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Golden, Rolling HillsAugust 17, 2004

I’m hot. I’m having major temperature control issues. As in, my own. I think it’s a testament to my high metabolism (the reason that I can eat so MUCH ice cream) that I’m not two hundred pounds overweight, but if I have hot flashes like this, I can’t imagine what I’ll be like in twenty years. Whew. I think it’s warm outside, but it’s like seventy-three degrees. If that.

I had the best, best day yesterday. First, I drove up into the depths of Marin Country, out to Nicasio, near San Geronimo (both really good names). My darlin’ friend Monica lives far, far out this rural road that goes pretty much straight up (the coffee cup actually fell backwards out of the cup holder, such was the angle of the car) and then straight down into a silent wooded valley. Her husband Jason came home for lunch, and we rode the ATV up an old fire trail to the top of a great hill. From there, we had a clear view, all the way around—we could see just the tip-tops of the tallest buildings in San Francisco poking up over a far-off hill, and we could see the bay, and the Richmond/Bay/Golden Gate bridges. To the other side was Lake Nicasio and then nothing but the golden, rolling hills of California (the best Kate Wolf line ever). We were on top of the very world. And what a world!

Then, back down to Oakland where I met dear reader Jude. She’s one of those people with whom I made an instant connection, even though she doesn’t blog. We bonded in email over Tom Russell and John Hiatt and Slaid Cleaves, and she showed up at my door yesterday for a late lunch. This blogging thing is remarkable. That I can make friends with such a warm, loving, funny woman just because of the internet? Amazing.

I’m all superlatives and no specifics today. Well, I’m sleepy. The last part of my day was spent with the gal I’ve got a crush on (sorry, but “on whom I have a crush” just doesn’t sound right). I won’t even go into superlatives here, because I’ll embarrass her (and probably myself), but I’ll leave it this: The Triplets of Belleville is a gorgeous movie. And Eritrean food is really good.

Today, I’ve got knitting to finish. I’m on deadline for the Secret Project—I can’t wait to be able to tell you what I did! And Monica is going to have a baby girl probably right NOW, so the sweater has to be finished, and quick. And the Guy Scarf has to be done in the next two weeks, too. Cromarty, which is a commission piece, should get wrapped up soon, too. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a crunch of deadlined knitted items, but it’s kinda fun and challenging. And what’ll be even better is having NO items to have to do. Christmas this year will be storebought, I can feel it already. I wanna knit for me. Me, me, me. And then for me after that.

All right, I’m off to try to install a wireless router. Have no clue how to do it, so I thought I’d post BEFORE I attempt more computer futzing. Wish me virtual wireless luck.

And one more thing: John and Alan of Portland are going to Rome—anyone know any yarn stores in or about Rome? Any help is appreciated....

***Added an hour later -- I'm on my swing in my backyard, connected to the internet. I don't know why I never did this before. Oh my god. I'm in love with the internet, all over again.....


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Sounds like a loverly day. I was sitting at a desk all day.. grump grump.


Wireless is a beautiful thing!! Good luck with it.

(I used to read your page before you moved it to this one... glad I found you again!)

Mmm still not much sleep eh! ah well a gal who can pluck the heart strings as well as play tunes on another instrument, who has good taste in food and films and absolutely fabulous taste in the company they keep :0) is probably worth a little more lack of sleep my dear especially if she gets you to rest some of the anatomy as in shin splints.
Get the hot flushes out the way now and you might even find in twentry years time it just doesn't happen!

it's cold as a witch's boobie here ... well in my office. it's glorious outside.

I'm dying to go wireless with my laptop! Soon I hope.

It's so nice to hear you so contented. Sending much love your way!

My goodness Rachael, you're all aflush! Crushes are the best, 'specially when your crush is crushin' on you too. OK, ready? Breathe in, hold it, now exhale in a long happy sigh. Yeah.

Eritrean food? Really? Wow, I used to live half a block away from this little Eritrean place on Irving in SF and I introduced a lot of people to Eritrean food, but I don't even run into too many people who have tried it before! And yes, it is quite yummy. :)

Do not fear the wireless router. If I can install one, you certainly can, you are way younger than I am. ;-)

wireless connection? girl, i'd be happy with the laptop, but for now i'm happy for your happy. you sound so golden and rolling in my ears.

Yay, happy Rach. Thanks for reminding me to rent the Triplets.

I love the internet! It is, to me, the only place where I can connect with my online pals while wearing my jammies! Hee hee!

Ian and I installed my wireless router a few months ago. Wowie, wow, wow! The freedom of it all! Enjoy, you sweet thang!

P.S. I'm coming to your coast in about 10 days time! Unfortunately, way south of you. :-(

Wireless internet is the greatest isn't it!! We've had it for about a year... how did I ever survive without it! I too love sitting outside surfing the net - ahhh... such bliss right :-)

As soon as crushes enter the picture, all grammar is allowed to fly out the window. Enjoy your wireless internet! I can't think of a nicer way to blog than outside.

I'm right there with ya. After finishing my MIL's b-day gift, yarn shop projects and too many squirmy baby items to count, I'm doing all my holiday shopping on Canal St. in NYC. Fake Kate Spade bags all around. Homemade knit goods por moi!

Yeah, crushes don't need grammar (I like the way you oh-so-subtly slipped in the very fact of the crush in the first place!).

I thought Cromarty was for you! I can't even imagine working on something so complex and so beautiful and then not getting to wear it--kind of like how I imagine it would feel to give a baby up to be adopted. but less. duh.

Wireless..I still have dial up:-(
Hey, we like the same music! Saw John Hiatt earlier this summer. James McMurtry on your radar?
Your knitting is going well. It's so nice to finishe up a bunch of stuff at once and start anew (for you!)

I'm so glad your over-scheduled Monday turned out to be a glorious day. Sounds lovely! And that Alan and John! They are always scampering off to Italy. Oh, and yes, wifi rocks!

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