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Still fiddlin'June 12, 2004

Okay, just added a list of my wonderful perfect beloved sponsors. I tried to match names with sites, but I think there are several people that I just couldn't match instantly with their site. If your name is over there without a link, please let me know. If you've donated, and you're not on the list, it's just that the list from the marathon webpage is about three days behind, so hit me next week if you're still not listed.

I want to make sure to THANK EVERYONE! Damn, I adore y'all.

PS - I just clicked around to make sure all the links worked, and Lorette wins best Rachael-shot photo, ever. Still giggling.


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I need to finish something so I can take a "Rachael shot". Oh, wait, the baby sweater won't count unless I can make a 4 year old pose....

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