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Lazy MondayAugust 30, 2004

Early Saturday morning, when I was at work, I turned the page in my calendar to the first week of September and realized something rather important. I’ve got the week off. I knew with my literal brain that I had the first week of September off. Sure. But my workaday brain had not really processed when that week was going to take place. It takes conscious effort for me sometimes to remember what season I’m in, let alone what month. The day, forget it.

So as of five am, when I got off work, I was off for the next ten days. Postings will be scarce ‘round here during that time. The ‘rents are coming in to town on Wednesday, sending Dad up to secure camping on Thursday, Mom and I are driving up Friday, and we’ll listen to bluegrass all freakin’ weekend in the sun. Oh! Must bring an easy knitting project. I would never subject Cromarty to the dirt and dust. I can’t wait.

I had the most blissfully hedonistic weekend. I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do, except get out of bed yesterday and go for a quick run. But even that felt good. Quit laughing. I can see you.

Anyway, great weekend. I saw friends, and met new ones, and ate sushi and laughed a hell of a lot. One of those deep-happy weekends. I can barely move now, even today. Soooo lazy.

So, because I’m too lazy to write anymore, here’s a picture of Digit. I’ve got no idea how he got up there, but I had to help him down.


Enjoy your week, all. Mwah!


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Awwwwww, a picture of the Cat....now that made me smile! Enjoy your camping and knitting and general *off work* time...thanks for the hand holding, it does help Ever So Much!

Is it weird that when my favorite bloggers announce they are going on vacation I feel ever so slightly depressed? Fer Cripe's sake--these are people I don't even KNOW!

Anyhoo, have a great time. Take lots of photos. Experience many fun things so you can tell us about it. (Typo: Abou tit. Juvenile giggle.)

Cat on tall bookcase is one of life's great mysteries.

please oh please oh please may I come with you? I promise to behave and to cook and will be happy and joyful and a good tent mate.

Have a great vacation!
Love the kitty on the bookshelf pic, exactly the kind of spots our Buttons loves.

Your place looks so darn cozy! Hoping you have a fantastic time.

Enjoy your vacation! You're such a good Mommy--helping your Digit down rather than trying to teach him a lesson about climbing into really high places. Of course, trying to teach a cat anything is an exercise in futility.

haha - i LOVE the digit photo! i sometimes joke that i should install surveillance equipment just to see what happens when i'm not around. but i'm probably better off not knowing.

have a GREAT time off. 10 days - nice!

Sounds just heavenly! Have a wonderful time, dear. Install ladders by the bookcases so the cats can get down without help while you're gone.

Ten days off! Good for you -- have a great time. Thanks for the kitty/apartment picture, too. Maybe you could crochet a little rope ladder...

Okay, very funny that you forgot it was your vacation! And when you wrote about "secure camping"? At first I didn't read the "secure" as a verb, so I thought you were sending your dad off to a special camp that had security or boundaries so that he wouldn't wander off and get lost (I still remember him pressing his nose up against the window after the earthquake). Have a GREAT TIME!!!

can't beat bluegrass. 'nuff said.

Here's a sweet memory for us of a memorable festival.


Hope y'all have a blast!!

Hey there...

How sweet! ...Too cute!

I love seeing pics of your place as well. It's so cozy and homey....I can just picture how heavenly knitting must be there!!! ^_^

Have a great time with your folks. I was away last week, so I'm catching up on your cyber-life. ;-)

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