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Do This, TonightSeptember 9, 2004

More than 1,000 U.S. soldiers have now been killed in Iraq. 1,000 of our brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, moms, dads, sons, and daughters have given their lives in service to our country.

To honor them and reflect on the loss of their lives, Americans everywhere are organizing candlelight vigils.

I'll be at Oak and Santa Clara in Alameda at 8pm tonight. Where will you be?


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Hi, this is totally unrelated to the message I'm commenting on, but I saw your story "Knitting is Sexy" on knitty.com. That was beautiful. Thanks for writing that.

I'll be at Willard Park in Berkeley. Thanks Rachael. As usual, you're ahead of the curve. I'l be posting an alert on my blog, too.

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