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Laundry DayJuly 27, 2004

Had a wonderful, awesome time with Ann yesterday. Unfortunately, haven’t had time to fix my ‘puter, so no pictures yet, but know that yes, she really is that sweet. We shopped at ArtFibers (I only got two balls of red silk that actually GLOW, their sheen is so bright) and we walked to the ferry terminal and then came back and had lunch with new friend Janine and old friends Kira and Rachel. Then we came back to my house and had my favorite part of yesterday – we sat outside and knitted, talking and drinking tea and eating my mother’s AMAZING fruitcake (which was a surprise b-day gift to me, and it couldn’t have come at a better time). Just swinging on the porch swing, just talking yarn and little boys and cabbages and kings.

Miss you already, Ann. Hope you found your way to the next house o’fun....

So I’m sweeping this morning. Okay, afternoon, since I get up so late on my Monday. I’ve already been doing laundry, washing all my stuff and a few things Bethany asks me to wash before she jumps back on the road.

I’m sweeping with a vengeance. I hate cat hair and it’s a constant battle. At least hardwood floors show the dirt and are easy to clean. Bethany’s on the couch under her blanket, the one I made her years ago that I’ve been watching for her, the one that’s going with her to Montana. She offers to help by lifting the living room table. Fabulous. She lifts, forgets her glass of chocolate milk that’s on TOP, which hits the couch and then the floor, breaking into a gajillion pieces. We’re both, of course, barefoot.

So I stay in place and yell at the cats, who decide that broken glass is cool, while she jumps into the only shoes at hand, snow boots (from always-thoughtful Greta), and clomps through the house, getting broom and pan for her hyperventilating sister. She helps me sweep for a while, wearing a tee-shirt, clutching the blanket around her waist, tripping over the tassels in her huge snow boots while she pokes the broom under tables.

It finally hits me.

“Are you WEARING anything under that blanket?”

Sheepish. “You’re washing all my clothes.”


Sweep, sweep is my only answer.

That was so funny to me I wasn’t even annoyed anymore. Heh.

She gets on the road today for Montana, her wintering spot. Hopefully she’ll be able to blog from there, ‘cause I’m personally gonna miss the crap out of her. And her blanket, too.


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note to self: send bethany underpants.

Goddess speed to Bethany! Are you gonna go up and visit her, Rachael? oooh, ooooh, stitch and bitch roadtrip!

good lord. I love it! I laughed out loud - and I'm at work, so you know it must have been funny!

shall we make Bethy a packing list?
Glad the boots came in handy...I thought she'd have a few months before she'd NEED them.

Tee hee, your story had me giggling...

Now *that's* a picture!

Hope Bethany has a good trip.

What a hilarious sibling moment. I can just see it happening, too. Cats wanting to frolic in the broken glass and all.

very curious about the fruitcake, since generally fruitcake has such a bad reputation. my mom's is very different, called a White Fruit Cake (due to the light color of the batter).

Rachael, is your mom's fruitcake a proper, English, lasts forever (but totally in a good way) kind of fruitcake? If so, can I *beg* you for the recipe? Pretty please? An ex of mine had a mom who made awesome fruitcake, but she disowned me after I left her darling boy. And I never got the recipe!

You tell that naked Bethany that we want blog updates on her impending move!! Looooove fruitcake and the fact many do not, more for me!

That's *so* funny, and I really needed something funny. Thanks, Herron girls!

See what comes of trying to CLEAN? If you had just plopped on the couch with some good, sensible knitting, none of this mess would ever have happened. ;) At least that's my philosophy....

I always LOVE your Bethany stories! Your a hoot!

Heh. This reminds me of a serious conversation I had with someone when I was just out of college that boiled down to my rationalizing that I wouldsn't need more than one set of sheets because I wouldn't be sleeping when I was doing laundry. By the way, an excellent way to find stray broken glass is to shine a flashlight on the floor at an angle once the room is as dark as you can get it. Not that I've broken any wine glasses or anything.

I agree with Maeve--never clean and you will have none of these problems. And, btw, at least Bethany was wearing a shirt!

headbolt heater. her little truck's gonna want one.

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