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Eight milesJuly 19, 2004

I can NOT get over that. The first two miles were horrible, as they usually are, and then the next six were a breeze. I mean it. We’re doing a 3:1 pace right now in my group (run three minutes, walk one), and it just felt right. I didn’t mind running when the walk breaks were over (nor did I mind the walk breaks, heavens, no).

It was dark in San Francisco yesterday morning – that deep heavy fog that drips like rain. But at least it was cool. It’s been too warm here in Oakland recently, and it can’t have even hit eighty. I’m such a heat light-weight. (And I want to run a marathon in Hawaii?) And Bethany was a water volunteer, so twice I got to see her smiling proud face, which the run even easier.

The shin splints were uncomfortable, but they’re feeling better already today, always a good sign. It’s going to be an aqua-jog week, unfortunately.

Eight miles. Wheee! And yet, only about a third of how far I’m gonna have to go. Holy crap.

Bethany’s knocking about the apartment, talking and singing, so I’m laughing at her rather than thinking of coherent, clever sentences. (I can’t believe she hijacked my blog! And the perm was bad, yeah. But thank god she didn’t mention the bifocals I was wearing at age six. Oh. Whoops.) And Kira and Rachel just arrived on my doorstep and we’re headed out for Ethiopian, so I’ll just blow you a kees. Mwah!


I'm so impressed! Eight miles! And don't forget, they (whoever "they" are) say that you don't need to run 26 until the day of the marathon -- that your training will get you through even if your longest run 'til then is only 12 or 18 miles.

You are *so* lucky to have your built-in sisterly support system! I don't have a sister, but most of the sets of sisters I know don't have half the relationship you all have.

Actually, I almost convinced a friend to give her sister a wall plaque that says "Chance made us sisters; Prozac made us friends!"

That still makes me laugh out loud...'cause you're expecting something sweet and corny, aren't you?


Bifocals at age 6! You beat me by a year. Do we even want to tell our friends how 'graceful' that made us on the playground equipment? Of course my one-room school house (complete with outdoor facilities; one for the boys and one for the girls) did not have playground equipment. I managed to look graceful climbing the trees and the fence into the farmer's field to play ball.

8 miles is great! I'm so impressed - myself being naturally the lazy, couch potato type. Also, people laugh when they see me run.... I get it from my mom. Naturally unatheletic. (My mom has a great story about playing b-ball with her sorority sisters - once. They thought since she was tall she'd be great. Nope.)

You realize, of course, that you're going to do it.

Run a marathon, I mean.

You're doing so _fabulously_. I'm all proud in a kind of barely-know-you, watching-from-a-distance kind of way. I'm cheering you on, the whole way. Because you're going to do it, and I'm going to read about it with an ear-to-ear grin on my face. :)

8 miles is my favorite distance. I just love the way 8 miles feels. The first two miles ALWAYS suck but those last 6 are pure bliss. You are doing great! Such an inspiration! I thought of you running while I was doing my long run this weekend. Fantastic!

8 miles?!? Yee haw!!! That's amazing! That's wonderful! Dangit, that's... that's inspirational!!!

All right. The exclamation point abuse people are going to come after me if I don't stop. But still. Color me inspired.

Congratulations on running eight miles!! That is truly awesome. (I'm trying to think of some witty and clever Eminem/8 Mile reference here, but I'm not getting anywhere with that...)

You are doing so well Rachael. Do you have any idea what an inspiration you are!?!

Yea, I was trying to think of some Eminem reference as well, but then...he irritates me. 8 Miles High, though, that might work. But still, nothing witty. I am just too in awe of how far you've come and how wonderfully you're doing.

holy shin-splints, batgirl. that is *so* far, and so fast, really. Think about it: you just started and already you're going that far. omg, so inspired! xoxo

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