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BullSeptember 20, 2004

Oh, it’s good to be home. I’ve been running hard lately, literally and figuratively. Yesterday I woke up at 6:15am and started getting ready to go run in San Francisco. As I was padding around the apartment, I heard an odd noise. I thought, “funny, that sounds like rain. I know it’s NOT rain, so I wonder what it could be? A leak perhaps? A pipe trickling? A sprinkler left running? Strange, sounds JUST like rain.”

Well, yeah. It was rain.

Marama picked me up at 7am, and we drove into town. We got there really early, and sat in her warm, dry car, watching the runners gather in the dripping dark. She was a rock, I have to say. I kept making these little noises in my throat, small whines of discontent. I’m usually really good at staying strong, but yesterday I kept starting sentences like, “We could always make this run up later in the week....” and “Breakfast.... Mocha.... Bacon....” I was hoping she would finish the sentences for me and peel out of our parking spot, flying past those silly wet runners, laughing out our rolled-up windows.

But no. We slogged into the muddy meeting area and ran. I will admit it did not rain on us. It stopped when we started. But it was still sloppy and I give us twelve extra points (my own special scale of nothingness) just for not running away. Yesterday was a short eight mile run. I can’t believe I can type that, let alone think it. Shin splints hurt today, for some reason. Still frustrating, but I can manage.

It was sister Christy’s birthday yesterday! Hooray! At some point this week, I’ll get my camera out of my car and download the pics of her poncho that I made. She liked it! She really did! I was hoping she would... It’s only the second poncho I’ve ever made, and quite possibly the last, but I have to admit there was a small part of me that was covetous when I finished it. It’s red, with a black stripe for a border, black fringe, using the Harlot’s pattern. Couldn’t have been easier or quicker, and she likes it!

She wore it when we went to the Hootenanny yesterday. (I can’t believe my computer recognizes that as a word.) It was one of those Pretty Damn Hip afternoons in the City, at a warehouse/bar out in the back of beyond, behind the Giants stadium on the water. A bunch of bands were playing including the Whoreshoes, and you know I have rather a vested interest in them. I’d actually never seen them play, and I was really impressed. Even had I not known the very cute band member, they would have been my favorite of the day, hands down. And we got to eat hot links and drink beer and dance a little, and best of all (after the music, of course), there was a mechanical bull!


Okay, I look silly, but damn it, those are hand-knitted socks.

More house-hunting and bidding today, and I’m plumb tuckered out. Hey! Didja see, Cari got married? Whoo hoo! Remember when he proposed on their LOVEseat? I love a good ending.


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Ah, mechanical bulls. Ah, Urban Cowboy. Ah, Debra Winger (who is, by the way, the only celebrity anyone has ever told me I look like, so you know, I like her).

(OK, that's not true. I got Meg Ryan once. The hell?)

Ah damn, that pic just made my day. Kid tried to convince me to let him ride one at the fair/rodeo. Just so you know, I'm not THAT lenient... ;)

And Em, y'know, if you *were* Debra Winger, you coulda lived in the Governor's Mansion in Nebraska... Ah, Lincoln.

I kinda half-heard that rain in my sleep, but figured I was dreaming it because it sounded like such a heavy rain, and it's SEPTEMBER in the BAY AREA, which does not equal rain.

And then later I went to bring in the rug I had washed and left on the fire escape to dry, and it wasn't at ALL dry. I was convinced.

What a nice picture, you just look so darn happy. Nice socks too;)

Yee-HAH! Ride 'em, Rachael!

FYI, my gal and I are lovin' on Lala. Michelle adores her writing.

And everytime I read the words "chicks dig that" on her blog, I giggle like a school girl.

You've got good taste!

Glad you had fun at the hootenanny!

Oh. My. You are so adorable on a mechanical bull! You do look really happy!

And your lovely Lala is hilarious...I've been lurking on her blog too (I love her tag line). And anyone who can play that many instruments is just a bad ass. I'm so happy for you!

Hootenanny. Hee hee.

Immediate thoughts as I looked at the photo: "Look! Happy, funny Rachael! Is she wearing cowboy boots? Damn, those are hand-knit socks!" And then I read on, and I was right. :)

(A "short eight mile run" -- you're killing me.)

You don't look silly, you look cute.

What a cute picture :-) You look like you're having an absolute blast!

I thought they were cowboy boots too!!! Too funny! Love the hand knitted socks, is there anything better? Well I guess handknitted socks on feet riding a mechanical bull are one better, heehee!

You made me laugh. Thanks!

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