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AmazingJuly 30, 2004

Bethany called and left me a message yesterday while I was sleeping. It said, "I wish you were awake, because I'm on the ferry back from Bainbridge Island and I just went to Churchmouse Yarns and Tea."

Ooooh, the little....

She was with her friend Kevin, who is absolutely crazy. Besides being crazy, his best party trick, he's also the worst knitter I've ever met. He once went from twenty stitches to fifty-five stitches in one row. And on the next row he was back down to about seven. It's like he he holds the yarn and two needles and then waves his arms in the air really really fast. What happens, happens.

Oh, hey, the marathon site's back up. Heartfelt thanks also go to these shin supporters:
Rachel T.
Catherine M.
Wendy W.
Krista S.

(Have I missed anyone? Have I missed a link? Please let me know if I have.... )

I continue to be blessed and amazed. I work in job in which I see the worst of people. I drive on freeways where people will flip you off as soon as look at you. But I'm surrounded by The Amazing, all the time. Like you all.

And I saw it happen again today. I need a little cushion of money in my bank account in order to shop for a condo, just to sit there and make it LOOK like I've got money just resting there. Yeah. Right. Let's just say this: The only cushion I've got is what I'm sittin' on at this moment. I'd been debating asking one of my best friends if she'd loan me a little for the next six months. It took me a long, long time to get the gumption and the nerve to ask her, and when I did today, she said "Of course. Do you need more?" No, I didn't, but it was so nice to be asked. She's getting a sweater, I can tell you that.

And Daisy-Winifred sent me the nicest email.

And my coworker Gina bought me Atomic Fireballs, one of those weird cravings that I've had for the last week.

And one of our volunteers brought dispatch a box of Krispy Kremes, still warm.

It's a good life. Food helps. So do friends. Love someone up this weekend, okay? It sounds cheesy, and like I'm tossing that phrase off lightly, but I'm not. Love on someone. Enjoy what's right in front of you. Oh, and go see Cari, because her photo-blog ROCKS.


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Sending you love and light on that condo...and maybe let's hold the light for a roundtrip ticket to Seattle??? let me know, I'm there!

mmmm. Krispy Kremes! What's the latest on the condo search, anyway?

Oh, I love Churchmouse. They had their big sale last weekend.
I'm glad good things are coming your way.

Just so you know, it can feel just as good to lend money to someone you really care about when they need it as it can to have someone lend it to you.

Churchmouse waits for you as well.
Email me and we can hook Bethany up with some Montana yarn shops as well as a great internet cafe in Missoula.

Mmmmm... Atomic Fireballs... and Krispy Kremes, all in one day? What gluttonous joy! Sounds like a day to be knitting cashmere. Or at least alpaca!

Krispy Kremes and phone calls from sisters who knit....I'm humming *these are a few of my fav-o-rite THINGS* and marvelling at the Universe.

The other thing about Kevin's incredible knitting is that it wouldn't unravel. You know how you tell beginners that it's okay if they mess up because they can always go back? He couldn't. Incidentally, he called his piece a thumb cape.

The image I have of this guy wildly flapping his arms around with needles and yarn is too funny for Saturday morning. And I'm in total agreement with J Strizzy. As for your horoscope-esque commands (you can have that job, too, you know)done, done, and done. Love on ya, baby.

Lots of lovin' in my weekend plans. My sweetheart, my friends. The weekend's gonna be a veritable love fest! Sending love your way too, baby!

The mere phrase "Krispy Kremes" makes me dribble helplessly.

P.S. I contributed, but I'm not listed yet. List me! List me!

hey...methinks ya get whatcha give....

Rachel, yours is the first blog I read when I've been away for awhile and I'm always inspired to read more, try again with knitting, love my family, attempt to write, and BE HAPPY! For the inspiration, I thank you.

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