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Couch PartyAugust 25, 2004

It’s Finished Object Day here at Casa Rachael. FO! FO! (And a fee and a fi in there somewhere, too. Fum.)

First, let’s look at the group shot, shall we?


The FOs had a party on my couch. It’s a good place to have one, I suppose, but it’s hard to tell who’s who, no? Let’s pull ‘em apart. My friend Monica (mother of the adorable Winter) is having a baby girl who is probably going to be named Luna Amelia (unless she pops out and has other wild suggestions, as sometimes happens). Monica’s probably having this wild baby at this very moment, or at least we hope she is, as she’s been in labor for over a week, poor thang. This is a wee jacket (pattern HERE) and unfortunately you can’t see the button (and I didn’t think to take a close-up)—it’s a blue house with a blue moon sailing over the top.


And then, we got socks. Boy, do we got some socks. I have a VERY bad habit of making socks for myself and immediately giving them away. I haven’t kept socks for myself in years. But darling Leslie gave me this yarn, a wonderful merino Interlacements Toasty Toes, and I’ve been making this pair last on the needles. Even so, when I finished them last night, I thought. Hmmm. I know someone who would LOVE these. Mental slap. No! That person is me! So I put them on today (and god knows with the feet I have right now, no one else would want them after that) and showed them to Adah. She was not impressed.


She had slipped a little on that beanbag. She’s usually perched a little higher, like this:


That was the beanbag which used to frighten her. When I used to want to keep her out of my bedroom, I would drag the beanbag to the doorway, and she wouldn’t go over it. Now, it’s her best friend in the whole world. Digit looks on in jealousy, too scared to walk on it (even though with his extra toes he could snowshoe right over it).

And then, we have the Good Ole Cabled Scarf (my free pattern HERE).


My camera, while I love it, has decided it hates red in the last few months. I probably took forty pictures and this was the best one, the least distorted. It’s really kind of a pain in the ass, since I only seem to be using red and orange lately. Maybe the camera is just tired. I would be, I suppose.

Speaking of reds, I cast on a little shrug-thingie last night, using that Kyoto from Artfibers, that glowing yarn that makes people stop in their tracks and wonder if the silk has been unnaturally irradiated at some small local power plant.


I got this far before realizing that I only have two balls of it, and the last time I went to the store, Kira said they were out of that colorway. As the store is so closely tied to the fashion industry, when a color is out, there’s no guarantee it’s coming back. And even if it did, I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy enough to make a whole shrug (gah, I dislike that word). So I’m going to rip it and make a delicate scarf. Me ‘n’ scarves! Who knew?

I dreamed about knitting last night for the first time in a long time. I was on the run from the law (hmmm), but I found myself in a park, wearing an incredible white sweater (much like Becky’s new jaw-dropping one, actually). I was also, oddly enough, wearing a ball gown under it, and I was GORGEOUS. Old pin-up gorgeous. I’m usually just kinda cute, I suppose, and better when I grin, but in my dream I was stop-the-traffic-dead gorgeous. There was another outlaw running through the park with me, and I asked him to take some pictures of me in the sweater under a tree. I thought they would be good for the blog. See? Thinking of you, dear readers, even while fleeing the country. Later in the dream, while searching my bag for the camera, I found the sweetest little disassembled semi-auto pistol, which made me even happier than the ballgown had. (Confession: I heart guns. I also approve of keeping them out of the hands of crminals and children, but I love their mechanics and power and sound and smell. You can send me hate mail now.)

Anyhoo. Lotsa knitting going on, that’s what I meant to say. It’s a beeyootiful windy, sunny day out there, and I might go for a walk or something just as crazy. I'm gonna wear my new socks.


Love all the FO's, but really liked the edging on the baby sweater.

No hate mail here. Love the socks! So glad you're keeping them. I still need to figure out what to do with my darling single ball of Kyoto. Lacey scarf, I'm thinking. Hurray for FO Day!

I love the socks and the picture of Adah on the beanbag!
No hatemail, just a little surprise . . and jealousy because as for knitting, I've not had any FO's in a LONG time. Then again, if I'd stop ripping things out I might get somewhere -hehe.

I like guns too. I'd only ever used a .22 on empty cans, until this year I found the love of a 20 ga shotgun shooting trap, skeet, sporting clays -- it's just amazingly fun.

(I think I could shoot a 12 ga if the overall length were a little smaller than typical. I'm 5'1" and my arms are only soooo long.)

So count me in. You wanna go shooting, you call me. :)

You are so obliging (Adah.) That's some gorgeous knitting, too.

No hate mail re: the guns, but MAN do they freak me out. I had to take "Hunter's Safety" in HS (uh, WHY?), which involved shooting off rifles toward targets underneath the stage of a small concrete gymnasium. Is it just me, or does that seem like a monumentally BAD idea?

You know what would be fabulous? A ballgown in the same color as the Kyoto! That's what was in the picture in my head as I read about your dream. Except in my head you were wearing a cute little white cropped/bolero/shrug kinda thing, at least until I got to the part where you mentioned becky.

I dislike guns in my hands, but in responsible hands, they're a good thumbs up. The FO's look great, I love your scarf and will definitely be making one soon! There's a boy I know in Fargo who needs a new scarf this winter.

I visited relatives in CA recently, and my one request was a side trip to Art Fibers. While I was there (for two hours!) I spoke with Kira and completely knitblog geeked out on her. "You're *the* Kira?! *Rachel's* Kira?! Can I touch you?!"

And yes, the Kyoto really does beckon like the hypnotic bug zapper of yarnaholics.

Lovely FOs, BTW.

I'm just going to break down and order some Kyoto sight unseen due to your descriptions...

I love the socks! Your kitty on the beanbag is adorable.

(And, I would never send you hatemail. )

Rachael, The baby sweater is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o sweet. Monica and the wild baby, Luna Amelia ( i love the names she chooses), will cherish it. And I love those black and red sox!! If you don't keep them, I will personally come over to your house and chastise you within an inch of your life. I want that yarn. What did you say it was?? I am in the last phases of dementia before vacation, so am feeling things very fully. MWAH to you for today's post.

This is like a finished object paaaaar-aaaaay! Most excellent. [Dude.]

Everything is gorgeous, and I'm particularly enamored with that sweet little baby cardigan!

No hate mail here. Gun fans kinda run rampant in the family. (Quite a few military men.)

P.S. Thank you for the mention, amiga. Made me smile this morn' :-)

love those socks and what a cutie patootie. and you crack me up with that dream. i wanna knit that sweater too. can't wait to see you knit it. you will look gorgeous!

and i know what you mean about the red. my camera doesn't like it either.

And last night I dreamed I was walking down the street and had runs in my pantyhose. and then I broke the heel of one shoe.

Please send me one of your high quality dreams!

Oh, how nice of you to stop to take a blog pic while fleeing in your ballgown..hee! Love all your knitting pics - mmmmmmm! Does Adah ever slide out of that beanbag?

My husband told me this morning that I was whining/whimpering in my sleep last night, obviously in the midst of some dream which I did not enjoy. Luckily, I don't remember it!

Winter and Luna -- great names, indeed, and a great sweater for young Miss Luna. May she arrive safely and soon!

And, grinning or not, I'd rate you several steps past "cute!"

Yep, me too. What a hilarious dream. And what great finished items! Good luck/congrats to Monica, too!

I am a sock slut--I absolutely love them. Yours are truly awesome! Such a fun stripey pattern. As for your Kyoto--exactly what would I have to do to get you to pick up a wee bit of Kyoto and send it to me? I have been LUSTING for it since I visited their website at work and was blown off my chair by the eerie glow of it. Enjoy knitting with it!
I am starting your free scarf pattern this weekend on my 3.5 hour car trip. Thank you again for making it available to all of us!

Interesting, when I visualized your dream the gown was white with a long poufy skirt.

How's the dating game, Ms. Rachel?



You are insane! Hee hee. I love the dream, love the finished objects, and I love that your cat slid down the beanbag chair (that's the kind of thing our dog would do). And yes, I love that you think of you readers first even when faced with perilous situations.

Hey! I think it is actually cool that with all your running issues you are running in your dream.

You ballgown wearing, gun toting madam you! Hee...at least you keep your feet warm.

Wear them well!

Great FO's! Gotta love that Kyoto. I have some, but no red. Purple, gold, brown, orange and white - no red :( Otherwise I'd send it to ya! I think those toes deserve some socks. They've carried you quite a way...

All the FOs are fabulous, but that baby sweater is DARLING.

Things I never thought I'd read on your blog: I like guns. You are so funny. I grew up being frightened of them..and a little anti-gun...and then Jacob took me pheasant hunting in South Dakota. What's a girl to do? If I'm gonna have a double barrel shotgun in my hand, I wanna know how to use it!

Adorable little sweater! I *wish* I'd finish a pair of socks - in smaller than worsted, they start & languish. Poor little things. Wierd, because I'm addicted presently to small, fast projects.
Always adore the meow pics! That's a pretty cover on the beanbag, too.

Silly lady, you're going to scare people. Kyoto isn't going away any time soon. I think there'll be riots when it gets discontinued. Possibly some offers of first-born children in exchange for the last ball.

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