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SplintsJuly 15, 2004

I forgot to tell you that I did my long run while in San Diego. See, in training we have to do two three-mile runs during the week on our own, and then the long group run on the weekend, which I do in San Francisco on Sundays.

I talked my friends into running with me, to make up the run I was missing. They’re athletic. They didn’t mind. They’re still in shock that I’m moving my body in ANY way besides small upper body motions (knitting, typing), so this was new and novel for them. They kept glancing behind them while we ran, just to make sure I was really still there.

San Diego was hot. Not super-duper hundred degree hot, but just uncomfortable enough to make me really sweat and feel icky. I didn’t eat before we ran, and I hadn’t been running for the previous ten days in an attempt to let my shin splints heal.

You know what? Neither of those two things worked for me. T took us through Balboa Park, up and down dirt hills, through gullies and ravines. At first I thought it was novel and picturesque. But then I decided it was about four inches from hell.

In order to get our seven miles in, we did one large loop which led back to T’s house, and then we were going to do it again. Oh, no. I collapsed on her lawn and proclaimed to passersby that if I were to ever get up again it would only be to go in search of ice cream and a massage. Then J looked over at me and said the words every wimp hates to hear: “Okay, I’m going to finish the run, I’ll see you later.”

Damn it.

I heaved myself up, cursing and swearing, saying things about camels and various people’s mothers (but not mine, of course), and we started running again. I did put my aching foot down, though, and said that I would not go back into the ravines. I am not hill trained yet, nor do I really wanna be. So we ran around the park, where it was cooler and flatter. They encouraged me by running ahead and then doubling back. Always an esteem builder.

And the splints were killing me (you like how I’m shortening the name now? From posterior tibial tendonitis to splints. We’re pals like that). Ten days off did nothin’ for me, so I’ve decided to throw that whole rest thing right out the window. I’ve got orthotics, insanely good shoes, I’m icing, I’m arnica-gelling, I’m ibuprofening, I’m elevating, I’m compressing, I’m stretching, I’m exercising the muscles that are so gosh-darn weak. I’m not going to be stupid, I promise, but I’m just going to keep running.

I ran yesterday around the lake, and I tell you, it felt awesome to be on home turf. Pounding around the water, I felt so good. The pain wasn’t very bad at all (it usually kicks in later), and it felt great to be moving. Yesterday wasn’t a rhino day. It was all gazelle. A gazelle with a slight limp afterwards, but gazelleish nonetheless. Bring it.


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Running up and down dirt hills is NO fun! And it is a lot harder to run when it is really hot. I'm such a weather wimp! But you know what? Good for you that you ran in SD! And it helps to run with partners encouraging you. What good friends you have!

You keep on gazellin, girl. Yeah, I made that word up. And try the oral arnica too...

You are so tough, Rachael!! I couldn't tell from the post what day it was that you ran in Balboa Park--was it Saturday the 10th by any chance? A bunch of San Diego knitters sit in the park and knit once a month, and that was the July date! Mind you, I have made the trip exactly once (it's kind of a long way for me), but it's fun.

Hard enough running 7 miles on a hot day, but having to run past a gang of knitters lounging on the grass would have been quite a test of will! :)

You're my hero! Running on vacation!!!! Nutty. Take care of yourself...no craziness of the running variety please.

A constant source of inspiration, Rachael. Hurray, you!

Proud of you, sweetie. Just make sure you aren't pushing TOO hard. What does your PT say?

Holy crap. Seven miles? Is that at one time? Sheesh. I'm so impressed, rock star. I get winded getting up from my desk to check my mailbox. When I start exercising, very soon, you will be my inspiration...

Reading this made me feel that I had run with you. I'm exhausted. Where's the ice cream?

Seriously, though--I am so proud of you.

Honey, I break a sweat knitting intarsia. You are so cool to be doing this.

A co-worker of mine went running with his wife one time. (Just one time.) He says she came back looking for him three times ("Are you ok?") and when she got back the fourth time he was sitting down.

They said it together: "Why don't [I/you] just meet [you/me] back a the house?"

Oh, yeah. He points out that even the whole "male ego" thing wasn't enough to get him up off whosever yard he was laying in.

I work on the assumption that if you do it enough, lots of small motor motions is the same as a lesser amount of large motor motions.

Please do not attempt to dissuade me of that "fact!"

Hey gazelle. No hurting yourself. OK?

oh, the memories of Balboa park...and I hafta tell ya that in those days, we ran our mileage and then stopped for ice cream.
It's not at all gazellish to SNORT, but this post ranks as a three snorter.
Have you seen the nikeid site? I designed my own pink/green running shoes, with KNITTER emblazoned above the swoosh, but was too exhausted after all that typing to actually ORDER them. Maybe when it's cooler.
A stroll on PEI's beaches is more my style, right now.....
Be Careful out there!

Yay, Rachael!!!

Hills are your friends, or at least they will be. I promise. Now what were you saying about camels?

I feel your pain, chickie! My particular raison d'owie is my left knee. I ended up ordering the book & DVD that I told you about (Chi Running). Fingers crossed! Keep up the good work -- we're all pulling for you!

I know the evil of splints!! In dance we always do the "write the alphabet with your toes" to strenghten the muscles on the shin.

I also am intimately familiar with Balboa Park and SD, and I must congratulate you on your fortitude.

Rock over London, rock over Chicago, Taco Bell, make a run for the border.

Sheesh. Whenever I hear of shin splints, I think of broken shards of bone rattling around in one's leg. I'm cringing, reading this post.

Take care of those gazelle legs, missy.

Hey, even gazelles have to walk sometime. You're an inspiration at ANY distance, just be careful, 'kay?

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