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DustAugust 3, 2004

All right, so the truth is I could barely walk yesterday. Shin splints are weird things. Yesterday they kinda wrapped up around my knee and said, “Hey, Stupid! You’re a damn knitter! Get a clue!” So I said take this! And walked briskly around the block. After trying all day to ease the muscle pain with various remedies, the walk was the only thing that did it. Motion for motion. Always a good thing, y’think?

But the rest of the day yesterday? I had such a good time. I spent most of it on my couch, either with my legs up on the wall, or nested up on pillows. I knitted a LOT. I watched plenty of TV. I read half a book. I got in my bed at four and pulled up the blanket at the foot of the bed (because it’s not a nap if you get IN the bed, or at least it’s not to people who work midnights. Sleeping in the bed during the day is just sleep). I’m a horrible napper, though, and my cats are horrible nap-enablers. Adah decided at 4:15 that it was time for dinner and walked over me, again and again. Crying. Howling. Whining. Stopping long enough for me to believe that she might be giving up, and then starting again. I actually yelled at her at one point and felt terrible about it. One, I just don’t yell, and I know I wasn’t convincing. Two, yelling at a cat? That’s low.

So the nap was unsuccessful. But the resting wasn’t. Damn, I’ve wanted a day like that for a long time. The only thing wrong with a day like that is that it doesn’t make you want a similar day any less. Confusing sentence. You know what I mean. Then yesterday evening was spent with a banjo girl, so that was nice, too. Cain’t beat a big-ass burrito, ice cream, happy dogs, and “Cluck Old Hen,” played clawhammer, and fast. Nope.

And now, today. Tuesdays are my days to get everything done. Today is laundry-doing and grocery-shopping and phone-call-making and house-cleaning, and that’s all before I go in to work tonight. But I’d still like to be on the couch. I am, at heart, extremely lazy. Really, I am. You know what I’ve put off recently? This is only a partial list of the things I need to do or schedule TODAY:

Take cats to the vet.
Go to the dentist.
Call realtor with awkward questions.
Get the car a tune-up, an oil change, a smog check, fix the front headlight, and pay the registration that’s four months late (oh, and a wash wouldn’t hurt, either).
Buy toilet paper (I’m two squares from a kleenex moment).
Put a zipper in that last sweater.

I know there are more things that need to be done today, but I’m too lazy to find the list. This is true. Dude, I am able to put off procrastination. I may knit a lot, but there are dust tumbleweeds under my couch. Good thing I rested up yesterday.


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it's so awesome you're committed to running. but i have to come out of my lurker-dom to say be careful. shin splits are tricky -- the first time i marathon trained i gave myself stress fractures by not listening to my body and continuing to run through the shin splits. i suggest getting new shoes and letting them properly heal! be careful!

I thought you were telling me the banjo player was a big-assed burrito but this is food yes?, but there again ha-ha.
Do you have a sports physiotherapist in your area, maybe they could advise ways and means to ease the shin splints. Though have to agree that as someone with a most 'interesting' skeleton the one thing I have been advised to do is keep mobile but then the specialist spoils everything and adds but gentle and easy so no rock climbing, abseiling, bunjee jumping or running, though running and I have never agreed...even if a sport bra came in my size and the bra was made of titanium the bounce would still be in danger of giving me black eyes or knees:0)

We could be twins, separated at birth, 30 years apart. I am equally lazy. My weekend mostly constists of putting off the things I've been putting off since the previous week. But I did have to take may car in today or else I might not be able to go out tomorrow night. And I think Adah might be Patrick's twin.

Sounds like a lovely day, my dear. I'm only five days away from my last deadline until after the wedding (I've worked WAY too much this summer and deserve a break, dammit) and then I plan to alternate between plugging away at the writing thing and laying about on the couch like my hero Rachael. You were way overdue for a day of rest.

Now go call that realtor!


What I wouldn't give for a whole day on the sofa. I need like 2 weeks of uninterrupted work time to clear out the clutter and get things organized just in case I end up moving soon...

Arnica, baby, arnica. Boiron makes a great gel and you should take the little pellet things as well. Check it out at Whole Foods.

What would life be if we didn't feel a little guilty about what we "ought" to be doing? Frankly, we all deserve a pajama and tv day (with lots of knitting) much more often than we take it.

What would life be if we didn't feel a little guilty about what we "ought" to be doing? Frankly, we all deserve a pajama and tv day (with lots of knitting) much more often than we take it.

You know, I am basically a lazy person as well. Glad you got all your knitting done, and I think it's a good idea to do all the errands in one day rather than spreading them out over the course of several days. So you ate big-ass burritos instead of sandwiches from that Genova place? Take care of those splints, girly.

I've had shinsplints bad myself. I found that flexible icepacks like these http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0001WXTNM/bitesizeinc-20/002-7627181-6629650?creative=125581&camp=2321&link_code=as1 are a good investment. I bought something similar, one for each leg. They cover the whole shin and you can strap them on with mini bunjee cords or tape or something and be able to walk around the house, etc. while icing. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Ice is nice.

Ugh, shin splints! That's what I remember most about high school gym class, endless laps around the track and endless shin splints. That, and the endless embarassment of being an uncoordinated, totally unathletic art-ish band kid who always ended up in a class with all the jocks.

And asking awkward questions to realtors = FUN! :)

Dude, I put off procrastination, too. Though I did manage to clean my desk off today. Then I decided that was enough work, and now I'm alternating knitting/watching movies with surfing around the Net. Eh, the trip to the Container Store can wait til tomorrow. MWAH~!

I know the feeling--I stayed home sick yesterday, and I thought it would have the added benefit of satisfying me with a day of nothing, but wouldn't you know, it just whetted my appetite; when I woke up this morning I seriously considered it, even though I felt fine.

Ahhh the Motion for Motion thing worked did it? I had a feeling. Do be careful though, how do your legs feel today? I'm wondering if you are "stiff" and need to stretch more only because that is my problem and well I think everyone has my same problems :)

Congrats on the lazy day! I am in desperate need of one of those but don't see one in sight :(

Sounds like the perfect day:) just enough exercise to exorcise the guilt demons, then a good couch:)

After finally calling the guy about my rego (you win, I've only put it off for 2 months), i was again surprised at how easy something was once I finally got round to it. esppecially when you consider the amount of energy that went into avoiding it. good luck:) K

Does this make 3 banjo girl dates? I know she's spying, but we need more information. Or maybe a link to her blog . . .
As for laziness, I've discovered that it's ideal (and perhaps necessary) to have at least one morning a week when you stay in your pyjamas until noon, preferably knitting and watching DVDs.

tee-hee!!! 'two squares away from a Kleenex Moment' great one!

I've got an extra LARGE box of KLeenex here, for the Launching....I could pass you some under the door...giggle.

Nah, true procrastination is when you bring out the back-up box of Kleenex, pull out a tissue and nothing pops up behind it but air! Hee! As a person who would not run if my butt was on fire and I was being chased by a can of gasoline, I commend you for your dedication despite the shin splints. I hope you find a solution soon.

I want to know how to turn off the cat alarm. Kimba is driving me insane...meow...meowmeowmeow.

doesn't sound like laziness to me. sounds more like "i'd rather be doing fun pleasant stuff like hanging out with friends, knitting and watching tv then doing chores."

i am so there with you on the procrastination. sometimes i just want to grab myself by collar and yell "THAT'S ENOUGH!"

but i'm not wearing a collar today so i'm going back to bed.

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