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Happy Birthday to Me!July 5, 2004

Hah! Snuck that in on ya, didn't I? (Most of you, that is....) I'm 32. And may I say that I LOVE my thirties? The twenties were cool. But the thirties rock.

And that dinner party? Yep, it was a birthday party. And I'm gonna photoblog it, because really, who doesn't like a photoblog?

It was.... ready for it? Awesome. You know how I worried and fretted and stressed? Two people kept me sane and made my party fun for me -- my sister Christy and my friend Marama. Christy came early and went shopping with me (and paid for the Safeway run even though she shouldn't have). Then she came home with me and started cutting up things and didn't stop for a LONG time. She gathered blackberries for the fruit salad, and chopped heaps of things like garlic and tomatoes and other things needing chopping. She made things pretty while I showered and fretted. Then Marama came over with her daughter Kalea (who was the best party favor EVER; I wish you could all have Kalea at your parties). Marama took over backstage. Every time I looked, I caught her wiping something down or washing something with nice soapy water. I felt awful about it, but she kept smiling and pushing me back into the mingling fray, with sweet wishes for me to have fun.

Which I did.

I had SO much fun. I couldn't decide who to invite, so I invited a select group of my favorites from all the different segments of my life. I think thirty or forty people filtered through the house over the course of the night, which went from five till almost midnight. And I loved looking around and seeing A from work talking to B from the bar, who actually knows C from knitting, but didn't know that they both knew D from high school. Much, much laughter. I tried to mingle as best I could, but I would find myself deep in conversation with one person, only to realize I was neglecting a whole group. Then I just decided to never mind it and keep having fun.

Without further delay:

Marama and daughter Kalea, setting up for the party.


Kalea with my sister Christy. Kalea fell in love with her, and fast. But who wouldn't?


I am so happy it's my birthday!


Strange people were doing odd things with my camera:


It was at this point that I gave my camera to Kalea, and appointed my five-year old friend my staff photographer. It thrilled her to her sandals to have such an important job, and I got a brand new look at my house. Like my purse, for example:


The best part was how people had to bend down to her level. (This picture made me howl.)


She took lots and lots of pictures of her feet. I don't think this was on purpose.


Some photos are centered:


Some are not so centered:


Scary thing is I don't know whose hand this is around my waist:


My favorite boy Winter was there, seen here with Kira (in her fab new tank):


My dude is WAY high on sugar:


I, on the other hand, have had a LOT of champagne (seen here with Don, of the Dude sweater):




Kalea's still snapping shots, but now people are coming down to her level:


And even posing for her!


I think Kalea might have gone a little sugar-happy too (or it might have been the booze), because the shots become at this point more avant garde:


My pre-Marathon gams, in my fabulous Diner Floor shoes:


Finally the camera is reliquinshed at the end of the night, and we're looking at a very happy Kalea:


And some of my favorite gals are still hanging out at the end of the night:


It was the best birthday party EVER. Oh! The clock just clicked over to Monday! Officially, happy birthday to me!


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Happy birthday. It looks like a wonderful time blessed by good friends and happiness. Best wishes for many more (birthdays and good friends).

Sooooooo fun!! And what a great idea to give Kalea your camera and get a different (i.e., shorter) perspective on the party. In fact, may I suggest that you blow up and frame the shot of the purse and the shot of the shoes?

You look so happy and lovely, Rach. I'm so glad you had such a fun party with lots of different friends. Yay! This post just makes me happy! xo

Happy Birthday to Me too! oh no to you I mean cos its not my birthday and the thirties yes great years I have to say but they get betterer and betterer REALLY. Enjoy a moment for your self today. Lots of waggy tailed wet kisses from Mr Bryn and me - well maybe not waggy tailed or wet from me but there again :0)

Happy birthday, you sneak! I'll be thinking positive glowing thoughts about you all day and sending you virtual hugs and kisses. you look fabulous, dahling!

happy birthday, rachael! looks like you had a fabulous party!!!

I love how HAPPY you look at your fabulous party, in your lovely home where everyone is having a marvellous time...what was it you were worried about? I can't remember. Here's to you, Rachael!
HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday, and many MORE.....

Happy Birthday Rachael! What a fabulous looking party. And the pictures--I love them. As an official mean mommy, I seldom (read "never") let my kids take the pictures. And the 30's are the best! Love 'em! And you too. :)

Happy Birthday! It looks like you had A LOT of fun! Yeah! I recently turned 30, and was excited to start a whole new decade, with the confidence that I never had in my 20s. Enjoy your 30's babe!!

Happy Birthday! I second Alison by saying that the pictures are awesome! I'm glad you got to celebrate surrounded by friends and champagne, there's no better way!

Happy Birthday, and what a great party!! I second (third? fifteenth?) the vote for being in one's 30s -- mine have been far, far better than my 20s!

Again, Happy Birthday, and love the pictures!

Happy Birthday (4 days before mine)! I hope I have half as much fun as you did.

You just keep getting better and better! Love the pics and all the fun you're having. I hope your day is just grand!

Happy birthday, sweetie!

Love from the fens --

Happy Birthday! And congratulations on a fab party -- now you know how easy and fun it is, you can have one every weekend! ;)

Happy Birthday! Your party looked to be a hit, and I am so happy that you were surrounded by the special people in your life for your special day! That is exactly as it should be...And here is to another wonderful year of happiness and love for you!

Happiest of Birthdays, dear Rachael! May this year bring love, health and happiness to you and yours. Cin Cin!

Happy Birthday!!!! Wahhhh, sorry I missed out, looks like it was a blast. Now that you're a party pro, I hope I can make one in the future! luv ya, Lisa

Happy, Happy Birthday Rachael, from another July bday girl (but not til the very end of the month). The party looks like a blast, and what a cute photographer you had!

Happy Birthday, sweetie! (You sneaky thing, you!)

happy happy, joy joy!
and yes, the 'thirties' DO rock.
: )

Maybe now you'll give lots o'parties! Best wishes for a fabulous 32nd year.

Happy Birthday to you! Thirties are the best years of your life, so enjoy all of them!!!

Now THAT'S a photoblog!! Happy happy day dearest, and howzabout I deliver belated wishes in person in three weeks?? xoxoxo

Happy Candle Day!!

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!! Glad your party was GREAT! I also agree that the 30's are better than the 20's.

Happy happy birthday! Your party looks and sounds like it was a smashing success. And yes, the thirties totally rock. Here's a virtual toast to you for a wonderful and blessed year! (Mug of Peet's coffee raised in your honor;).

Happy Birthday, of course! What a fun party, and the photo montage is amazing. I LOVE all the shoe pictures!!!!!

What a fun party! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day.

Happy Birthday! You and all your guests look so happy and like you're all having tons of fun. That's a G-0-0-D party! Another 3 or 4 parties like that, and you'll be wondering what the heck you were fretting about.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to yoooou! Beautiful pictures - I love pictures!

I totally agree with the statement "The twenties were cool. But the thirties rock."I'll be 32 on August 14. Go Rats! Glad you had a great party, and I hope this year is even better than this past one.

happy birthday! glad you had a blast at your party. great photos too. you'll have so much fun looking back through them for years to come. isn't that the best part?

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

Great photos- I love the one of you with the champagne glass.

May this year be one that leads you closer to the fulfillment of your dreams.
Hugs, Leslie

(Oy. How could I not know--fellow Rat/Cancer!)

I couldn't let the day slip by without officially throwing you a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY on yer blog, dear. I never woulda suspected, but dayum, the 30s are really pretty kickin', aren't they?

You look so happy and pretty in these pictures.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! Love, Debbie and Rachel

Happy Birthday Rachael!!! I've had so little computer time lately I'm getting caught up on your life a bit now... I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. :( I'm glad you seem to be doing pretty great otherwise, I'll resend my marathon donation latr this week or when I get home next week. Thanks for your comments on my blog and take care of your poor legs! Damn pesky body will make you pay if you don't. Take care! :) Love Mandy

Happy Birthday! And boy are you having one! Thanks for sharing the great pics!

Ah, a fellow Crab... I've instinctively felt the connection but couldn't place my finger on it. The sensitivity, love of home, travel, the creativity, the list goes on. I should have guessed. Happiest of days Rachael dear... :)

O Happy B-Day, Rachael!!! lovely party, happy bday grrl, great photograhpher, many, many more such happy days...and let's not forget the nights..heh!

Oh, what a wonderful party! I hope your day today has continued with all birthday wonder. We left you a phone message, and I hope you're going to work tomorrow (hint ~ UPS ~ hint). For me the only thing that would hav made it better would be my having been there!

WHOOO HOO! Looks like you all had a blast!!! Glad you had a great time :) So nice you had your sis and friends to help make sure things ran smoothly. And your little photographer, I think there is a future for her in party photography... Yep, the 30's are GRAND!

Happy Birthday!

I couldn't wish it to you sooner or you might have picked up on the big secret...that I was part of (incidentally....not directly).

Oh, and look for something in the mail, maybe Friday? Saturday? It's some birthday lovin' from Canada, via ME.

Awww what a fab party for a fab chick - happy birthday!!

Looks as you had a wonderful Birthday Party!!! and lovely friends!!!


eve (same age as you!!!)

Happy happy birthday! 32 is a very good year!
Snaps from me, woofs from the pups! xoxoxoxoxo!

What a great time of year to have a birthday - fireworks and long weekends, you lucky thing! Not to mention great friends & what looks like a helluva party. Happy, happy day!

Happy Birthday, Darling Girl! I was there in spirit. Glad your day was so spectacular.

P.S. I think I'm heading to Pirate Tatoo tonight. Finally getting my lotus done.

happy birthday, baby! it looks like you had a blast... :)

Late to the party as usual.
Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic 33rd year.

Glad you had such a wonderful birthday party! Happy Birthday a little late. Older IS better.

Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fantastic day and a great start to fantastic year!

Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fantastic day and a great start to fantastic year!

Hau'oli la hanau! Great b-day pics! The shots were all artfully framed...you should hire her to take ALL your knitting shots! ;)


[Okay, a bit late. But I'm ALWAYS late. The eternal late rabbit. I was even late to my own wedding!]

Belated birthday wishes! Looks like you had fun.

Happy Birthday. You look like you had a blast! :)

Happy, happy birthday! I'm so disappointed that I missed it, but I swear I'll be at your next party--it looks like so much fun! And see? nothing to worry about at all.

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