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Bonus Weekend Post!August 14, 2004

Well, let’s just call this the Monday post, eh? I’ve overbooked myself for Monday anyway.... Why do I DO that? It’s not like I think the day will get any longer. I just like to say yes to things. Yes! Sure! That would be fun! Oh, whoops. Did it again. Two lunches scheduled. But one friend might have a baby on Monday. Yep. I might yet get away with my flagrant overbooking. Just call me Southwest.

What I checked in to say was this:

GINNY’S BACK! She was my first online friend, way back, probably about two years ago. She was the first person to link to me, and I felt like such a superstar because of it. Go tell her hello and welcome her back to the fold.

And this. Wait, better get a helmet or something. There is actually knitting content ahead. (Have you noticed how I seem to have given up blogging about knitting on any regular basis? Thank god the only knit-ring I’m part of is QueerKnit and Amy won’t chuck me out. I don't think.)

I’ve been deep into a Secret Project that involves a lot of mohair. Hey. Maybe THAT’S why my throat hurts. Little tiny bits o’fluff. But I can show you this non-secret project.


It’s a Guy Scarf. I can’t stand knitting scarves on a normal basis. I don’t wear them much, and I have all I need for when I do. And they’re BORING to make. But this one is keeping me happy. Simple little pattern that I made up as I went along – don’t have to think about it, but it’s interesting knitting, the kind where you glance down to see what you’re doing and your fingers flip from k1p1 to k9 without thinking (typo: tinking. Without that either). It’s going to be a gift for the lovely man who sold Mom and me our Strawberry tickets. He wanted a scarf in burgundy. I think I now know that I’m not really sure I know what burgundy is. This might be maroon. Is there a difference? But I like it. Actually, I kinda want to keep it. That’s always a good sign. (Using Rowan Cork from Article Pract. Ooooh. Love this stuff. Light and smooshy, but soft.)

Digit is perched on one wrist. My wrist, I mean. That’s fifteen pounds that must be lifted to type. Good thing my wrists are strong. He likes the scarf, too:


We have a six-mile run tomorrow, but I think the splints are just too bad. Going to skip the run, and I’m not going to feel badly about it (she said determinedly). I need to heal a bit this week.

I have NO plans for this evening. I’m going to sit and knit. Maybe have a beer or two. A friend said he’d call to go play, but I might blow him off. (That preposition is a really important one, innit?) I think a night of lying low might be good for me. I’m fighting a sore throat, and I’m just tired. A good, foggy night to stay in with kitties and books and yarn.

Speaking of kitties, check out this belly:


That, right there, is my ultimate sleep goal.


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Thank you for the lovely welcome back Rachael! Your scarf is yummy--what a beautiful color! That is one lucky guy. As for the maroon-burgundy controversy, I think maroon has a bit more purple, and burgundy has a bit more brown. Oh well... if he isn't positively THRILLED with the color, I'll wear it! :-)

Licorice tea, mebbe?

Re: the scarf--I'm thinkin' most guys don't know from color, and he's not going to split hairs over the maroon v. burgundy issue, esp. when he sees how gorgeous it is.

Healing is good. Healing is great. Healing is what you should be doing. And, hey, burgundy, maroon, wine, they're all dark reds.

Beautiful scarf Rachael. I am sure he will love it. Yes, take it EASY, relax, HEAL and enjoy yourself..

I agree with the "dark red" is OK analysis. And, I think its VERY GOOD that you are going to rest tomorrow. Gotta take care of those shins. And the rest of you!

I'm glad to hear you're taking care of yourself. I was starting to worry that you were pushing yourself too hard. But I thought of you while I was running this afternoon! Every time I run around the lake I half-wonder whether I'll run into you...

Actual Knitting content....wow ;) Rachael dear, you could write about grass growing and I'd still be mesmerized....speaking of helmets...you must really check out Sandy's new Hurricane Helmet (aka the evil kitty hat) It is all that red haired Silvia's fault!

I think maroon and wine and burgundy are all about the same? Anyway, the scarf looks lovely! Your shin splints will surely go away, so be patient. Would it help you to hear that I have barely run at all for 2 weeks now? I need to get my butt out there again. Sigh. I hope your 2nd lunch date has her baby so you don't have to eat two lunches.

I love the color of the scarf -- really pretty no matter what you call it! :o)

Cute kitty! I couldn't resist giving her a belly rub if I was there.

There is a small but crucial difference between maroon and burgandy. Maroon is my old school uniform colour and I cannot wear it because I get flashbacks to bad hockey lessons where I twisted my ankle. The scarf is not maroon because it's not giving me chills. Burgandy is slightly more red, and that's what you have. Love the cable design!

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