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HarumphAugust 5, 2004

It’s hot today. I would check the internet and find out just how hot it is in Oakland, but I’m at present running two more deep scans on my computer and I’m writing this off-line. Yesterday I screwed up and tried to download Yahoo Messenger. I think something rode in piggyback when I did that because all the horrible spyware attacked again.

I’m so eternally sick of not being able to control my computer. Even running the cleaners in Safe mode at boot-up hasn’t worked today. I’ve been scowling at the screen for almost an hour. I’m willing to give it about one more half-hour and then I want to be on the couch, icing my legs before work.

Too hot. Grumpy. (I know, relatively speaking, that many of you live in the humid hot areas, and I’ve got nothing to complain about—and yet I keep complaining. What’s up with that?)

This is how we all slept today:


Is that tail perfection, or what?

I’ve got nothing interesting to say. I mean it.

An hour of computer fighting later: Grump. I keep erasing paragraphs, because they're too grumpy. They make me feel worse. I need to get over my grumpy-ass shin-splint self and suck it up. I hate feeling like this. It so rarely happens, and I’m so bad at it. I wish I could just have a big tantrum and get it over with, but instead I’ll just probably be vaguely dissatisfied all night.

I can’t even type one freaking sentence without the gremlins grabbing control of my cursor. I HAVE to get in the shower now and go to work. I think I took care of most of the problems, but it took a couple of hours. Sigh. I'm going to just stare at that picture of Adah instead of doing anything else. Yeah.


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Now, have you REALLY tried to pitch a tantrum? I don't think you have. The Martian recommends taking yourself to the nearest grocery store, laundromat, or restaurant, throwing yourself on your back and drumming your heels on the floor while screeching like a demented gibbon. Of course, if you're not a toddler this kind of behavior could get you arrested, but at least that would get your mind off your computer problems. Plus, it's low-impact and burns tons of calories!

Oh poor you! Now admittedly I know little to nuthin about computers and viruses, but how about scrubbing that hard drive clean and reinstalling all the software? Again, I know nothing, but that's how I'd clean something tangible, so why not have it work for the cyber drive.

Go buy something fabulous to cheer yourself up. IKEA's new catalog is out and there's lots of cute stuff. I like buying bedding for some reason...pillows equal fun.

My prescription, and this is not optional:
a nice hot cup of green tea
good chocolate
cozy yarn

In that order. Sip, nibble, fondle, repeat.

Hang it there, Rach. You're doin' alot o'things - its all good. But Computer blow-ups, shin-splints, and heat can make anyone feel like invading another country. In fact, stupid white men have been handling their problems like that for years.....and you know how THAT turns out!

Have you *gulp* thought about blowing out your entire computer and reinstalling the OS? Maybe you've already done that and I'm lame for suggesting. but sometimes that helps. If I was there, I'd come over and help ya.

That's a great picture of your kitty-schmoo.

P.S. You're completely adorable even when you're grumpy. :)

Go ahead - have a tantrum. Its cathartic - we don't mind :-)

I have heard of viruses so nasty that you need to wipe and reinstall - If you need to go that route, my sympathies. There is little as frustrating as a computer that won't work right.

Um, honey, do you mebbe need to start knitting that Kyoto? That seems cheerful. If it's too hot, you could always set a little fan to blow on you...

(ps but it's okay to be pissy; we love you anyway :))

I agree. Jeez, we all have MOODS, right? I feel so much better when I read that my favorite people aren't always...peppy and upbeat. That they have downswings and tantrums too. It means you're a real person, right? Right. I recommend Mindy's tantrum advice, followed by Cari's tea/knitting advice.

(P.S. I got a lot of crap when I downloaded Y! Msgr as well, and that was a couple years ago. I think it's just bad.)

What I don't understand about spyware (we have it on one of the computers at work, and I keep asking our IT dept to fix it and they never have yet), is WHY the F@*% do people actually think it's a good idea to go out there and make this s*@( up? I mean, who is evil enough to sit around their house late one night and actually decide to make a program that makes lovely people like Rachael's life such a living h@*%?

At least you're not like that dispatcher in Maryland who fell asleep and snored through a 911 call.

I just got my teeth cleaned yesterday, too. Too bad it isn't as fast and easy to clean your computer's teeth. A little knitting and kitty petting should help frazzled nerves. Have a good scream in the shower and know we all love you anyway.

I hear ya on the computer front. My computer attacked itself and now I can't even use it!! You're allowed to have tantrums when it's that hot out and nothing works...let it go sistah.

jessica~ posting via public library

Argh! Sending you "hope you feel less grumpy now" hugs.

Oy, computer problems! I usually just throw my hands up and look to my hubby for help. What would I do without a handy computer guy around? OK, grumpy....my body has been achy when I run this week and I just keep thinking of how you ran over 10 MILES and with shin splints! What a wimp I am if I can't event do 3 miles!

go for a long RUN and know that
we LOVE ya, babe.
Grumpy or no.

Aw, dang, here I was thinking of you as we enjoy Bay Arealike weather ~ sounds like a switcheroo's in effect. Sorry, and for the computer s**t, and for the shins. Hoping it all gets better real soon. (Heading south; maybe we'll call you Sunday~) XXO

i want a laptop. but after hearing about everyone's problems with spyware and adware (along with our own) i'm seriously considering getting a mac.

read about your grump yesterday and checked back today for new update -- do hope you are feeling better by now and that there has been some relief to the heat. It's all relative; here where we *are* so much hotter than you usually. we are having a very non-typcially cool(er) and simply beautiful day. Now if we could only do something about the stupidity as easily. :D Hugs!

Just remember we love your grumpy-ass shin-splint self. Whenever you wanna getaway, come to the foothills and stay with moi.

Oh, I hope things are better. It has been a grumpy day here for last two days too. Hang in there.

Quick! When one consumes too many grouch biscuits (as my father calls them~hey, we're southern....) go immediately to your independent bookstore/coffeeshop and spend at least two hours browsing and sipping an iced chai. Or any caffeinated beverage of choice. Eat two chocolates and blog me in the morning....

the dentist office called. I have an appointment I completely forgot about MONDAY MORNING.. cough, cough.. oh is that a cold coming on? ;) No, I shall go. If Rachael can do it with less than an hours notice I can do it with 3 days prep. I think.

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