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A BreezeSeptember 8, 2004

New favorite thing about wireless: I can sit next to the screen door on the beanbag (after moving Adah, of course) and put my feet up on the coffee table. This rocks.

It’s still hot as hell here today. Well, heck. I just checked my pixie, and SHE says it’s only 72 degrees in Oakland. Strangely, I feel a little cooler now, even though I know she's a LIAR. It’s still too hot. I could never live in the midwest. I would kill someone for hogging the ice or sitting in front of the fan, I know I would.

On the cat front, Digit has stopped peeing, at least for today. Yesterday the bathroom was hit. Thank god for tile. We had a good long cuddle session today (he loves sleeping during the day with me—we hold paws) and he seems much happier. He’s got serious separation anxiety, poor thing. He’s used to me being gone nights at work, but he hates it when I leave town. You know I had to do THIS, right?

Yesterday I was due for a maintenance run and I really knew I shouldn’t blow it off, since I had missed the seven-miler on Sunday by being up in Yosemite. (I planned on running the seven miles up there, I really did. I even bought an MP3 player to keep me company on a long solo run through the trees. Then, when I arrived, I remembered the campsite is at about 4500 feet, and that kind of altitude makes me LAZY. And there were hills. And it was hot. And there might have been bears waiting to eat me. Or really mean squirrels. I don’t like those kinds of risks. You understand.)

So yesterday, I knew I HAD to run. No getting out of it. It was bloody hot and I was miserable just thinking about it. But a certain Banjo Girl had mentioned that there was a long running/biking trail that goes for miles and miles along the Emeryville/Albany/Richmond shoreline, so I headed there to try it out.

It was possibly the best run I’ve ever had. Gazelle-ish. I flew. I ran three miles, and wanted to do more (but c’mon, I’m not THAT crazy). I listened to mixed tunes and the breeze was cool off the bay. I probably only passed three or four other runners but I felt safe as the running path is right next to the frontage road, which in turn is right next to I80. Lots of people could see me, but I didn’t have to engage (I don’t like having to be Polite while getting my steam on). I got to gaze at the San Francisco skyline and the water slapping on the rocks, and it was a happy, happy thing.

And know what? Since I’ve started taking those cold-water baths right after running (cold water in the tub, mixed with lavender oil and lots of Epsom salts, sit in it for 20 minutes with the New Yorker and a big glass of water), the shin splints have been getting better and better. They hardly hurt today at all, and usually the day after a run I can barely walk. I’m so pleased and excited I can hardly stand it.

I forgot until right now that I hadn’t publicly thanked the wonderful Amy for her donation to Team911! (And her Team Knitty has surpassed their goal, too! Yeehaw!)

Now back to being lazy until work tonight. I’ve paid bills and done several Very Responsible Things today, so now I have to catch up on the Amazing Race. Mwah.


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Oh, I'm so glad the baths are helping. That's fantastic. And yes, murderous squirrels are bad. Avoid them at all costs. Especially at altitude.

I like how you mentioned the hypothetical midwest scenario and didn't even consider the possibility of, say, the deep south! The pixie does have perfectly matched shoes, skirt, and top so I think that gives her some forecasting credibility.

You really ought to explain that Catster picture. What the hell was going on??

Know what? He was yawning. Isn't that a trip?
I love that shot.

I walked that shoreline trail many times when I was training for the Three Day walk. You're reminding me that I should go down there again soon. Good for the Banjo Girl for suggesting it. Hey, you could run all the way from Berkeley to the Richmond Marina and back and get a fifteen-miler in. And Hooray for cold baths with epsom salts! Sounds like you're on the mend.

That is a great trail for running, but be careful! There have been a couple of assaults along the Berkeley stretch in recent months. At least one was early in the morning--later is probably OK. I rode my bike along there a few weeks ago, and wimped out when I got to the big hill north of the racetrack. Another time...

yay! you're getting better!!! be careful with that heat, though. AND the squirrels and bears and whatnot.

oh.my.GAWD. that "catster" thing is wonderful!
it's quarter to five and i'm sitting here at work with this big ole goofy grin.
i had to bite my tongue to stifle a big "awwwww!!!!"
thinking about running near the bay and seeing san francisco gave me a fit of the dreamies for a while.

I walked that trail training for the 3Day too -- it was great, even if there is a serious lack of bathroomage.

You are an aerobicly fit studette, chica. Ya know the dog park part of that run? That's where I took the header photo on my blog. It's a million dollar view next to the post office sorting wharehouse. Wha?

Hooray for gazelle-like running and cool scented relaxing baths!

Loved the Catster pic...looked to me like he was jumping out from behind the curtain to startle someone....and those teeth!!

;) I am so amazed at your training for Team 911 Rachel...you are an amazing woman. I am honored to "know" you.

Thank you for linking to your Banjo Girl, she is hilarious!!! And congratulations on your gazelle status du jour. :)

I love the picture of Digit! What a bad Ass!
Banjo Girl is something Fierce! SOooo HOT!
Get your self to Santa Cruz Area (but don't bring Banjo girl, apparently this area makes her want to kill people or atleast buy her a magic brownie as soon as you get here if you do) and run along the cool breeze of the coast. I do have to warn you though it has been rather hot here too, but it is always a nice run, ride, magic brownie trip.

How could I not have known about Catster? Love that top photo of Digit.

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