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My MondayJuly 6, 2004

Whew. I had a marvelous birthday weekend (the celebrations rolled all the way over the three day weekend) and now I’m exhausted. On the fourth I went to a great barbeque up in the Berkeley hills at my friend Christina's house, and we had a little impromptu knitting party -- here are Amy and Christina.


We watch the fog roll closer, and then I went down the hill to a party in Jack London Square, where we stood on the roof and watched the fireworks in the harbor. Then we turned around and looked into the heart of Oakland, E.14th Street, and watched the same size fireworks, none of them sanctioned by any city manager, and therefore MUCH more exciting.

I’m ready to go back to work, just to get a rest. Bethany’s in town, too, house-sitting a coworker’s house, so we’ve been playing. Yesterday she and I drove out to Marin where we did a little yarn-fondling at Dharma Trading, followed by clam chowder on the deck of Sam’s in Tiburon, watching the boats rock and the fog bank swell over San Francisco. It was a gorgeous sunny convertible-top-down kind of day. Followed by a fabulous dinner with both sisters and friends, and Baskin Robbins sundaes for desert, who could ask for anything more?

Here’re some of my favorite parts of my haul – Christy framed this strip of photos we took, and it was perfect, one of those things I had completely forgotten about and that utterly delighted me when I saw them again. And Bethany got me real Shaker yarn (and a color card, she’s no dummy). Look at these edible colors! Whoo hooo!


Today is devoted to getting ready to go back to work – things like laundry and grocery shopping. Ew. And I’m throwing in a little pool running, with Bethany. I’m letting my muscles heal, giving them a good ten days. I don’t like it, but I have to quit being stoopid about it. I just worry that when I go back to my pace group on Sunday I’ll be so far behind them in the training that they’ll all laugh at me and leave me crying in the dirt. Well, I don’t really think that’ll happen. But it’s a midnight fear.

Bother. My head will not cooperate with the rest of my body. I’ve just been sitting here, staring. I’ve got the second load of laundry in, but I’m going to have to skip doing the sheets today, because the kitties are on them, refusing to let go. Of course they’re sleeping now. They weren’t at 5am, but now? Sure, out like two little lights. Usually I like to wash the sheets and put them right back on the bed, since I only have one set I like. Oh, it’s worth sleeping on the second best set, I suppose. They look so happy. In a zonked out kind of way.

I am so hopelessly boring today. Post-party dullness. Yawn.


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Oh, hardly! You couldn't be boring if you tried your best. Even if you just sat there staring off into nothing, you'd be riveting. "What is she thinking," folks would wonder. "I simply must know."

*Love* the photo booth pictures.

Happy Happy Birth Day Girl eh but cream crackered body of said gal needs one of those moments sometime this week that is just about being ok :0)
Love the photos, was it a silent booth or did you make as much noise as you appear you might?, hope so. Lucious yarn, you need to make something edible or at least suggestion of such but maybe that would be dangerous to wear ha-ha.
Boring....we talking about the same person? Don't think so my dear.

boring, you? NEVER. We're all just happy to be hanging.on.every.word.....got my fix of
*Must know how Rachael is today*, and now that I know you are full of clam chowder and hanging out with Bethany in the pool, I am grinning. I can just imagine it...

Boring ≠ Rachael. Far from. When I think of you I think words like "spontaneous", "joyful", "vibrant", "clever", "entertaining", "delightful". Never once has boring crossed my mind. Heck, if you're boring, than the rest of us are dull indeed. Hope to see you soon. xoxoxox

Yummy yarn! Whatcha going to make with it? The colors are so bright and happy. But please! Boring? I think not. I too hate those laundry/cleaning days (...like today...as I find myself on the computer instead:).

I think the consensus is in... Boring? Not even! There's a reason we all tune in to the Rachael show. We like you! And oh, mmm... Shaker yarn.

I'm a total big believer in Birthday Joy. Birthdays are the Day to Celebrate You and should be gleaned of all happiness possible. Parties, friends, doing wonderful things, eating yummy food. Whenever you can, do something you've never done before... like giving a party! Woo!

Don't you feel all accomplished now? :)

I don't know where you get all your energy, but it sounds like you had a very, very fun weekend. How funny that you want to go back to WORK so you can REST. Tee hee. And good girl on the pool running.

hey! happy birthday! i've been a little out of it lately. sorry to have missed it. and you're right -- the 30's totally rock. the 40's aren't so bad either.

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