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Em, Forgive Me,July 29, 2004

but I went to Starbucks yesterday (I went for a group of people at work, I swear), and they were playing Emmylou Harris.

I was so sad. It was bad enough that I was there. But Emmylou? C'mon, honey, you didn't have to. Or, no! I know it was your label that must have sold you out.... The horror. The shame. We'll pretend I didn't hear it at all, okay?

With Chandra's permission, may I present my favorite Knitting is Sexy shirt picture?


Of course, all proceeds from the Knitting is Sexy Cafepress store go right to Team911, which leads gracefully (don't mind me shoving) into a Running Update.

Shin splints SUCK. Have you noticed my feelings about them? Have I been as clear as I think I have? Oh, probably. You're most likely rolling your eyes right now and stretching your legs. Sure, stand up and bounce on your toes a little, feel your strong healthy calves, enjoy the feeling of sheer power. Or something like that.

Me? I'm getting up every hour or so and walking around, taking ibuprofen like it's illegal, doing my stretches. But I gotta tell you (and I might amend this tomorrow), it's not too bad today. I ran the 3 miles yesterday afternoon before work, and while it hurt with each step (but not bad, Mom, I swear!), it wasn't that bad. And tonight I only hurt a little more than I did yesterday. I think I might be getting stronger. And the new wedges in my shoes might be helping, too. Who knows? All I know is I did it, and aside from the whole leg thing, it felt fantastic. (I realized while running how ludicrous that statement is. Yeah, running feels GREAT. Except that my legs hurt. Dur.)

And I *really* wanted to shout out my folks who have recently supported Team 911 by clicking on that little link over to the right, but when I just logged in, they were updating the site, and I couldn't get all the names. But John in Seattle, thank you! Not only are you Mariko's pal, but you're mine, too, babe. Who else was on there? Hmmm. Oh, I think Ann was on there again! And Rosenblum's big ole contribution showed up yesterday, too! Seriously, go buy one of their bottles of wine. I can't believe how much they've supported us, and I couldn't be any happier about them. The rest of you, I'll thank you publicly as soon as the site comes back up.... We're getting closer and closer to getting the team there!


Happy dance! I mean it, stretch those shins, darlings!

I have to go change. Digit just drooled ALL over me. Yuck.


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It's the new running mantra: Shin Splints Suck! Shin Splints Suck!

Yep. Shin Splints are horrible. I had to skate with one for a month. It was terrible. Hope you legs feel better.

Be careful Rachael, don't overdo it! Also, about the ibuprofen....make sure you don't take it on an empty stomach. My mom had problems (e-mail me if you want to know more) from doing this, even had to cancel a big trip she and my dad had planned.

I *love* that picture.

And sweetie, there's nothing to forgive. Into each life a little Starbucks must fall. But I am afraid that the only way to really make it up to me is to come back to Brooklyn. Them's the rules.

Stop HERE on your way to Em's okay? We'll absolve you of the Starbucks debacle. (lurve that word...absolve....)
Finished the Blue Castle last night and fell into a deep, contented sleep. Should I read the LMM journals next or the Emily books?
Shin splints are nothing to make light of, and popping ibuprofen wily-nily aint good fer yer innards. ORTHOTICS, babe. Find a good podiatrist or sports med practitioner....please?

Ow! poor shins. Does ice and rest help? I hope your shins stop splinting soon!

Has your PT taken a look at your running shoes? Maybe they aren't the best shoes for you...

Feel better, sweetie. And yes, get your butt back to Brooklyn.

I hope these shin splints aren't going to interfere with your future as a spinner! by the time you get to the wheel you legs will be so powerful you will be able to spin whole fleeces in a single push!!

I hate to break it to you but EmmyLou is in Starbucks's pocket. She performed at their shareholders meeting this year.

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