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Post Pride PostJune 28, 2004

Howdee. All right. I’m all Prided out. I’m such a wuss – I could only bear to go to Saturday’s activities. Never even made it to the big parade on Sunday. But I had a blast – met up with some friends at a party in the Castro, and then we walked to Dolores Park where the Dyke March sets up. Didn’t listen to ANY of the impassioned speeches or the angsty music, just chilled up by the swings and tried to coordinate meetings of friends. Lost one group of friends completely when I went to watch the bikes leave, and joined up with another group.

Oh, the power of that roar. The lesbian yawp. They’re getting ready to go:



And they’re off!



The woman above was dancing on top of a phone booth, clearly having had a little too much to drink. At one point she slipped off, and thousands of women gasped. At any other event, no one would have noticed her fall. But with that many women in one place, even the toughest looking mamas on their bikes stopped revving their engines and asked each other, is she okay? Everyone stopped having fun and stared until she was lifted back up and started to dance again. A great roar went up and the party started again.

After the bikes left, we walked around and set up our dance area up the street. We handed out kisses (mostly Hershey’s) to the girls walking by. We were lucky enough to be standing right in front of a building that had people hanging from every window throwing beads. I say no more.


May I just add that I learn VERY slowly? I left early in the evening, back on BART by ten thirty or so, and I only had a couple/three beers over the course of the afternoon/evening (oh, and a little vodka cran, but that was an accident waiting to happen). So, tell me. How did I feel in the morning when I woke at 6:30 to go running with my pace group? Like hell. Yeah. Huh. And I have a master’s degree.

But hangover aside, the running went great – splendid. Not one pain from the shin-splint area. They’ve got hot spots now, so I did strain them a bit, but I’ll rest them some more and do a little more pool-running (sigh) this week, but I’m so THRILLED that what I’m doing is working.

And check:


This is from Chrissie, who rocks! What a spoil of gifties in the mail! I’m going to sit on the couch and read them now. Chrissie, send me an email again – I’ve lost your email address.

I’ve added to the list of sponsors to the right. If you’ve donated, please make sure you’re on the roll, that I’ve got your name spelled right, and that I’ve attached your website, if any..... And email me with your address if you’d like those stitch markers (when I get my butt in gear and make them...) The marathon website has fallen way behind, and I know that at least two people (Mandy and Shobhana) have had their cards charged, but the money hasn’t shown up in my account. I’m going to be calling the marathon this week to straighten it out, so let me know if you’re not on my list.....

And know that you are loved and thanked and thought of, all the time!

Really. This is true. Mwah. Happy Monday.

(PS -- just had to take my tagboard down -- got zapped with a spammer thing that made pop-ups hit my site.... sorry if you got zapped before I closed it.... ugh.)


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We know it is true, and mwah right back atcha dearie..Love those pictures.
The lesbian yawp....danced over the phone booths of the world....

Wow! What a weekend you had. I chuckled watching the news last night when the footage showed, predictably, the most outrageously underdressed cross-dressed guys the camera operators could find. Now compare that to the boringly normal looking folks you photographed! (I have to admit, though, that the guys on the news were more interesting to look at, if I could stop laughing hard enough to focus....)

Great news on your training, too! I was walking -- just walking! -- at my lunch hour today and thought about you...and became even *more* impressed when I thought about what it would take to break me into a run....

MaryB, back in Richmond after a week in the Pacific Northwest on vacation! Woo-hooo!

Reading about your weekend makes me so happy. Those pictures make me so happy. Reading about the oops drinking also, for some reason, makes me happy. Aw, let's face it: YOU simply make me happy. And your card came today, and I needn't say what it made me. Big hugs right back atcha.


(I got your card today too. Love you, sweetie.)

"mostly" Hershey's? excellent...

I loved watching all the Pride footage on the news yesterday, but their predictable choices of which people to show really bug me. Why only the flamboyant drag queens and extreme leather daddies?!? Why no "normal" peoeple who are proud too?

I am so glad the shins are better. You need to have all your equipment in good working order for all those 26.2 miles (my goodness, I get chills just thinking about it).

Yay for Pride! So glad you had a gay old time.

Yeah! Get those running shoes ready.

P.S. I donated! Did it go through?

I'm echoing Greta. "Lesbian yawp." Love it!

as a confirmed non-runner thanks to very uncooperative knees, i'm in total awe of you and your dedication- what a great goal! good luck with all of the training... and just think, after you kick ass in hawaii, you can move on to EXTREME marathons... what's 26.2 when you can run 100? apparently, the "good" finishing times are around the 24 hour mark... ;)

Oooooo! New banner! And the color scheme makes me crave mangoes.

I kept my Pride celebrations in my heart. Went a few years ago to the SF parade and got pickpocketed. I was so disheartened. Instead I spent the weekend talking to my little sisters about issues that affect the gay community and how I do my part to support tolerance and acceptance.

BTW, you should see a donation come through from me shortly. I posted it last week some time.

Yay, Pride! Love the pics. My sis and her finace got to go and they had some fun pics too. And your new colors are simply fabulous....

I am so impressed with your dedication and motivation to the running. Go Rach Go!!!

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