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Bad MemoryAugust 6, 2004

I’ve been knitting furiously on something that I can’t show you. I kind of hate that. But it’s rather liberating, too. I can just knit away. Because it’s a project I’m doing for someone else (but it’s not a gift), I’m using a mostly mohair blend, something I don’t use very often. I usually hate the way it flies up my nose and sticks there, a fuzzy snuffly feeling. But this stuff—oooh, it’s light and soft and not sheddy in the slightest.

Isn’t your interest piqued now? Hmmm? You’ll see it someday, promise.

Thanks for the sweet comments, sweets. They did help. Sometimes it’s nice to have a grump, isn’t it? That’s what I love most about living alone—the ability to scowl and thump and bump and humph, annoying no one but myself. My cats just turn around three times and go sleep with their backs to me.

I keep remembering things that I mean to blog about and then promptly forget them again. I’ll be filling a water bottle and think, “Must mention that movie…. Oh, look at that funny bug… Hmm. Wonder what I’ll have for dinner.” Poof. Gone again, for about six hours. I used to have more brain cells. That was before the dentist’s laughing gas.


First, rent Before Sunrise. A babyfaced Ethan Hawke walks the streets of Vienna for a night with a beautiful French girl, played by Julie Delpy. You remember? It was the quintessential movie for 20-somethings backpacking through Europe in the early 90s. (Wait, didn’t I meet you at that hostel in Berlin? Or was it in Dublin? Remember that drunk Aussie with the machete?)

Then, go see Before Sunset. It’s the sequel, nine years later, now in theatres. This time, they walk the streets of Paris for 80 minutes of real time, just talking. Now, I usually have a great big problem with Ethan Hawke in that I think he’s normally too smarmy to bear, but he’s just right in both movies. And Delpy, I don’t care if she just sits there and says nothing. Don’t. Care.

Okay, check that off the list. I remembered that one.

Oh, yeah, tons more thanks are due to the supporters of Team 911:

Lisa S.
Silvia L.
Carrie C.
Janine B. (Wow!)

Watch us RUN, baybees. Honestly, you should see the grins Marama and I throw at each other when we read the names…. Oh, thank you thank you THANK you. (If one of those is you, and you have a website, hit me up, and I’ll link it. I have my suspicions who some of you are, but I don’t want to link willy-nilly. What if I linked someone with a similar name to someone who didn’t donate—embarrassing for all parties. You know? I’m thinking too much, I know.)

Twelve miles this Sunday! Good lord. I’m going to deserve a LOT of ice cream.

Happy weekend, all. Mwah!


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I did it! I have a blog! Small, no fancy stuff yet but, hey! It's a blog!

I think it's just our advancing age, Rachael. I just took a 2 hour nap on the sofa. I never nap. We ate an early dinner, watched a movie and promptly fell asleep. sigh...

Cheering you on in spirit for your 12 miles. You're impressing the hell out of me, girl. Way to go!

Mistress Florintina does the self same thing though Master Caravaggio usually departs the scene with a look that tells me just what he thinks of me. It's grand to have a strop when only the walls can answer back or the chair get pushed out of place:0) Mr Bryn usually sits there with a 'oh she's off on one' look on his face and has developed a unique way of diffusing this particular timebomb. He lays down relaxes, dozes and then relaxes a bit more and delivers an undeniable comment on my grumpy self...he farts soundlessly but with an enveloping precision that leaves me laughing whilst I race to open doors and windows.
Yes I loved the first film even if I was not a 20 something at the time, have heard good things about the second and like you have to say some of the attraction is held in the form of Julie Delpy.
So, tons of ice cream is this the new chilling the shins routine from the inside?:0)

Hey, frumperella, glad to see you are back to your regular self...teasing us with secret knitting and making my movie must see lists....
12 miles.....o.m.g. Double scoop with sprinkles, fer shurr, dude!

You might just get me running again kiddo! And thanks for the move suggestions, they are now on my rent list!

Loved "Before Sunrise"... will have to see the latest. 12 miles... it is truly amazing how you have taken to jogging and can go so darn far!

Hey girl, I'm Carrie C, and my blog address is carrie.prettyposies.com, if you wanna link. And I wish I could donate so much more to you guys...you are awesome!!

12 miles?!?!?! I'm amazed at you. Seriously.

I've never seen Before Sunrise...I've got to rent that.
Have a great weekend!

I liked _Before Sunrise_, but I loved _Before Sunset_. I found the characters to be more realistic once they had "lived" real life for awhile. So, I complete second your film recommendations!

Good luck on your Sunday run. You are far braver than me.

They made a sequel to Before Sunrise??? I had absolutely no idea [yes, I live under a rock] and must search it out so I can see it. Agree re Mr. Hawke: What happened to him? Sometime, from Dead Poet's Society to here, he became smarmy. As for Julie Delpy: always beautiful. (Didja see her in Blanc???)

Wowsers! I turn my back for a while and suddenly you're running like a gazelle. That is wonderful. I hope the shin splint annoyance fades out. Happy running! xxooo

Totally understand the frustration of knitting something for someone and not being able to blog about it. Just started a project I'm dying to blog about but...well, Xmas is just around the corner, isn't it?? I know you'll make the twelve miles - hope it's shin splint free.

I just rented Before Sunrise, too, and eagerly await the arrival of Before Sunset here in my midsize city ~ Sorry we forgot you were running yesterday . . . hope your legs are OK now!

Knitting with mohair in August...running 12 miles. Can't decide which is freaking me out more.

how did the 12 mile run go?

12 miles holy smokes!! I ran for 8 minutes this morning and thought I was going to fall off the treadmill. You're an inspiration!! By the way, I always forget what I'm going to blog about... and I wonder why my blog seems so boring at times, maybe cause I forget all the fun stuff to write about!

I think you like secret knitting projects! Hee hee! Sorry about yesterday! Crankasaurous Ex! And surprise surprise got the flow today. No wonder I was completely incapable of handling stress, jeez! Am heading to Pasadena tomorrow for 3 days, but am hoping for a raincheck on cafe upon my return. Maybe Monday?

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