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The Fix Ain't CheapAugust 28, 2004

The car's repaired, to the tune of $600. Those of you who know me in my natural environment, please know that I'll be staying in a lot for a while. But as someone recently told me, there's nothing wrong with drinking cheap beer and thinking cheap thoughts.

I can do that.


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Ah, the joys of car ownership. Cheap beer maybe but you know thoughts are never cheap expansive, exploritory, exciting but never cheap. Putting thoughts into action...well that'a another thing :0) But then the cost need not be about money just the small matter of personal courage and you my dear have riches beyond measure in that department.

What a bummer. :( Greg sounds like a doll though. Now go crack open a Schlitz.

Ugh! So glad I don't deal with cars anymore. So sorry you still have to. (movetobrooklynmovetobrooklynmovetobrooklyn)

Ouch! There's nothing worse than spending huge $$ on something un-fun. $600 on a great vacation trip? Fantastic. $600 on car repairs (or law school books?) Ugh. Well, here's hoping your little car is satisfied now, and lets you get on with your life! :)

I was behind on my blog lurking so had to read your last three entries at once. Fortunately I was finished with my coffee or I would have been snorting it out of my nose because I was laughing so much. I am sorry about your car, but the image of your legs hanging out of the car window while reading Middlesex (great book btw) is just too funny. Isn't there some publication somewhere that would pay $600 for your stories?

The secret to being happy with cheap wine is to buy one bottle of good stuff. Start with that, then move on to the crap. Ask me how I know. (and why I have no car.)

Half an hour in the freezer will do a lot for cheap beer :)

Ah, poor Petunia...whatcha gonna knit that Greg? You know you hafta knit him something...a smart guy scarf, at least!
Another great thing to be thankful for about daughter bird...she doesn't drive ;)
Cheap beer with good friends and a little Tivo, what could be better? Someone told me you only *rent* beer, so there's no point buying the expensive stuff. teehee.

All the more excuse to stay in and knit and get some of that "alone time" you need every once in a while. I can certainly think of more fun excuses, though. And this way, maybe friends will drop in with beer or wine for all. If not, Tivo and knitting, it could be worse. Hope your finances recover soonest.

I was thinking the same thing as Greta, although I had a pair of fingerless gloves in mind for Greg. I keep picturing him getting the scarf caught in something mechanical! Great minds and all, lol!

Oh, poor Rachael! I'm just getting caught up, and I'm so sorry to find a disaster happening to one of my favourite people. But Greg? I lurve him too. :)

Isn't it animal beer? Shmidt's... or something. I don't know, it was 18 years ago and he had a gun collection. Wish me luck when I look him up in Livingston next week. The weather in Montana is smokeless, lovely and cool. Many screamin' rainbows and I am knitting muchos ponchos and feeling only slightly BATTY! Oh that Greg...what a doll. Does he know we are talking about him? I'd be happy to donate yarn.

oh...What was wrong with your car?

Huh, maybe when I'm catching up on posts, I should read all the posts before commenting. Cheap beer is ok.

as much as i love my mini, not having a car definitely has it's advantages. what was wrong with it?

$600! Yowza. I guess it was more than a dead battery! But at least you had a nice towing experience, and at least you got your run in before the car died! (By the way, Peter drinks nothing but cheap beer, and I am usually thinking cheap thoughts!)

Well I lurve Greg too for taking such good care of our Rachael! We'll all knit him something - teehee. Can't you just see the look on his face when he opens ANOTHER package with another scarf, gloves, hat... At least then he will know he was in the presence of greatness. :0) Cars are like kids, they distract you with how cute they can be, then cost ya big time.

I had a similar thing happen to a car -- just wouldn't start, mysteriously. Turned out a $10 part was busted -- but it cost a *fortune* to get to, since it was *under the transmission*!

I second the vote -- you should move to Brooklyn! I'll be your LYS, and you won't need a car! You'll love it here!

And some people who have the $$ for better, my husband included, LOVE cheap beer. Bud, baby.

Go figure.

Wish I could send you some cheap Canadian beer.. Tonight at a barbeque they had some of the 8% alcohol variety in the cooler. I believe beer down there is tamer..

Something tells me you'll be able to keep yourself occupied for a while, and it won't cost you a thing.

Glad it's fixed and that Greg was so fantastic, but BUMMER! You need a ride to the grocery store, you know who to call...

Ick! Car stuff! Ick! YOu should have a contest, we all guess what's wrong with your car and the winner gets to buy you a six pack! I'm guessing alternator...

Did you know Long's Drugs sells beer at quite reasonable prices? Oh yes they do.

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