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Claw ThisSeptember 21, 2004

This is odd. I totally want to blog, but I’m having a hard time finding words I think interesting enough to place here. I’m not bored, I’m just content and happy and tired and relaxed, and while it’s wonderful to feel this way, it doesn’t make the best blog fodder. The cats are napping in the sun, no one’s peed today (well, not in any bad places, anyway), I have plenty of TiVo cued up for this afternoon—a private screening of Underworld, even though I heard it sucked, followed by Bend it Like Beckham, because it’s so cute. I’m learning how to duplicate stitch. I hate it, so far, thanks. But it’s far, far better than intarsia.

Squeamish? Spoiler here—stop now. * I need to trim the cats’ nails. The other morning, as Adah was walking over and around and over and around (and over and around) my head at four in the freaking morning, I flipped her off the pillow, as I often do. It doesn’t deter her in the slightest, but it makes me feel better. This time, though, I got a claw through my eyelid. All the way through. It wasn’t on purpose, it was just what she hit when she went over my head. I screamed. Loudly. When I was in the bathroom washing it, the soap went through my eyelid and burned my eye. Isn’t that deesgusting? Luckily, the claw didn’t hit the eyeball at all, and I’ve kept antibiotic on it for two days, and it’s almost all healed, but still. Please. I was mad at her for a whole day, and it wasn’t even her fault. Bad me. We’ve made up now, but then she escaped this morning and came back covered in mud, so we’re still glaring at each other a bit. Teenagers. What are you gonna do?

God, I’m back to having no words. Just wanna sit on the swing outside and look at the sunny day and think about knitting and eat chips. Happy.


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Oh! OW! Now you kids better kiss and make up. Have a happy sit.

Youch! Go watch Underworld. Not the greatest movie, but Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight Celtic knotwork embossed black leather corsets, well, that always makes my eyes feel better. Yummy!

That is totally horrifying. I am especially squicked out by things going through eyelids/eyeballs. Two stories to share (as retribution) about similar topics:

1. Once, when I was at Whole Foods trying cheeses with my girlfriend, I offered her some cheese on a toothpick...I had two toothpicks in my hand, one with cheese and one without. Somehow, she managed to stab herself in the eyeball with the toothpick. She was fine but OH MAN SCARY.

2. Grammardog (on LiveJournal) once stabbed herself in the eye with a knitting needle, having braced the needle between her legs for a three-needle bind-off, then dropping something and leaning over to pick it up. She was also fine but THE HORROR THE HORROR. Knitting related injuries!

Gah! I have an eye thing. I can handle descriptions of almost any injury but an eye injury. Thank you for not showing a picture. I'm glad that you are healing.

Oh, Rach--OW! I'm glad you're OK now. You know, it wasn't so much the nail through the eyelid thing that bugged me so much as the soap in the eye. Weird, huh? Are you wearing an eye patch? Cause that would be hot.

Oh ew and ow! That's really really horrible. I think you're taking this piercing thing a bit too far missy.

Eeeeeee! I'm with Em - - you should TOTALLY knit yourself an eyepatch. With an eye on it in duplicate stitch.


I'm not really all that squeamish, but boy, that cat-nail-through-the-eyelid made me go all curled up and squinty. I agree an eyepatch would be hot -- much better than putting a ring through it.

Hope it heals quickly!

Ouch! Hope your eye is better, and stays better. (the thought of your injury makes me squirm...)

Squeamish? Oh yeah, you bet. Did I read it anyway? Of course. Am I glad you're okay? Most definitely.

Ow! Don't do that! I love the eye patch idea!...have someone kiss it and make it better.

Ow! Ow! Ow! I think you deserve some retail therapy to sooth the pain!

Yikes! It's going to take me a while to shake off the heebie-jeebies your injury story is causing me. Hope you're all better really soon!

"Stupid cats," I always mutter lovingly when I do something that causes them to injure me; why, oh, why does that happen so often??

I envision many eye patches knit from scrap to coordinate with sweaters!

Really, I'm glad your eyelid is healing so quickly and there won't be a need for eye patches.

AND, you're always interesting.

EWWW! I started reading thinking we were going to get some story about a nail cutting incident - not a claw through the eyelid story OUCH! I've got heebies now, and am more thankful my bedroom is "off limits" to Jack & Benny.

Ugh. I am sooo squeamish about eyes. Ack.

Mindy beat me to it: you need a knitted eyepatch. In neon fun-fur yarn.

One day I'll tell you how my cat accidentally pierced my nipple. After I get over your eyelid story, that is.

Rachael....I think Underworld is highly underated by the critics...my clan loved and loved that it was left an open ended story and are anticipating a sequel.
Bend it Like Beckham is AWESOME!
Poor you...that eye must hurt!
I agree a fuzzy neon eye patch is in order!


I'm not terribly squeamish, but the part about the soap got me. I have great difficulty with the idea that the normal close-your-eye-to-keep-bad-stuff-out mechanism doesn't always work.

and I LOVE Bend It Like Beckham; I watched it again (probably the 6th time or so) over the weekend, just cause I was in the mood.

Yeee-ow! Hope it is indeed better. I'm just back from a lunchtime walk home, where I tried to trim the kittens' claws a bit. And I talked to our girl en route -- she's due to be reconnected v. soon.

Owie! I'm glad you're okay. I get grumpy at my animals with silly things like that too.

I had an eyeball incident of my own -- a couple years ago I made the mistake of surprising a friend who was eating dinner, and when his hand flew up, the (very dull) knife he was holding hit me in the eye and slipped between my eyeball and my eyelid. I had a leetle scratch on the white part of the eyeball, but according to the doctors, that area is actually quite resilient. Who knew?

I cannot believe that my knitting needle poking my in the eye made it to a complete stranger's blog.

You find out weird things when you Google yourself.

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