just because that table is perfect. I got to the 6FU opener last night and dug dug dug it (oops, unintended pun!)~ Really curious about so many things; top of the list, surprisingly, is wherefore Brenda: I was so ready to see her go away for awhile after Season Two, but I like her again now, and I REALLY like her neighbor fella!

Hey ya! Very cool table. A table fer eatin' is just something real important to me. And I've got a booty hole secret too. In case you come to Christmas dinner over here, you might want to bring your own holiday placemat. The Cakers will only have her bottom changed on the floor upon my wool, (dry clean only) embroidered holiday placemats.

I know.

The trick, my dear, is to have a dinner party at which the guests participate in the food preparation. Works a charm and creates a lovely communal atmosphere. Hope to come eat at your table before too long.

My boy plays with his turds and then sits on the table. Don't tell my MIL!

Little girl likes being tossed across the room onto the couch, repeatedly. She'll run back over to you, demanding more, purring all the time. So I know that game ;)

Oh no, sorry! that table belongs in MY house!! So cute! and it looks like no rust!? Great find!

Is THAT what it takes to be a Real Grown Up? A table with leaves? No Wonder I've ever quite managed it....heh. Who Knew? YOU apparently, as Always! That table is So You, too. Orange racing stripes and all dinery chrome....Fabulous in every way.

I swear - you have the TIDIEST house ever. I'm soooooooooooo envious.

I love how you organize everything.

green jacqueline

Ooh! Cool table. Save me a seat--I don't mind a little cat hair.

Cats on the table....feh! that's what table cloths are for.
Cat are nothing...ever seen and English Bull Terrier walk across your coffee table ! Now that's a site.


Love that table. I must chime in that you have a great place! And those lights are just so festive! I think we would all be happier with lights like that!

Our cats dance on the kitchen counters. I KNOW they do. I've come ***this close*** to catching them at it, but I must come up with a sneakier plan. Hidden video cam perhaps?

Shoot! Cats on the table is no big deal. I have to knit liberal amounts of cat hair into everything I knit or it doesn't count. Persons (giftees) with cat allergies beware! And love that table.

I have a 60 pound dog that sleeps on our table. we used to try and keep her off but its not worth it. All the time, there she is, curled up sleeping or looking out the window.

Our former cat had a Preferred Spot on the corner of the kitchen table, the corner that poked most out into the middle of the room. I guess from there he could see a good deal of the downstairs, but without getting stepped on. I ultimately made him his own little quilt, which lived on that corner, because it made my mother, at least, feel a little better about it: I think she figured he wasn't on the *table,* he was just on his *quilt.*

And not too long ago I found myself frantically removing muddy kitty prints from the dining room table while hoping our non-pet-loving company didn't notice!

MUDDY prints, which admittedly adds a whole new layer of "ick" to the discussion!

Cats on tables, counter tops and higher places our human gravity wouldn't allow us to go on our own steam........ that's when the determined help of a toddler comes in who has been taught to keep her feet down (down from tables, down from chairs, down from anything high up....).

SPICE, PATCHY............ FEET D O W N !!!! (in a toddler's most determined and disciplinarian voice). :-))

And yes, cats do have parties when you're not around. Why else does the pet safe motion sensor pick them up and the alarm company calls with yet another false alarm..... oh yes, those darn cats again. :-))

Of course cats have parties when you're not around, and when you're sleeping, and often when you're just in the next room. Mine are on the kitchen table all the time, the front window is their big screen tv. I am resigned to this. I thoroughly clean off the table before serving food on it (at least to outsiders), but at some point in the day or night, at least one cat has perched there. Anyone freaked out by this doesn't need to eat at my house. I love that kind of table, we had one like it in the kitchen when I was a kid in the 60s, but it was old even then! Lucky, lucky!

I felt like a grown-up too when I got a kitchen table. Of course, mine is now covered in Stuff that doesn't have anywhere else to live, so I rarely eat meals there, but still.

And I'll be at your dinner party, cat-butt-cleaning or no. And if you make it potluck, there's no pressure except to have enough napkins. Unless you assign that to someone else.

I don't even want to think about what Josephine does to our dining room table when we aren't here ;->

Don't stress about dinner parties - they are a breeze. You should definitely do a potluck style event - have someone bring something to nibble on before dinner, someone else can bring dessert and all you need to do is the main course, salad/veg and bread. You rock - I have faith in you (and if you need some failsafe ideas let me know ;->)

6FU was brilliant Sunday - I couldn't stop saying that during the show (Mark was getting a little annoyed that I wouldn't shut up). Hee Hee.

Bailey's party trick is to hop into an empty laundry basket (the small round plastic kind) while I'm hanging out the wash. I used to scoot him around the lawn until I found out that what he really likes is to be lifted up and spun around like an amusement park ride. He hasn't thrown up, yet.

And about 6FU - that Dr Pepper can definitely suggested foul play.

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