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This is Not RachaelJuly 16, 2004

Super Stealth Mode

Bwah hah hah! Little sister Bethany here, gleefully taking advantage of the fact that Rachael has left me alone in her house with her computer, while she's off seeing her Girls. So I'm hijacking her blog for the night.

Which still leaves me with the sad fact that I have nothing to write... hmmm. Secrets from childhood? In highschool, she had a really, really bad perm. That's it, that's all I have. Guess I'm a pretty pathetic hacker. Johnny Lee Miller I ain't.


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Oh you ARE a naughty one! How about some of those PICTURES we have been waiting for?? Huh, huh?? ;) Then again you could have posted them, yours is next blog to check...

oooooooh, sneaky little sister! gotta watch her every minute...

Dude, she even turned off (or intercepted) the comments, so I wasn't immediately alerted! But then (here's telling on HER) she was so tipsy last night she giggled out the secret. Pleased as punch, she was.

What's that they say about payback? Hmmm?

It's not the wine talking...I laughed--outright guffawed--when I read the first couple lines of this...

Rachael's perm couldn't be nearly as bad as the Pat Benetar 'do I was trying to sport in ninth grade...

Try a seriously asymetrical cut. Remember Flock of Seagulls. Yeah. That was so me. Occasionally dyed magenta. But only on the side that was about 1/4" long. Yeah.

giggle. we ought to start a gallery of bad haircuts from Back When....

We all had bad perms in high school, Bethany. You can do better than that!

Actually, I saved my bad perm until college *ugh*

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