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12!August 9, 2004

Twelve miles! That’s just ridiculous, I’m convinced of that. We met up in the City, out by the windmill at Ocean Beach, and broke into our small groups for the run. The organization always has the run marked out, so we took off and didn’t think much. My little group of three was very chatty yesterday, catching up on each others’ doings, and must have missed a sign, because suddenly we were very, very lost in Golden Gate park. We went up and through, and found our way out to 19th Avenue, knowing we should have been at 37th instead. That was whoops number one. Whoops number two was passing mile marker 2 after we’d been running for an hour and a half. We’re slow, but I could push my car faster than that. We ended up being very creative with our run, still managing to get our 12 miles in, and I think the scenery was better, too. We went right by the soccer fields, where about two hundred young Irish lads had their shirts off. See, we would have missed that, going the Right Way.

What I love about running in the City is that it’s always so dark and drippy in the mornings in summer. Perfect running weather. I get very grumpy running in the sun. And today I feel all right. The legs hurt, but I finally broke down and ordered custom-made orthotics, which should be in tomorrow. Those should help. I think my new shoes helped, too. I also think I’m WAY over shelling out all this money for my feet. Hopefully that was the last blow for a while.

Oh, here’s me, right after. Giddy. Proud. Sticky. Tired. I should have got Marama in the shot, but she was talking to one of her teammates at the moment I took my phone out.


And now, darlings, I’m back to bed. Yesterday I didn’t get much sleep before the run. Then I ran, and hung out with Marama, and then had a date with the cute banjo knitter, so I actually didn’t have that much sleep last night, either. (Wink. But I did have excellent dal and got to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s—it had been so long since I’d seen it that it was all new again. Gawd, I love that movie.) So right now, I think I’ll take a wee siesta. It’s foggy and overcast, my favorite sleeping weather. Digit really wants a cuddle, and who am I to deny him that?


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A banjo gal? How very cool. I'm so proud of your mileage you runner you!!!!!! Yay you!!!!xoxoxo
twelve miles! WOW! You are amazing and wonderful and truly a goddess!!!!!

Twelve Miles!!!! WooHoo!

I love Breakfast at Tiffany's too. Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of style.

You so totally rock. Even if you are a tiny bit crazy (cf. 12 miles?? Or 26.2 for that matter).

I can't get over how cute you look even after a 12 mile run.

When I walk quickly, I get so reddish-blue that I look like Violet in Willy Wonka. What a mess!

That is the After Running Shot? I'd be blotchy and wheezy and puffy eyed, but YOU? Cute as anything, as Usual. You are probably Knitting something adorable, as well, riiiight?
I humbly bow in your direction....that would be WEST, near the Pacific Ocean, which I miss dreadfully. Thanks for the lovely visual of the City....you captured it perfectly. sigh.
Snooze on, Goddess!

Wow! 12 miles and you still look so pretty. :) Congrats on the distance.

Snaps to you, girl! 12 miles! That is sooo awesome. I'm glad to hear you're getting some orthotics; mine seem to be helping a lot. Keep up the good work! You'll have that marathon nailed by the time it rolls around!

Seriously, how cute are you after running 12 miles? Holy crap.

And how do you get through the moments where your legs hurt and you're tired and you just want to f a l l d o w n....I tried running around my yard for 10 minutes and I collapsed in agony. How do you do it?

excellent! excellent for the 12 miles. excellent for the date with the banjo chick. and excellent for the catching a glimpse of 200 shirtless lads. aye...i might even start running if i were guaranteed such an eyeful. or i'd just drive by....

Best excuse in the world for not getting enough sleep. And how do you manage to look that good after running?!

I knew you could do it! It must be a wonderful feeling to continue to make progress! The orthotics WILL help. They've made a big difference for me.

I knew you could do it! It must be a wonderful feeling to continue to make progress! The orthotics WILL help. They've made a big difference for me. All that and the banjo gal, too. What a great day!

I'm with Greta. How on earth can one run so damned far and look so good afterwards?! In my case I would probably be heaving in some bushes, far, far away from any cameras. Go girl!!

You look like you just got your groove on in that pic, not at all like a sweaty 12 mile runner. You look great, happy. Yeah for banjo knitting gals, yeah for wonderful foggy mornings, yeah for running, um omit that last yeah, my boobs don't let me run. You keep on going though, you just keep on a running! GO RACHEL GO!

Look at that smiling, glowing face. I'm so proud of you!

Oh, I'm on to you, missy. Looking all perky and cute in the post-running pic. Trying to get me to believe that Running Is Good.

You can't fool me. I'm not buying it. Not at all.

Endorphins become you!

You're ravashing, dahling! as always. and, yes, I'm back! Wish I had been back in time to sponsor you...is there still time? Can I sneak in after the fact? ahhh...sigh of internet connectedness.

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