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Change Is GoodSeptember 17, 2004

I know, it couldn't be much further from the last skin, could it? But I'm feeling rather.... industrial. Industrious, no. But I'm lovin' hard on Oaktown. This is part of the freeway called the Maze*, and I drive under it every day. Something about that concrete makes me happy. More gray, for the skies that are coming. I am mad for fall and winter.

* This is another part of it:


At one point, there are eight different overpasses flying over and under each other. Modern-day buttresses, people. I love that I know where all the exits lead and how to find my way through and around the city streets, and I love flying on the top level, the 980 split to the 880, past the Greyhound station, looking left to the Oakland skyline and right to San Francisco lights. Home is good.


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wow - i'm always impressed with how you seem to be able to find beauty in the (seemingly) most unlikely places. thanks for reminding me that there is beauty in everything - even a concrete freeway overpass. :)

Except, even now when I drive under freeways (highways here in MA) I think of that very unfortunate freeway sandwich incident...you know, *earthquake*.

Love the new look. I've been working on mine since I finished the Ph.D. but I'm not there yet.

However, I am now inspired to have a good look at my surroundings and see what's out there.

I think it's pretty. Want to take a stab at redesigning my site? I'll buy you presents!

O-o-o-o-o! Purple! And transportation infrastructure! Baby, you're talkin' my language!

I'm sorry you didn't get your condo. God has plans for each of us, and he has somewhere else that you are supposed to be. I love your new look! You definitely have a flair for photography.

Hi Rachel!

I love the new look! It does look more winterish. And I can see why you find those highway so soothing. A bit like poetry made 3d.

Anyway, I too love fall and winter, accaully, I'm practicly in love with those two seasons. When you smell that first cold breeze of dead leaves and comming snow! Mmmmm

ehe, sorry to go on and on, I love the look!


Love the new look. And the new pictures. LOVE them. Very industrial, very sleek. Very Kraftwerk.

I'm sorry you didn't get the condo, but I love your attitude about it. You'll get there.

Change IS good. I love all the looks you debut!

Fall, winter, grey, urban, industrial - some of my favorite things!

I love this look. Love it. And you're absolutely right: Home IS good. (And when your next home is ready/perfect for you, you'll find it.)

Looks a lot like an interchange we call "the mousetrap." Clover things and big overpasses. It's slowly being re-vamped to be easier to navigate.

I LOVE gray - we rarely to never get gray skies here. This look suits me fine - especially the fabulous photo of the little girl with just the perfect spot of hot pink.

Oooooh.... architecture AND structural engineering appreciation! Very nice, couldn't agree more. I like the big new curve that cuts over 80 when I come from the Bay Bridge, you know which one I mean?
Don't be taking pictures while driving, girl!!!

Hey, you've got all us City girls craving home now. :) I too love the grey foggy days of winter in the City (and summer in the City) but I love the fog accompanied by thick wool sweaters, heavy thick-soled black boots, and the rush of a caffeine buzz while walking the streets.

Your blog always makes me homesick for the Bay Area, even though it wasn't our home for very long. Perversely, I felt a stab of it when I saw the pic of the maze and it reminded me of one of my husband's friends from work, driving home on the maze. A suicidal woman jumped from one of the upper levels of the maze and landed on his car, on the hood. If she'd hesitated a half second longer, she'd have gone through his windshield and taken him with her down the road to death. If she'd jumped a second later, she might have missed him entirely and he might never have known how close he came, with the body of a desperate woman plunging down in the darkness just another thing in the rearview mirror.
It's just something very Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco to me.

great new look. i love it.

Love the new look. There is something warm about the cool tones and the Venice lady is adorable. :)

p-u-r-p-l-e!! love it. concrete is good (light/reflective); macadam is bad (dark/heat absorbing).
hate gray skies though.... gotta have my blue skies. "that's what I like about the south!"

Rach...love the new look!

You are just too darn creative my dear.. Love it when you show your city :)

Very Bauhaus. Next thing you know, you'll be trading in your Kyoto for police barrier "Caution" tape (100% plastic and day-glo yellow, .2 st/in) or knitting Teflon robot cozies for Survival Research Laboratories.

Very cool new look, chica. I love that flyover section too, because you can just look over and the most gorgeous SF skyline ever. I also love those huge dock unloader dealies, they look like those Return of the Jedi things. Ya know?

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