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FixedJuly 28, 2004

Dude, I fixed the computer! Actually, WE fixed the computer. I installed Spyware Blaster, SpyBot S&D, AdAware, and moved to the Mozilla Firefox browser (which is totally faster, you're right). Take THAT! So in celebration, here are some pictures!

Ann, me, and Bethany, Bay Bridge behind us.


These next pictures require explanation. Bethany and I had heard of a South Pacific product store in San Leandro (Mangal's on E. 14th) and we've been trying to get there during store hours for a while. (Mom's from NZ, and the parents met while they were both living in Western Samoa. I know way more about taro than I ever wanted to.) We got there yesterday, and boy howdy. We found a bunch of things we wanted (PavlovaMagic in a plastic egg, TimTams -- they were out of Vegemite, but I have another source for that) and saw a bunch of things that we assuredly did NOT want.

Like these:


Lamb brains. Yum! Not just for dinner anymore.

We were able to pass up the chicken flavoured potato chips, but Bethany couldn't resist trying these:


Yep, tasted like burgers. She would have chucked them in the nearest bin, but I wanted a picture first. And yes, that's my small haul from ArtFibers. Kyoto, and it just gleams.

And are you ready for it?


That's Bethany leaving.... (See Tach's cool new flames?) Wave, everyone! (And think good thoughts for me -- I'm trying to psyche myself into running. I'd taken the last week off, as the shin splints were getting SO bad, and I'm off now to try the Lake.)


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My hubby and I went to NZ in 2002. We love it there. Wish we could move there. He loves TimTams. He was just in London a few months ago and he was shocked by the many flavors of potato chips. Some just sounded really gross!

We're doing the WAVE....bon voyage Bethy! mwah!
The flames are way cool....or hot, whatevah.
Glad your puter is fixed! xoxoxo

I'm so glad you've gotten rid of all the computer nastiness. I've been thinking about switching over to Mozilla myself--let me know what you think.

When I read yesterday's post about the glowing silk ArtFibers yarn, I was picturing Kyoto in my head--it turns out not only was I right, but it's the same color I bought for a hat in January! Isn't that stuff glorious?

you gals with the glasses are just the most adorable...sigh. Oh to have been there.....

Hey lovey, Sounds like a great adventure! We found the most bizarre flavours of chips in Canada...ketchup, fries and gravy, roasted chicken...so of course we had to try them all! Sending good travel vibes to your sis and lots of love your way...xoxomj

Sounds like a good time was had by all, even the computer. I'm hoping Bethany will pick up her travel blog again and let us all know how she's doing.

Hi Rachael, Thanks for your kind comment yesterday. I was bummed but I'm just working as hard as I can. About the shin splints - inflammation is hard to get rid off, I know from experience. But you don't have to sacrifice your own health to run this marathon. Just take it easy and do the best you can! You don't have to hurt yourself. You already raised a huge amount of money (which is all that is needed) and even if you ended up walking the race on your hands, hey, you STILL did it!

Yay for fixed 'puters! Whatcha gonna make with that purty yarn?

Nothing beats the weirdness of the "turkey and gravy" soda they were selling here in Seattle (maybe elsewhere but I wouldn't know) around Thanksgiving. Nope, didn't try it. It sounded so gross I even changed channels when one of our local entertainment channels was doing a "bit" on it. (Of course, there's always the Harry Potter jelly beans, but we don't need to go there.)

Oooh, I have some Kyoto in the stash from my December trip to ArtFibers. Yummy... You are so right about the gleaming.

That yarn looks really pretty. What are you going to do with it????

ah, that Kyoto is beautiful.

*wave* to Bethany - and sending good thoughts to you about your run.

Hey, I didn't know your mother was a kiwi - that'll be why you're sooo cool. :) I envy you being able to visit Artfibers whenever you want. I visited them in 2000 and have longed to go back ever since.

I am so glad you found tim tams! Living in Sydney, I couldn't imagine life without them. Burger rings, however; not what you'd call a necessity. My brother is in Canada, and he wants me to send him tim tams and Milo (chocolate drink powder), once I save up enough for the postage:/ (I am tempted to take the powder out of the tin, as the tin is the most weight, but customs would likely have a problem with a parcel of brown powder.) Anyone know where you can get tim tams in Vancouver?

Anyway.....now the only problem you are likely to face is who gets the last (11th) Tim tam. The nasty people only ever put a prime number in the packages, and it is so hard to break the last one up evenly.

I am also including this link, on the off chance that you're mum didn't inform you of the methodology of the tim tam slam: the best, and fastest, way of getting through a packet of tim tams.


Enjoy the chocolatey goodness, Krista.

Fun shopping trips. Sorry to see Bethany go...but the open road calls and Tach looks awesome.

Very sorry to hear about the shin splints. I don't run because of mine (plus I don't like running). My BIL swears you can stretch ahead of time to reduce the pain. Perhaps he has wimpy shin splints. Hang in there.

Rachael, I'm really happy that you fixed *your* computer, but what are you going to do about *mine*? Hmmm? Because my blog is mysteriously broken, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the way I was trying to move stuff around in the folders without knowing 100% what I was doing.... So, you know, let me know when you're free to spend a few hours re-learning everything I once knew about MT so you can fix it for me.... (^_^)

Chicken flavoured chips are my favourite! I'm English, so I grew up on Walker's Crisps in chicken and prawn cocktail flavour, and you can get them in a local place that also has Cadbury chocolate, Galaxy, and Marmite if you're into the black sticky salty stuff.

Now I want to go home to England!

Crap, now I can't remember the name of the oatmeal cookies from England...Hobnobs! I think Hobnobs are a good enough reason to move to England, where I shall promptly begin calling them "biscuits." If they have egg & cheese sandwiches over there, I am set.

Hi, Ann! My, you're lovely.

Bethy...take great care on your trip, and I expect to hear from you soon, blogwise.

I *must have* that Kyoto. Drool.

So if salsa can be 'mild', 'medium' and 'spicy', are burger rings 'full-on', 'moderate', or 'mcdonald's'?

Just wondering.

Its funny that you should post about finding food from the S. Pacific today. In the past few days I've been thinking about you, with the NZ heritage and all, and wondering if you wanted any treats from NZ. I'm going back to NZ in about a month for a meeting and I could pick up some treats for you if you'd like...

Oh, alluring Kyoto! Mine is pink. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do with it, but every once in a while I pick it up out of the basket just to fondle it.

Glad the computer is working again so that we get to have more wonderful photos of you. Blowing kisses to Bethany and Tach and wishing them safe journeys.

So are you now using the lake instead of the swimming pool! costumed or skinny dipping would be my only question....
Glad the meet up with Ann was such fun bet the time just whizzed by to the next time eh.
Can I just say that chips in Britain which includes Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and oh yeh England :0) are potato deep fried 'delights' that are eaten across the nation with battered fish, which may or may not feel bruised after the experience. Yes they are fried but they are certainly not what Mcdonalds terms fries. Crisps are those flavoured potato slivers covered in salt, they are crisp hence the name crisps - hey I haven't a clue why they got called that but seems almost logical that way but then I am Welsh:0) There was a time when hedgehog flavour was all the rage!
'Em' we have egg and cheese sandwiches as separate and joint sandwiches and the varieties of Hobnobs grow daily:0)

I bought Kyoto in a similar (maybe the same?) color and it does glow! Simply fabulous! Bon Voyage, Bethany!!!

What a fun pic of you, Ann and Bethany. And I do think you are the most photogenic person in blogland!

I didn't realize that Annie found out about Certain Slant of Light from your site. So I have you to thank too!

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