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DreamingJuly 8, 2004

No time to "really" post today. I'm off to talk to a woman about a house. Well, I'm actually off to discuss financing a teeny-tiny condo. She will most likely laugh me out of the office. Listen for her -- you might be able to hear her in about half an hour. Even you, La Brainy.

I have high debts (school and credit). I have no savings. (I have two very darling cats and lots of yarn, but somehow these aren't treated with as must respect as a, say, down payment would be.) And people still say, eh. Go see what she says. Okey doke. Watch me roll. At least the meeting this afternoon is free.


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Good luck, sweetie! Fingers crossed for you. Too bad you're not down in my neck of the woods. I could find you a nice little condo.

Eh. Go see what she says. :)

I hope the meeting went well! I bet you'll be surprised at what she says you can afford (and in a good way)! I know we were!

Oh honey, I hear ya. Good luck with the financing. And if she does laugh.... well she ain't got the yarn that you do!

laugh at you? she wouldn't dare. sending strooooong let-rachael-get-a-house vibes your way, babygirl.

Hello! I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your knitty article about love and knitting.

Brave, brave woman looking at purchasing housing in N. CA. Good luck at the finance lady!

I hope the bank lady has good news for you! Oh, and happy birthday, sorry I missed it!!!

Jeez, a girl turns 32 and starts doing grown-up-type things! Good luck -- I don't hear any laughing.

Hey...it never hurts to look into it. Let us know how it goes!

Hey, if someone was willing to finance ME, you'll have no problem.

There are lots of programs that help people buy homes (not scam-type stuff either). If there's an ACORN office near you, talk to them. They store info on banks with community homebuying programs (in addition to all the other good work they do).

good luck! sending good vibes your way!

IF she laughs at you, she'll have to deal with US. That said, you know if it is Meant to Be....the perfect writers cottage/condo shall appear!

We were surprised (both my husband and I and my Mom who recently bought a house) at what we could get, also. If nothing else, I hope she was constructive in instructing you the next steps to take! :-) Good luck!

*pssssst* I told myself I was going to try to do the same thing this year. I'm so excited for you! And I heard no laughing, so I'm expecting good news.

Getting the first one is supposed to easier. :D Good luck -- but I thought you loved your new place and your garden?
Your new title graphic is cute; miss the Venitian images though. :(

hey girl! how did the meeting go? i'm very excited for you.

by the way, i fell like bethany today. i'm actually blogging at the local public library!

If she laughs (and I'm not saying she will, just preparing for you know..."in case") then you laugh too. Then tell her that you are an investigative journalist doing a piece on how finance people don't treat people with respect. Then ask her how she spells her last name. Write it down. Then leave.

My husband and I went and talked to a mortgage guy this week, and I had been stressing about it for weeks, thinking we had too much debt, and it turns out that he did not, in fact, laugh us out of his office, but was able to help us out. And we have *debt*...credit card, student loans and car payments. Look into programs for first time homebuyers in your area. We found out we qualify, woot! You never know, you might too! :) Good luck!

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