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Wind ChimeJune 5, 2004

I’ve got Slaid Cleaves cranked on the stereo, and I’ve been puttering for about an hour – putting away old things and finding homes for new things, like the wind chime that I bought earlier today. I’ve been wanting one of those NICE ones for, let me think, almost ten years, since I first brushed up against one at Sycamore Hot Springs in Avila Beach. Before that, wind chimes meant the nice tinkle of random bits of metal. But dang, like the Avila ones, my new ones are TUNED. I stood in the store for a good fifteen minutes, playing each of the different ones. People were considering assassination. But it was important.

I hung them on the end of the house, where I’ll be able to hear them from the living room, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Of course, it’s an almost perfectly still day today. I’m going to go blow on them again.

Okay, I’m back.

I’m driving home on Monday to see the little mama for her birthday. This was a secret. Dad and I had been plotting – he had asked her to lunch in SLOtown, saying he wanted to try a new restaurant for her birthday – she had turned him down. We were in the middle of plotting again today when she picked up the phone, right when I was saying, “So I’ll just meet you at home at one?”

Dude. There’s no recovery from that. So at least she has time to pick a movie to go see after lunch....

I’ve actually rented a car, since my convertible’s getting WAY up there in miles, and it doesn’t have air-conditioning. I know that’s a dumb thing to say about a convertible, but convertibles are good for nice weather, not hot weather. They SUCK in temperatures over a hundred degrees when the drive lasts more than a couple of hours. And to get home, there’s a three-hour corridor of heat to be navigated through Steinbeck country. Ugh. So for less than $20, I’m driving something like a Ford Probe there and back, air-conditioned all the way. I swear, I’m so excited about that part.

Off to sit on the porch. And to blow on my wind chime.


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Happy Birthday Little Mama! Did you knit her anything? I got a giggle reading about you, in the store with the windchimes. My kids try every one in the store about 10,000 times and then all at once. Talk about murderous looks! Windchimes are one of my favorite wedding gifts (with a little something extra--I am in NY!)

I have a convertible too! And I have to admit that I drive mine on really hot days with the top down AND the air conditioner cranked with the vents pointing at me. It's way too hot in the sun without the AC!!! Have fun with your mama on her birthday! You're so sweet to drive down there for the day! Happy b-day to her!

I crank the AC on my convertible as well... you'd think living in MN as I do that I'd welcome the heat... but by August I'm ready for the cool-down again! (its that humidity :-) )

Happy b-day to your mom!

I send you some breeze, you send me some heat--deal??

And happy birthday to yr little mama. Drive safely, dearling.

OK, Rachael honey? "Probe Rachael" doesn't have the same meter, nor does it sound nearly as nice as "Mustang Rachael." You know what I mean. Drive safely (no talking on the phone!) and have a great time with your mom on her birthday! Happy Birthday, L'il Mama!

Didja get the XM satellite radio with the rental probe? giggle.
Wish the little mama a Very Happy Birthday from us...
You know, of course, that you can plug in one of those oscillating fans and have symphonic chimes without having to get up and Blow on them, right?
Avila Beach. sigh.

Safe travels and happy birthday to the Little Mama!

Happy Birthday to your mama! And hey, at least you guys TRIED to surprise her, right? And speaking of Avila, the Avila Valley Barn is open for the season, and they have many OLALLIEBERRY treats!!!! Have fun with your mama!

hey chicky baby...can you email me your mailing address...got a surprise I'd like to send your way!

Cold. Rainy. Brrr.

Hot? Jealous.

I love windchimes too. I only have a little tiny cheapish one, but the sound is so soothing sometimes, and makes wherever they happen to be feel (sound?) like home. And my boyfriend made me promise that I'll bring the windchimes when we move in together (once we're back in the same state, but that's another story).

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