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QuestionsJuly 22, 2004

Go, Marie, go! She finished her wave-along stole! Check it out, isn't it gerjess?


I love how alluring it looks, leaning provocatively on the fence like that.

All right, so I ran AdAware and Spybot S&D (thank you for your suggestions!), and I'm hoping that's all I need to do for now. I ran 'em at work, too, on the shared computer, and the pop-ups are still happening. Blast it all.

Eh. Enough complaining about computer woes. We've all got them, haven't we? Why can't it just be easy? Why can't there be life without crashes? (You, Mac people, put your hands down. I know you know the answer.)

Instead, I gotta show you this:


Best? Fire?

It's on all sides of the building, and I've wondered about it/at it for years now. Was it someone with limited English skills who just liked the way question marks looked? Or perhaps the printer mistook exclamation points for question marks? Perhaps it was meant to be Best! Fire! But in that case: Huh?

Dunno. But it rocks Oak-town, yo.


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Sorry to hear about your pop-up problems, Rachel! Keep using Ad-Aware, though -- do a scan once a day, if you can. Once a week, do the "Check for Updates" thing on it, too, so you will always have the newest libraries up. Also, to kill the pop-ups that keep popping up, go to Icon Labs and download "Surf in Peace" for free: http://www.iconlabs.net/sip.html -- it's a great program; I've been using it for about two years now, and between that and Ad-Aware, I get maybe one pop-up every two weeks.

Good luck!

Best? Fire? I've become pretty good at deciphering wacky English, but I'm totally stumped.

I'm using a Google popup blocker. Right now it's proudly telling me it's blocked 111 popups. Kind of scary, but at least I didn't have to see them.

"(You, Mac people, put your hands down. I know you know the answer.)"

Eh, I've got a Mac and it still crashes sometimes. And then I look in the crash log and it tells me a bunch of junk I don't understand. A Unix-based operating system is above my head, I do believe...

Try going to google and downloading their pop up blocker. Another program you can try is Stopzilla.

You may want to also download Spyware Blaster and Panicware's pop-up blocker. They can all be found at surferbeware.com. I use them all and haven't had any popup.
Just a suggestion.

Best?Fire? is down the street from where I work, and someone from the office actually called them once to find out about those question marks. The reason? The previous owner wanted people to ask them "Why do you have those question marks?"

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