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This *is* RachaelJuly 16, 2004

Claudia is my sock twin.

It's Friday. Even when Friday doesn't actually mean very much to a person whose schedule is kinda crazy, the word "Friday" just has that feel-good feeling. Doesn't it?

I'm a little confused, though, timing-wise. I took tonight off (nights off have to be arranged two to three months in advance, so you gotta be a planner) and I'm going to a concert. I'd tell you what the concert is, but you'd either be jealous of me or think I'm an idiot. Okay, quit it. I'll tell you. I'm going to see the Indigo Girls again. Ahem. What can I say? I lurve them. And I *have* to see them with my sister Christy. She and I have had mad IG love forever, and it's just not the same seeing them without her.

And I usually have weekend nights off, but I'm working both Saturday and Sunday nights this weekend. We're so sorely understaffed right now that the only way to take time off is to have friends work for you. I don't mind working for anyone, really, but there are some people that I actually enjoy working for -- they're the type that not only work for me but do it with a smile. Luckily, though, I'll be off by one a.m. on Sunday morning, which leaves me enough time for a good little (five hour) sleep before our long run (eight miles this week).

Wait a minute, that was parenthetical, but I have to write more on it. Eight miles! That's just silly. Dang, I just mapped the distance from my house to work and it's 7.6 miles. I am at once impressed by that and at the same time completely underwhelmed. Eight miles! Wow! Oh, just eight miles.

I've decided, by the way, that Monday is for me. For ME. I'm not doing anything except sitting on my couch and watching all my TiVo'd TV that's waiting for me, right now, as I type. I actually had to go to work last night with ten minutes left of last week's Six Feet Under. Isn't that awful? I love that show *so* much. But I haven't had much time to sleep lately, and that wins over TV every time. Duh.

All right. See you Monday. Have a happy gazelleish weekend!


Have a great weekend, too, Rach! And have a good time with Christy at your 859th IG concert!

Can we be jealous AND thing you're a freak? I'm not having a gazelle-y weekend (though I had a few of those when I went to Africa in February), but I am having a Koigu-y weekend, which is also pretty good! Hope the concert was awesome!!!

Mmm, so Monday is just for yout then?! Why pray will we hear from you still! Space, time and energy for you my friend can see us readers waiting till Tuesday OK. Sleep, sleep and oh yeh sleep, with plenty of sitting and zoning out in front of the box ok plus the run round the water at some point will fit the 'being' notification you've put on MOnday. Be gentle on you.
Hope the concert was fab, idiot no I think not jealous no cos I like friends to have much fun :0)

Hi! Just waving from the envy camp! Okay, not really (what D-W said), but idiot??! Pshaw, surely you jest.

OK, Six Feet Under--Do you think Lisa's alive?

I have no idea what's been happening on Six Feet Under, but I just found an old episode I taped forever ago...I miss it.

Friday is Friday. Friday is always good. My Friday? Exceptionally good. *snerk*

Can one be gazelleish while bicycle riding?

OK, a forlorn hope....

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