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AndSeptember 13, 2004

It's also just completely weird that my shin splints hurt less today than they did last week after a three mile run. I do not get it. But I'm not complaining.


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You rock, Runner Girl. Go condo offer!

Way to go, Rachael!!!

Out of left field: I am in Chicago on a business trip. There is a building downtown with a flat, angled, diamond-shaped roof-type-thingy. (NB- NOT an architect) Anyway, it was outlined in white lights as I was walking around Millenium Park. Then, I looked up again, and it was still outlined, but inside the diamond some more lights spelled out two words: AIDS RUN. Nothing else. I have no idea why that was there, but I thought of you. I wished so much I'd brought my camera! Keep going!!!

17 miles. Amazing. So proud of you. Can't believe you actually ran it. How can it be I sat on my ass all day and *feel* like I've run 17 miles? Huh.

Gotta tell ya, you inspire me. While a marathon is not in my future, I'd love to do a half marathon..(which you could already do!) I completed 2.8 miles yesterday and will ease my distance up week by week. Yay You!

I blew off my boardwalk stroll today, and then I read this. Geez, I think the *least* I could do is walk 3 miles after you RAN for 17.

Slinking away....

Could the mysterious lack of shin splints be due to the trip you took into the ocean? I've been told that the ocean has "healing powers".....
Have a wonderful lay-around kind of day, you deserve it!

I can explain it! Your shins are in running shape now. They weren't before and had to be beat into submission!

BTW -- The purlygirls discussed your running last night. Someone said I had run 17 and I said, nope, that was Rachel. I did 18 (which when running is like 100). Then the whole group stared at me and said we were both crazy! Yea for us!

holy ba-schmoley! yes, you are one f**king fabulous woman. 17 miles...SEVENTEEN MILES!!!!

See, I knew your shins would come around. They just needed some time and convincing to catch up to your mind.

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