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Bonus Bonus Weekend Post!August 15, 2004

I'm so not blogging tomorrow. Two on the weekend? About knitting? Back the heck up. I got a couple of requests for the pattern I'm using for the scarf, so I wrote it up. I haven't actually finished the scarf yet, and my eyes are crossing trying to write the pattern, so excuse the errata, please (and let me know about any problem spots). And if you DO make one, send me a pic, huh?

The Clever Name Here Scarf:

Yarn: I’m using worsted weight, Rowan Cork, probably about 400 yds, more or less.
Needles: 7US, but remember I’m LOOSE (cough, cough). You might go 8 or 9US.
Gauge: Eh, whatever. It’s a scarf.

Cast on 33 stitches.
R1 (right side) : k1 p1, across.
R2-4: k1 p1, across.
R5: (k1 p1) 3 times, k4, p2, k9, p2, k4, (p1 k1) 3 times.
R6: (k1 p1) 3 times, k1, p3, k2, p9, k2, p3, k1, (p1 k1), 3 times.
R7: Repeat R5

R8 and all following wrong side rows: (k1 p1) 3 times, k1, p3, k2, p9, k2, p3, k1, (p1 k1), 3 times.
R9: (k1 p1) 3 times, k4, p2, put the first 3 sts on cable needle, hold at front, k the next 3 sts, then k the 3 sts from cable needle, k3, p2, k4, (p1 k1) 3 times.
R11: (k1 p1) 3 times, k4, p2, k9, p2, k4, (p1 k1) 3 times.
R13: (k1 p1) 3 times, k4, p2, k3, put the first 3 sts on cable needle and hold at back, k the next 3 sts, then k the 3 sts from cable needle, p2, k4, (p1 k1) 3 times.
R15: Repeat R11.

Repeat rows 8-15 until you’re happy with the length. If it won’t go around your neck once, it might be too short. If you could ride a horse and rope a steer with it, it might be too long. Otherwise, you’re good to go. End with 4 rows of k1 p1 across, bind off. Add fringe if you’re that fancy.

Suggestion number one: This would be a good way to learn how to cable. It's easy. Swear.
Suggestion number two: Try cabling without a needle (the fastest way to go). Wendy, of course, has the best instructions HERE.



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How FABU! I just logged in to come to your site and ask if you wouldn't mind... Thanks so much for sharing!

Goodness! My computer goes down (now *there's* an idea...*snicker*) for the weekend and that's the weekend you write mongo posts. Damn! The scarf is very Guy Scarf lovely, and oh, that picture of Adah is fantastic. That's my ultimate sleep goal as well. Totally.

Have fun tomorrow!

Giggle. You couldn't STAND it, not to post....
we are all the richer for it, of course.
What about CORKscrew fringe, hmmmmm?
Since we're playing *entendre* games ;)

Thanks for the scarf pattern! It will make great Christmas gifts!

Thank you thank you thank you for the pattern! I have two skeins of Cascade 220 that i have been trying to find a use for. I think it'll be a little thinner than yours, but I can drop a needle size or two and make a skinny scarf. What a great way for me to learn cables, and you are very generous to share the pattern.

Great pattern and enjoy your time away!

wow, i feel like i'm usually on my usual sites everyday or every other day but i missed all this! ok, as for the running, keep it up. it will get easier and i feel bad you had to walk. something similar to your lake incident happened to me once and i took a cab home...

as for the pattern, YOU ROCK. i was seriously thinking this weekend, how does one make a cabled scarf? this is how!

I just came across your site and I had to just ahd to say I love it! Your sense of humor is great and your FOs are amazing..

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