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Learning CurveJuly 1, 2004

You know what I’ve learned through this blog? Or rather, what I’m in the process of learning on a daily basis?

How to say thank you.

It’s never been easy for me; I’ve always been the “oh you shouldn’t have” or “what I got you isn’t half as nice” kind of person. But lately, with the donations, and the compliments on the article, and virtual hugs, and all that dang love that I feel from all sides, I ain’t got no choice. It whittles my words down to just:

Thank you.

(After being whittled, she just goes on typing, doesn’t she? Yep.)

Now. Go see Bethany. She’s at the end of the chapter, and this last entry made me get a little weepy. I’m so proud of her, so proud of both my incredibly accomplished sisters.


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I read your Knitty article and LOVED it!

You're so very welcome, dear.

And hurray for Bethany! Reminds me of my favorite Karla Bonoff song, titled (appropriately "Home").

"Around the next bend
The flowers will send
The sweet scent of home on the breeze.
And home sings me of sweet things
My life there has its own wings
To fly over the mountain
Though I'm standing still..."

Wow, how did one family produce TWO excellent writers? Your article made me weepy, and then so did Bethany's post. Thank YOU!!

i just read your Knitty article.
damn, girl. got me all teary-eyed this fine Friday day off morning.
your speech at your friends' wedding sure sums up what "marriage" is all about: knowing what the other person needs, and wants...and providing it.
even if it means knitting a pair of gloves when you'd much rather be knitting a scarf or hat.

and knitting *is* sexy, dammit!
; )

What a WONDERFUL article...I'm all ferklempt (or however you spell it)...talk amoungst yourselves...*sniff sniff*. Great tiara, by the way! :)

I just read your Knitty article and came over to say (a) it made me cry and get all warm and fuzzy at the same time and (b) knitting IS sexy, dammit!

Also, I read about your friend and the donations and that is so sad and so great at the same time (obviously, the bashing = not so great). A similar thing happened in Seattle on the Saturday night before Pride...it's so terrible. We fall in to the habit of thinking that our little safe spaces really are safe, and it's so sad to think that they sometimes aren't. ESPECIALLY on Pride weekend, you know?

Enough with the depressing comments. I love your blog, and will be reading regularly from now on (yeah, because I need MORE reasons to slack at work, right?) and am excited to see what you come up with. Now, if only I could get my girlfriend into knitting. Sadly, she isn't interested. :(

Anyway, I hope your friend is OK. ::MWAH::

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