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San Diego:July 13, 2004

All right, I kind of hate recapping. Don’t you? It’s fine and dandy to blog about the day, what just happened, or what you think might happen tomorrow, but filling in the blanks (Saturday we did ex, and then Sunday we did why, Monday was zee) is plain ole boring.

So I’ll be quick. The Indigo Girls rocked the house, in a big way. Amy’s voice has always been strong, but raw. That was part of her allure. But her voice is insanely great now, and their harmonies are something else. Oh, I get so happy listening to them, especially outside, on the water, under swaying palm trees and a shooting star or two.

I’ve never lived in San Diego, but sometimes I feel as if I have. I was sitting with my friend T and her wife, and in the row directly behind us were L and her wife. I read in T and L’s wedding seven years ago. I’ll give you a second to work that out. Okay. Uh-huh. And now, everyone is either friends or at least cordial (I made the whole trip with an ex of mine), so it was the typical everyone knows/has dated everyone else kind of night in southern California (and I live in the north).

It was a relaxing weekend. T and E live in my dream home. Really. I wonder sometimes if E doesn’t mind my co-opting her house so much. It’s what I’ve used for my main character’s home in my novel, and I can nap on her couch in the front window and dream my character’s dreams. It’s nestled in Hillcrest, an old craftsman, and it’s painted the best shade of orange. They’re involved right now in redoing the guest bathroom – placing the tub up in an arched window and laying tiles in art deco patterns on the floors and walls. There are little nooks all over the house, clean and organized and lovely. I wander around when I’m there, just dreaming. Kind of annoying, I’m sure.

We napped a lot. We ate a lot (oh, San Diegan Mexican food). Then we boarded a plane (hopped an earlier flight – it was the first time I’ve ever walked into an airport and right onto a departing airplane), and I sat next to a young guy whose fear rolled off his body in palpable waves. He held a tiny prayer card in his hand, crossed himself repeatedly, and whispered the prayer for the first twenty minutes of the flight. I relaxed. He was doing all the work for me.

I’m usually really good about keeping myself to myself on flights—I hate that whole polite chitchat thing—but at one of his more elongated gasps, I had to ask, “So are you a little nervous?” We had a lovely talk. He’s 23, in total complete love with his girlfriend of four years (he wrote her a love letter in between prayers), is buying a house (good for you, kid), and was all smiles once we started talking. We talked all the way down, and he barely noticed the landing. I actually really hate to fly, and it’s only alleviated by someone being MORE scared than I am. If I have to (or choose to) calm someone else, I’m fine. I remember all the statistics (you’re more likely to die by being kicked to death by a donkey than in an airplane crash) and I don’t mind the bumps.

But I’m glad to be home. Bethany’s on the couch watching really crap TV (From Justin to Kelly or something just as awful) and I’m doing laundry. Back to work tonight. I love having a job that pays the bills and allows me to write, but that I don’t have to take home or prepare for. I just show up. Man, I never even give work a second thought when I’m not there. I just realized how lucky I am to have that....

Back to knitting Cromarty. I’m a happy gal.


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Sounds like a marvelous weekend in San Diego. I've only been there once, really. A few years ago for a conference. What I remember best? Dancing the night away at a Latin club with a very young, very gorgeous Italian man. Sigh...

I love the thought of you dreaming your characters in that house. I bet it's not annoying in the slightest. Flattering, more like.

Wow! The concert and your time in San Diego sounds great! Rachelle.

I keep hoping Emily and Amy are gonna make it our way in the next few months, but so far nothing'scheduled.

I have to kid you about "filling in the blanks...ex, why, zee" and say maybe that's why I haven't had any comments on my last post? Hmmmmm.


I hate it when I recap, but I love it when you do it :)

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Glad you're back to us, though.

we're happy now too...cuz you are relaxed and happy and safely home! Can't wait to see Cromarty! xoxoxox

I go through phases where I wish I didn't have to prepare for work or think about work when I'm not there.

I dream about a job that is complete when I leave for the day and fresh when I begin it. The idea of never having impending deadlines and overdue paperwork sounds like bliss.

Sd sounds great. Can't wait to see Cromarty and Gracie LOVES from Justin to Kelly. ;)

So looking forward to seeing Cromarty (have just started my own). I don't fly often and get a similar grip-the-armrest feeling that I do in the dentist's chair, but have also found that it helps to be distracted (talking to someone who's more more scared -- travelling with children is good, too).

I love San Diego. I went to college there. I miss it but I'm going back in 2 weeks for a wedding. I can't wait. It's been years!

Sounds like a fantastic trip! I'm the same way on flights, or at least I used to be before I took up knitting. Now the knitting is what keeps me from freaking out.

Hehe... imagine how terrified he'd have been, Mr. Prayer Guy, if he knew he was sitting next to a grrl like you!

I'm so excited you have the yarn to finish Cromarty now. Let me know how many skeins it ends up being for whenever I actually get around to making one!

i adore san diego and not just 'cause my panamanian grandma lives in national city with oodles of the best fried plantain you'll ever know.

and i don't know how i'd feel being in a room with so many folks who've seen each other's ta-tas but i think i'd be cool with it. i try not to leave bitter trails. it's important that everyone be cordial, at the very least.

and i'm applying for a police dispatcher position with my university. wish me luck!

Thanks for the recap! I know what you mean about not enjoying writing it. It's like well, hey, it's over, time to move on to something new.

I get to go to San Diego for five days at the end of August and we're staying in a really nice hotel. Too bad it's for work, eh? I've never been to San Diego so I'm looking forward to it!

Aww, you are so sweet. I'm PETRIFIED of flying and it really does help when someone talks ya through it. I'm sure that your smiling face next to me on a plane would make all the difference in the world...

Oh, the Indigo Girls. How I love thee, especially live. They are just so good. I'm so glad that you had such a fabulous time.

The Indigo Girls are playing here in LA tonight at the new Walt Disney Concert Hall. It kind of snuck up on me and I didn't get tickets, mainly because all my IG loving pals have left. That and due to all my traveling lately, I just can't spare the $50. It makes me so sad.

And you got to see them twice in a few months. I am so jealous.

I'm glad my city was a hospitable host! Isn't SD great? And Hillcrest is fantastic. I tried to get my husband to look over there when we were first looking for houses (I wanted a little Craftsman house, too), but no go (grrr!) So I just visit the shops over there :-)

what a nice surprise for that young man to be sitting next to such a hospitable person! I can't imagine a nicer way to spend a trip in the air...

I'd love to hear more about Cromarty- yours looks fabulous! I aspire to Cromartydom. Keep running- good luck with your training. Your dedication is inspiring.

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