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Friday! (I can think of nothing more creative.)July 2, 2004

THIS is funny (thanks, Amy!). I’m in Portland’s Craiglist!

I’m also, let me admit, in a wee bit o’pain. I pushed myself running yesterday, and I KNOW I shouldn’t have. I should have been doing the pool running but I missed the road running (that’s the craziest phrase I’ve ever written) so I went around the lake. I thought I was doing great, but I could feel the shin splints hurting again, and when I stretched at the end, I think I pulled something. Damn it.

So I iced all night and arnica gelled and ibuprofened (let’s see how many other irritating verbs I can create), and I’ll do the same today. Sigh. I know once they heal I’ll be fine. It’s just having the patience to let ‘em heal. (Where the hell can I buy some patience? Right now!) So no running for the next ten days. Pool running, yes, which they say is 90-100% as effective as real running. But honestly, it feels like cheating to me. For one, you don’t sweat, or at least you don’t notice you’re sweating. Ew. For another, it’s so flipping BORING! The only thing I can pick up on my headset radio is the local right-wing talk show which makes me run all the faster. Again, ew.

It’s Friday! One more night o’work, and then I’ve got a fabulous weekend planned. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday in the whole wide world – I love fireworks like I love cashmere. It’s something about that boom and that report and that glug you feel deep in your chest when a great big one explodes and lights up the faces of the people next to you. I’ve got a friend with a loft in the embarcadero in Jack London Square, so we’ll hang there and walk down for the show.

And tomorrow I’m having a Real Party at my house! My first one! I’m not thinking about it. Really, I’m not. Not even a little bit.

(Okay, I’m making pasta with veggies, and garlic bread, and a big salad, and Christy’s bringing devilled eggs and a cake. None of that a-little-bit-of-this-and-that, because I’ll end up spending a hundred bucks at the grocery store only to have a fridge full of leftovers that no one will eat. This is what I want: a dinner party where people can fill a paper plate with simple food (no barbeque, too complicated) and then take it to the backyard and balance it on one knee while they drink their [beverage of choice].

I need to: Clean the house, string the outside white lights, wash the outside chairs, oh hell, wash the INSIDE chairs, or at least de-fuzz them for the more allergic guests, go grocery shopping, and NOT freak out.)

But honestly, I’m not really thinking about it. Ahem.

Enjoy your weekend. Mwah!


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you enjoy YOUR weekend, now ya hear? Big thundering booms of joy just for YOU! Happy Birthday Monday.....I just love being FIRST ;)
Sandy sends smooochies and the cats wish you many happy scritches and lots of extra NAPS!

Sigh. Just got back from a rhino run. Luckily it counts just as much as Wednesday's gazelle run.

I SO wish I could be at your party! And I SO wish you could be at mine! (Em and Iris will be here, and we will raise ears of corn to you.)

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the fireworks.

Hope you're dinner party is great! Don't freak out - all will be fine.

Sorry to hear about the aggrivated shin splints.. pool running sounds terrible. Could you get a FM transmitter (like they make for CD and MP3 players to play through car stereos), and do a mini broadcast from poolside? They look like they plug into headphone jacks, and seem to run around $20 or so... might be worth a try - I couldn't listen to right-wing radio either!

I suffered with shin splints a few years ago from doing aerobics. They got so bad at one point that just walking caused pain. Then I visited a podiatrist and got a pair of orthotics for my shoes. It really made all the difference. I never had shin splints again.

The best hostesses are the ones that don't seem to care :) I am NOT one of those hostesses. Have a few glasses of vino before the guests arrive and you will be fine.. Above all, relax and enjoy! Your guests will do the same. Birthday?? Did I hear Birthday?? Happy B-Day to you!

You mentioned the Portland Queer knitting group from Craigslist.... kind of. The article in Knitty was great and I was happy to learn about it.

Sorry for the interruption. Be well.

I have a friend that runs and he eats apricots (dried or fresh) to help with the shin splits.

The party is going to be great, so don't freak out! Sorry to hear about the shin splints. And I agree, pool running just isn't the same as road running! To make the time go faster I would try to do little sprints, like go one lap "fast," then recover for a length or something like that. Happy happy.

Party on, sister ~ it will be fab. Just wish I could be there. But I am about to make devilled eggs myself, for our block party, so I'll feel a bit in Herron sync. I love fireworks too and am reminded I have a rather racy poem I should post tomorrow. Have fun (and legs, feel better)!

Have fun at your par-tay!!! Whenever I have friends over, I'm always tempted to stress--but when I remind myself that it's so I can just love on my friends, it all snaps into perspective.
Also--happy birthday! I hope you have a great one with lots of prezzies and lots of love and fun.
Take Care:0).
P.S. You are so sweet to respond to comments! I am so impressed. Thank you!

Beautiful article - Congrats!
Have a great weekend.

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