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BrokeSeptember 27, 2004

Whew. Escrow is open. And I’m freaked out. They’ve already called me and said, “Don’t you have any more money? Anywhere? We thought you had more money....” Sigh. I DON’T have any more money. I really want Taco Bell right now, but I’d feel too guilty.

But I did go thrift-store shopping after opening escrow (because if I can’t have any fun a’tall, I’m not good for anything). And I so scored. Check:


50% wool, 35% silk, and 15% linen, this Old Man sweater is SO soft and light and warm. It’s way OMS (Old Man Style), so I lurve it. And if I end up hating it, it’ll be excellent stuff to rip and remake. I think it was a dollar ninety-nine.

And these:


$5.99 Docs, baybee. And they sparkle a little from the greenish/goldish paint. I like sparkle.

Okay, no more spending money. All right? I’ve got to save a little bit for when Em is in town. (We’ll be thrifty, darling, but we’ll still have FUN.) Instead, I’ll leave you with a pic of some free fun:


That’s Lala’s wonderful Miss Idaho, a five pound long-haired chihuahua (and I don’t want to argue about it). I tell you what, holding her makes you a rock star. Every single person who walks by wants to talk to you and ask you questions and tell you their stories. And if they don’t, they’re not human.

And La with the dog of her heart, Harriet:


These were taken at the Berkeley Old-Time music festival, at the free string-band contest. Did I mention I had a great weekend?


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This is SO exciting! And look what a good shopper you are -- not to worry, you won't be actually broke even if you are "house-poor" for a spell. Tickled for you ~

We can be broke together, darlin'! It'll keep us on the straight (so to speak) and narrow when we are in the neighborhood of the Pract...

And the pups: adorable! Bud wants to go play with them right now!

Oh me, oh my! A homeowner (well, soon)!! How very exciting -- almost distracted me from the fact that you've finally shown us a picture of the bewitching Lala...

Broken record time. Yay, home ownership! Yay, falling in love!

hmmm sounds like walking around with miss idaho is like cruising around in a mini ;) she would even fit!

Yay, great weekend! This is so exciting about your condo. (That's right -- I said YOUR condo.) And how funny that we both thrifted for knits! Oh, and Hi Lala! xo

Fab finds! and celebrity doggies...ahhh! A perfect blog entry :-)

OMS sweaters are the comfiest sweaters around. Great thrift finds!

Woo-hoo! Pix with gratuitous kitty/doggy shots!

My guilty secret: I long for a chihuahua.

What great pictures of you two and (oh kee-ryst, I gotta say it) yer little dogs, too.

Wow, you're gonna own a home!

BTW, they always make comments about thinking you had more money and sometimes they want documentation for the money you have.

I have a thrifted OMS. Love it! Its hideous and I've thought of parting with it many times but I just can't.

My fingers are still crossed. I hope its all smooth sailing to the new home.

What terrific news--not the broke part--but the new home part. Yea! The dogs are so cute. It is terrific to hear you so very very happy. :) Not to say that you were sad...but you can feel the happiness in the way you write these days.

Fingers (and toes) are crossed that you will have your new home keys in hand soon.

Hi Rachael -

Haven't commented in a while, but have certainly been reading :) So glad to hear you have so much happiness in your life right now!

Rachel, I am so excited for you!! As for being broke...well, it's only money. Me? If I'm broke, I have a totally ridiculous NEED to spend money...on something stupid. Perhaps I should bring this up in therapy.... :)

Re the dogs: I am soooo jealous. I am a cat lover/little dog lover...and we have a BIG ol lab. Now I love her....but...that chihauhua...I had to get really close to the computer screen and croon "ohhhhhh aren't you cute!...." To which my coworker replied "what are you doing?"

Sigh. Love that dog up for me, please. L

So...here is the deal...right now you can't imagine Taco Bell...in a year those house payments will be a breeze. I know you don't believe me now..but one year after I bought my house -- I went to France. It works out! It is magic, I swear.

Frankly, this escrow, down payment, moving shit..it the HARDEST part. The rest is cake!


I can't believe Lala has a chihuahua! OMG, I'm dying to be one of those ladies in a red Mini who carries her chihuahua around in a bag.

Okay, here's what you do. Slip that sweet Miss Idaho into Em's bag just before she gets on her flight for home. I'll meet her at the airport and take that lovely little hound to her new home. She needs to live in Brooklyn. With me. She does. Really.

So happy for you!!!!! Yay for grownups! I want to be a grownup soon....sigh.

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