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WhirAugust 24, 2004

Thank you, THANK you for all the comments yesterday! Really. Sometimes I feel like I have access to this small private wishing well, that I have the ability to reach down into the water and draw up just what I need. I swear, that’s what you all are like. You do my heart (and legs) so much good.

Let me catch my breath. Whew.

I just got back from Orinda, from a meeting with my realtor/broker/whatever-the-hell-she-is.

She’s the type who knocks the breath out of you with her industry. She’s on two phone lines, yelling things at her two assistants, crunching your numbers, and still having a full conversation with you. As I am MultiTaskerExtraordinaire, I appreciate this, and it doesn’t freak me out. But her manner does, somehow. She makes me very, very nervous, and few people do that. She’s about five foot one, maybe a hundred and ten, no more than thirty-one years old, and smart as a whip. (Why are whips smart? Or is it that they DO smart? Hunh.)

Again, for the second time, I felt like running out of the room or diving out the nearest window when she was reviewing my personal finances. She’s not rude, she’s just honest. But by the end of the meeting, she had warmed up to me, I think. (I also think she was still pissed off at me for something that happened last month. I had seen her on a Thursday, at 4pm. At that meeting, we said we’d get together again in a month. The very next Thursday, I got a message from her at 4pm, wondering where I was. I got another more annoyed-sounding message an hour later. When I called and reminded her that I had met her the previous week, and that her assistant must have made a mistake on her calendar, she was nice enough, but I could tell she didn’t believe me. I hate it when I feel like someone wants an apology for something that I didn’t do wrong. I’ll apologize up and down for something I screwed up, or even MIGHT have screwed up, but that one was so not about me. I think I ended up apologizing anyway, blast it.) We parted today with her giving me an almost-real smile, and I’m happy to work with her. I know I could easily find someone with a better bedside manner, but this woman is legendary in her ability to create fiscal miracles with her thin, bejeweled hands. I need a goshdurn miracle.

And people, I think I’m looking for a place to buy. Really. Okay, I don’t actually believe that all the way myself, but she actually printed out listings for me, and there’s one that sings to me. I might take a wee drive to see it in a few minutes. Lord’a’mercy. I am SO scared, but SO happy that I even have any kind of ability to dream about this.

Dang. My mind is whirring too fast. Little sleep, but for a really good reason. And I have fresh, red tomatoes in my back yard. Adah is sleeping in the middle of the bean bag. Digit is drowsing in the sun on the kitchen table. My laundry is almost done. I have a red colander in the kitchen, and birthday fruitcake on top of the fridge for a snack later. Life is good. Mwah!


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Oh! Fingers crossed!

It SINGS to you? Major Goosebumps, here. Extra Prayers for you....Tossing a few coins into the wishing well, just for insurance.

Birthday fruitcake??? whose birthday?
did I miss something?! O ack!

Oh, yum. A place that is yours, your own, Chez Rachael, with a big old orange front door. I'm crossing fingers and toes and other bits that go over one another. May the place that sings to you keep singing... and may it have a lovely big tub in which to soak those hard-working feet! Poor feet!

BIRTHDAY fruitcake? First the crush and now this -- you just slip these things in like we won't notice...

I am awaiting the day that I own a home. One that I can paint, or tile, or do whatever I want to. With my training in architecture I also want to design my own, so in reality I'll be looking for a piece of land.

Okay...bear this in mind no matter what happens with this place that's singing to you: You're going to end up in the place that's right for you. It might be this place. It might be another. The process will probably be hellish, but whatever you have to go through, it'll be worth it once you're all moved in. I'll tell you some real estate horror stories, from the co-op and the house, if that'll be a help. If that'll just be scary, I'll keep them to myself.


oh little girl...i feel kind of bad raining on your parade...remember i'm from new england and there's a dark cloud in my aura. anyway, having gone through the home ownership thingy myself, i just want to say this. do not lose faith if this place that sings to you ends up being tone deaf (how's that for metaphor). the first place i looked at in my price range was such a pit that i was ready to pack it in. but with a bit a patience and some luck, i ended up scoring the place that was home for 6 years. good luck girlfirend.

After my own home-finding tribulations, I learned that the most important thing is to have faith. It's out there. And you'll find it.

I looked at house after house after house, trying to find the right place for me. One night, so discouraged after looking at about 10 dogs in a row, I went to Eddie's house and cried on his shoulder. Truly, I whined: "I'll never find a house in the city in my price range...(sniffle, sniffle)... I'm gonna end up in a condo in Aurora!!!!" (Apologies to anyone who lives in Aurora, Colorado - nice place, just not my cup of tea). The next day, the very next morning, I drove by a little house that looked like hell, but on paper it had everything I wanted - I'd driven by it before, but it looked so funky that I figured it was another dog. Nevertheless, my realtor made me an appointment and I went that night. I hadn't even gotten past the living room and I KNEW this was the house. Realtor and I exchanged glances, then ever more excited leers and breathless whispers. Turns out it looked like hell because they were painting the outside and were in the middle of all the scraping - once that was done, it was fine.

Have faith. That's all. Kisses, darlin'. (And sorry for the ramble, y'all.)

Good luck! Sending good home-owning vibes your way!

Oh my god. Whips smart. Smart as a whip. So smart it hurts. I had an epiphany, just then.

I've never owned a residence, but I do know that feeling when you walk into a place and KNOW that you're meant to live there. So I'm hoping that place keeps on singing. And if not, you'll find another.

Dear Broker Gal,

Don't mess with our friend Rachael. You'll have a lot of pissy knitters to deal with if you do.

Also, please help with miracles as required.

Rachael's Posse

P.S. I can't believe you didn't take a photograph of Adah on the beanbag.

P.P.S. Buying beats the heck out of selling.

sending good vibes your way. hang in there.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I remember the day that I did a mortgage calculation and scared myself.

Maybe next time you meet with the realtor you should bring your secret weapon... the drool kitty. :) Just plop her right in the middle of the big, hectic desk and watch the fun begin! :) Of course, that might not be the best way to get the fabulous place of your dreams, but it sure would be fun to watch. ;)

smart as a whip --- perhaps that phrase first started out smarts like a whip ...

Home buying is scary, no two ways about it! My husband and I are putting a down payment on our first non-rental home tomorrow, and the idea of that much money changing hands is terrifying, but exhilarating too. The fun with lawyers, realtors, and lenders is just about to begin! I hope you find YOUR home soon!

Sometimes it's good to have scary people on your side, you know. Maybe she can scare someone into giving you an outstanding deal! Buying a place is very scary. I had major buyer's remorse after we bought our house because I knew I could not just run away from this one, but that remorse didn't last long. Now I love our house and think it's the best financial decision we ever made! Hope your legs are feeling better today.

Keep the faith, honey coz miracles do happen. I was sure I'd never be able to own, and was just going thru the motions to appease my boyfriend. Somehow everything fell into place just right and we own 5 acres of paradise, with a view to kill for. The house needs tons of work, but all I have to do is step out on the back deck and see the mountains and all the beasties I now get to share my life with and I know it's all worth it. Plus, after we moved in I found a wish list I'd written 5 years before (nd completely forgotten about) and this place almost exactly matches! Keep looking for your miracle!

Yay for you! I hope your realtor continues to work with you and gets you your dream house. Our realtor is absolutely fantastic and I don't know what we would have done if she wasn't so wonderful. We're closing on the house we're buying in the middle of September. The mortgage is done (applying for it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be, hooray!), the home inspection and pest inspection are done, and now I'm waiting for homeowner's insurance quotes. Look at all the houses you can, even if there is one that doesn't look so good on paper, because we drove by some that looked good on paper and then were in terrible neighborhoods, or narrow streets, or had no parking. When you find the one for you, you'll know. Good luck! :)

Just gotta say that, no matter what happens in the marathon, no matter what happens with the house, you are a winner!

In my poverty days I wondered why my friends who were buying homes weren't more excited about it. Well, I've learned that the process is not unlike running a marathon: it's great 5 months after the damned thing's over!

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