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The Friday Thankin' My Peeps ShowAugust 13, 2004

And MORE thanks go to:

Ann -- you are so cute.
Sonja -- hooray!
Stephannie R -- yay!
Carolyn -- yippee!
Juliette -- Wow! You rock!

'Course I ain't running today. I swear. I promise. (Somebody tie me to the couch....)

Happy, happy weekend, all.


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I can just imagine the google hits you are going to get with *peep show* in the title and *tie me to the couch...*
Happy Friday...go read Bethany and squeeee
with me, hunh?

Good girl. Let's all tie her down with yarn!

hmmm.... i think if we tied her down with yarn, she might knit her way out. i think it's time to bring in the "big guns"... i think there are a couple of resident kitties who could immobilize her for the day? maybe we could bribe them with treats...

Hi Rach! Long time no comment from me! I have been keeping up with you, and feel your shin splints from here. I have had them many times, and I do not envy you in the least. Best of luck in your upcoming race!
BTW, I'm back in web form.

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