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Pop-up HELLJuly 26, 2004

You know in Impromptu when Emma Thompson says, “stupid, stupid rain”? Well, that’s what I’m saying about my laptop. Stupid, stupid computer! I can’t bear to work like this – I type a few letters and then my cursor disappears and lands on an effing pop-up, so this is a very brief entry. I need a five hour block of time to fix this stupid thing (and you all ROCK for the suggestions), and I’m not going to get that until tomorrow, I think. Oy.

So, two quick things: I saw The Producers last night. Wow. It deserves the hype. It brought back memories of high school and college, of being SO into musicals, and traveling long distances to gaze at the boys draped on the Les Mis barricade. Of course, last night's show was loud and funny and farcical, but it brought back that glitz and glam. I was in small musical productions when I was in college, and because of that I can’t help catching what I think are knowing glances between cast members and speculating on which dancer hates which singer the most. It really was fabulously well done, and we had a blast.

And today, I’m seeing someone very special. And we’re going shopping. Heh. It’s going to be a flipping good day.


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Ooh, have fun with Ann! And then show us everything you bought, OK?

Have a great time with Ann, hope though you do get a little sleep too! Trust the camping experience hasn't been too adventurous for Ann and family but sure the visit to fibres will relieve any traumas, except of the bank balance kind :0)

OK, give Ann a huge hug from me, and then Ann? Give Rachael a huge hug from me, OK? Have fun today!

(Oh, the boys from Les Mis. I'm right there with you on that. Le sigh.)

Glad you liked the show! I got to see it in NY with the stars during the first run -- what a treat! Charles had long been a fan of the film and I finally GOT what he was so tickled by. Please please also give Ann my hug too~

So when you take pictures with Ann, I know there will be a little PINK floaty blob in the corner.....that'll be ME....wishing I was in on all the FUN. I just know you will have a delightful time...and if you run across any Alchemy Pure Alpaca in Spruce (remember, the yummy skein I bought down the block from where you work? It's not enough to finish the shawlette....wah!) I'll be Most Grateful ;)
hug.hug.hug, and a slobbery smooch from the pooch!

Delurking fo the first time...
Two programs that should help some:

Spybot search and destroy

Firefox browser will block the popups for you, but allow you to get to the blog comments that pop up when you ask them too.

Hope this helps!

Oh I am so envious. You have already met Greta and now you're meeting Ann. I feel so isolated down here in So. Cal. No one ever comes here anymore. Have a grand time.

Have a wonderful time! I missed the Producers when it came through her on tour... very bad. Sounds like it was wonderful!

Ahh, musicals. So much of my high school social life...and college social life...and after college social life... revolved around the friends I made in theater. And I've heard the Producers is AWESOME. My sister's fiance saw it in New York with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane...so jealous.

Have so much fun today!

Jealous. Green with envy. Coveting Kyoto. Have fun. And give Ann a squeeze for me. Mwah!

Aww, wish I could join you, it sounds like such fun. I've been wanting to check out ArtFibers very badly! Have a wonderful visit and shopping excursion. :)

I swear by Mozilla Firefox! It took some convincing from a friend that it wasn't going to be just another flash in the pan solution/browser, but I've been using at home for several months now and it makes a huge difference. On top of that my smarty pants brother, a major computer geek supports it as well.

Yay, have a FANTASTIC time! And if ArtFibers is great, can we go there on Saturday? Please? As for popups, I have that google popup stopper on IE and then I also use Mozilla Firefox (I was going to type Foxfire. Duh), and taht really helps. But dude, it sounds like you have spyware, but you already knew that, right?

I, too have made the great switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox on a recommendation from my HellaGeek boyfriend. Once you go Firefox, you never go back. Scout's honor.

Die, Pop-Ups, die!

I had a lot of trouble cleaning up internet explorer from all of the little bugs that my kids downloaded onto it. Pop-ups were constant. So we switched to mozilla firefox and now have no problems.

Shopping! That word alone makes me want to run around the room in circles. Enjoy yourself :-)

Impromptu is my wife's favorite movie. I don't often hear it quoted.

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