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ConfessingAugust 19, 2004

I know there are those of you who don't watch much TV. Or any at all. Good on you, and I mean that. But this post is not for you. (I used to be you. I am now,however, an unashamed Big Ole TV watcher.) (Okay, untrue. I am a little ashamed. But it's nothing I can't handle.)

Okay, here's where I'm going. Reality TV can suck, big time. You know the kind I mean: Let's put three people in a house and take bets on who sleeps with whom first. That's just wrong, and I wouldn't watch it. Or at least I would NEVER admit that I did. I can't handle Nick and Jessica (although I've tried). And those Road Rules shows don't seem like reality TV, they just seem like an MTV game show with flashing lights and bitchy women in thongs, something I can live comfortably without.

But how in the name of all that's holy did I end up watching any reality TV at all? Dude, don't erase Amazing Race off my TiVo, or I'll sic my drool-cat on you. (Schmirna's fake accent that would pop up whenever she spoke to someone in a taxicab was driving me CRAZY. "Okee, I geev you dohlars for to use your telephone, okaaaie, Habibbi?" WTF?)

What's bothering me the most, however, is that I'm watching what I would have guessed would be the nadir of all television programming: Amish in the City. And I don't hate it. I'm a bit emotionally invested, if the truth is told (I'm really trying here). When Mose almost drowned because he didn't understand the strength of the ocean, I was all a'flutter. When Miriam's best friend came for a visit, I thought, a-HA. I was right! She IS a lesbian. (Don't tell me you didn't think it. Those were some damn emotional hugs.)

I just can't quite believe they put five Amish kids and six LA kids in a house in Beverly Hills, but they did, by golly. Now that's the way to get your rumspringa on (a word I've always loved. I'm 32 and still in my non-Amish based personal rumspringa.)

I felt a little better when I read this article -- it makes the series sound deeply thoughtful, a "new generation of constructive, literate reality TV shows." Well. I don't know about all that. I think it's not the ultimate trash that it should have been.

But I'm still embarrassed. What about you? 'Fess up.


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I'll be honest: I'm a little ashamed that I'm NOT watching Amish in the City, because I am a major TV Junkie and this show would be something I would watch (and be ashamed).

But there is no way, ever, that I would ever ever be ashamed of watching, and *loving*, The Amazing Race. Ever. That show frickin' RULES, man. For so many reasons, but number one? The cameramen/women and editors. They make it seem like a real show.

(p.s. I'm so happy Mirna is off my TV, I can't even begin to tell you. Totally rooting for Chip and Kim. I love them.)

I watch the Amazing Race. We've got an office thing around it - at the beginning put in $5, and we each draw a team out of a hat .The person whose team wins wins the pot. (I've got Colin and Christie) (And I won last year...)

But that's it - I do have to admit, I'd prefer most reality TV to most sitcoms, though....

Oh, yeah. I'm also an Olympic Junkie. All thanks to Tivo - I can watch the 4 hours in 2 or less - and catch some of the more obscure sports from their day/middle night coverage. Whoo Hoo!

Yeah, I'll admit it, I got sucked into Amish in the City too . . . and this is after I swore that the only "reality" show I would watch is Survivor. I don't TiVo AitC . . . yet. But they seem to air the reruns a lot, so I've seen more episodes than I'm prepared to admit.

I gotta say, those Amish kids really did assimilate faster and to a higher degree than I would have predicted!

a) i hated mirna. i LOVED charla. that girl was so tough and just had the best attitude.

b) amish city blah blah. i have SUCH an insane obsession with the amish lifestyle and culture (it couldn't be further from my jewish upbringing), and i'm dying to know what the kids decide to do. i'm obsessed.

c) tivo is the best thing that has ever happened to me. and adam knows it, and he isn't even jealous. much.

ok comin' clean time for me. I am a TV junkie. I have Tivo with dual tuners. I also have an ultimate TV box on the same tv. So I can tape 3 things at once. As if that isnt bad enough my hubby is a computer wiz and he "upgraded the hard drives" in both the boxes so I can record a total of 230 hours. Ahhh I love TV. By the way I was thrilled with the amazing race results.

I wish I could confess, but I watch so little TV that I guess I should be embarrassed about my lack of TV related knowledge. The only show I NEVER miss is "Six Feet Under." Reality TV just doesn't do anything for me.

Okay, 2 reality programs. I can't get away from Survivor. For a reality show, it's so very unreal. That crap is NEVER going to happen to me. I think camping is staying at a Holiday Inn.
Also, now, I'm totally in love with American Chopper. Don't have a bike, don't want a bike, won't get a bike--BUT, the family dynamic is too great. The father is too great--tough guy, heart of gold, but would kick your ass in a minute. Love it.

Wireless! Coming to you live, from my chaise lounge. And I'm still enjoying the freedom, you?

I can't bring myself to watch Amish in the City, I grew up not far from an Amish community and it just feels weird. But I've been sucked into reality tv, I admit it. There's just something about people signing themselves up to get manipulated by producers to create "reality" to get themselves easy money or "true love" that just cracks me up.

I am SO glad that Mirna and Charla got eliminated. Charla was great but if I had to look at Mirna for one more week I think I was going to go crazy. That pretentious accent just grated on every nerve in my body!

I have never heard of "Amish In The City" (a little embarrassed). But I am totally ashamed to say that I am very caught up in the recap of "Trading Spouses" with the Nakamura family right now. But other than "TS", the only current reality TV I like is Nick and Jessica (sorry Rachael). And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they bring back "Rich Girls", though I don't think they are going to. I'm cringing that I have just admitted this, yet comforted that I am not alone. :p

Okay, I love all reality TV. Don't hate me. I love Nick and Jessica (gulp). I LOVE American Idol. I think Joe Schmo 2 was one of TV comedy's crowning achievements....

Are you still my friend? (typo:are you still my fried? tee hee.)

A non-tv watcher here... mostly get my tube fix from rentals at the dvd store. Amish one is slightly appealing though since I find their culture so interesting. Watched The Newlyweds once and was so blown away by how childish and immature dear Jessica was I never watched again. Give me a so-so movie any day!

Now, as you know veyr well, I got addicted to the English version of Big Brother this summer when I was there. But the public gets to vote people out over there; it's not insular, as it is in the States.

Other than that, I haven't been watching reality shows, though I certainly wouldn't put it past me.

However. Any show, anywhere, that involves finding wicked murderers through the use of tiny fibers found in tire tracks, or DNA stored in the closet for 20 years -- I'm there.

ha! for once i feel superior to you! ha! (doing the superior dance). only kidding. but i have to say other than 'the apprentice' i have never watched any of these shows more than once.

I know I should say that I have not watched Amish in the City or any reality t.v., but that would be a blatant lie, now wouldn't it?
Living in the heart of Amish country (see also: Lancaster, PA), I'm a tad skeptical as to the validity of the Amish kids. 'Round here, it's a huge debate as to whether or not they are truly "amish." Some of the things they say and do just don't ring true. And seriously, if I hear Randy's voice any longer, I might just slit my wrists.
It is damn entertaining though.

Ooooh, a post very dear to my heart. Okay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the amazing race. I think it's like "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" for grownups. I love the way that the drama is inherent in the traveling and the different cultures, and the producers are so much less overt about "creating" drama than other shows.

AND... I'm telling you, at least 3x in the past two weeks, people have said to me variations on, "okay, I'm sort of embarrassed about it, but I love the Amish show." I dig it too! I think it is so interesting to see people experiencing urban culture for the first time. And I am continually shocked at how snippy and sarcastic the non-Amish kids are (just as a matter of course, not because they're mean or anything). And now it's starting to rub off on the Amish, too. Sad.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love TV!! We just got TiVo (you were right, it is great) and DirectTV, with all the channels- we may never leave our living rooms again (oh wait we CAN leave cause we'll just TiVo what we miss!!) I try not to watch reality tv because, like you, I get sucked in, I think I was one of the ten people who watched Paradise Island. Unlike you however - I do love my Nick and Jessica! I'll also be a Survivor junkie this season cause a girl I went to High School with will be on it. You know there is nothing better than knitting with the 'ol TV on!!

When I was in film school, one of my good friends got involved in a project that he described as a bizarre exercise in Social Darwinism. It was produced by one of the school's adjuncts, and involved a number of camerapeople on call 24 hours a day, videotaping 5 20-somethings who were picked to live in a loft in Soho...yes, it was the pilot for 'The Real World,' the Great Mother of all Reality TV. So I got sucked into that first season...and stayed hooked for three more cities. Then I hit the wall, and haven't been able to stomach RTV since.

When I was in film school, one of my good friends got involved in a project that he described as a bizarre exercise in Social Darwinism. It was produced by one of the school's adjuncts, and involved a number of camerapeople on call 24 hours a day, videotaping 5 20-somethings who were picked to live in a loft in Soho...yes, it was the pilot for 'The Real World,' the Great Mother of all Reality TV. So I got sucked into that first season...and stayed hooked for three more cities. Then I hit the wall, and haven't been able to stomach RTV since.

I"m with you on both shows. I've posted about how much I want to BE ON Amazing Race, and I had the same feeling of quasi-relief when I read the Salon article yesterday. All I'm missing is TiVo, but I refuse to get it because I'd watch even more than the ridiculous amount of tv I already find myself watching.

LOVE replay (same as tivo!) more than life itself!

when i first heard of amish in the city i was very intrigued - thought it would be more documentary (that's reality!) than real world! oh well - still hooked. the non-amish kids are very cruel, and yes i think there are times i suspect the amish may not be authentic....

anyway: amazing race -like it didn't watch this season so i'm not into it
real world - love love love it. sick i know.
nick/jessica and ashlee - i feel smarter watching them. then i realize i'm a sucker for watching them and feel dumber. catch 22 there! (same with simple life and rich girls!) i also feel happy that i am not as materialistic as they are.

i will not watch shows where they eat anything disgusting or get covered in creepy crawlies...

Eeee! I was going to come out about having watched it, too! I've only seen it once (and only after I mentioned it in disbelief on my blog), but I loved it. I think it's the only reality show I've seen that actually has down-to-earth people in it. But I admit I'm curious as to how They went about finding beautiful Amish people to be on this show... Because, really, there ain't no reality TV about average people unless those average people are being ridiculed.

I got hooked on "Amish" during a visit home this summer. Now that I'm back home, my mother and I Tivo each episode and compare notes the next day. It's pathetic :-)

OK, Rachael. I have to admit that most reality TV leaves me cold. But you make AitC sound positively fascinating. I don't have Tivo, though I've been considering it a long time. What level of service and what kind of box do you have? I can't imagine needing to record more than 40 hours, but...you never know. TV/Knitting addicts need little excuse to sit for hours.

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