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FrogsSeptember 17, 2004

I didn't get the condo. Apparently they "accepted" two offers, and countered us both, asking for more money. I accepted the counter-offer, but the other party not only accepted but raised the amount offered. I'm second in line, should they fall through. I have to say, though, I don't even wish that their bid fails. When I woke yesterday and heard the message from my realtor, I was disappointed for a few minutes, thinking of that lovely street, and then I was completely okay with it. That whole zen thing I'm trying to do must be working out all right since I just mentally (and probably physically) shrugged and thought, okay. It wasn't the right place. (As Mariko said in a comment, "Aiyaaaa! Serenity now!!!")

Shucks, though. Why can't the right place just sit up and wave at me? Eh, the properties are frogs, and this is my frog-kissing time, I suppose. Ribbit.

Oh! I keep forgetting to advertise this:

Sunday, October 10th, 1pm
Temescal Cafe, 4920 Telegraph Ave, Oakland (next to Article Pract)

I already know there's gonna be a special guest appearance from a far-away blogger, so if you're in or anywhere near the Bay Area, mark your calendars. Nothing but fun, kids. (And it's not the Divine Ms. Em, since she's going to just miss that particular party. But I get her all to myself! Ha! I canNOT wait.)

Ribbit, ribbit. Off to look at another house. And just for you, pink sheep.


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Wheeeeeeeeeee! I can't wait. Don't suppose you can give me a hint? Maybe? Please? If I beg and try to look really appealing with big puppy dog eyes?

I have inked this date in on each one of my calendars (office, kitchen, and planner).I do not want to miss it. And, hey, the right place IS just going to sit up and wave. Just be patient.

Gosh darn it...I am going to Taos for the Wool Festival the weekend before and there is no way my animals will forgive two weekends in a row with animal sitters. AAACK!

As for the househunt, let me tell you the story of buying my house. My (ex-) husband and I were house-hunting. We were not seeing anything great. Then we saw the first house that had any kind of character at all, and we made an offer. The master bedroom was painted kind of a burgundy color. My ex said "Wow, I really love the color of this bedroom." And I replied "I like how dramatic it is, but its too dark. I think I would sponge paint it orange." He scoffed.

Well, we didn't get the house, and I was completely crushed and sure that we would never find anything (I was a bit more negative during my marriage than I am now ;-)). About two weeks later, we went to look at another house. We walked into the master bedroom--and it was spongepainted orange! Even weirder, when my children were born a friend of my mother-in-laws made each of them a quilted wallhanging. The first one had a Noah's Ark theme, and I stenciled animals around the mirror and walls in his room. In this house we were looking at, they had a little boy right between the ages of my two kids. His room was decorated in a Noah's Ark theme, and had animals stenciled around the perimeter. Some of the stencils were the same as I had used. It was uncanny. We made an offer, got the house, and I got to keep it after the divorce. I feel like it was meant for me. I am sure that you will find something when the world is ready to give it to you. How existential sounding is that?

Anyway, think of me at the Knit-Out. I will do some sympathetic knitting at my house around that time. :-)

You will find the right place at the right time...never doubt it. I've been down that road more than once...

Better kissing house frogs than the other kind ~grin~

Seriously...the right house/condo is in your future. The House Goddess has her plan all you have to do is be ready when it's time.

Hmmmm. I wonder who special blog guest is?
I think you should do a contest

Pink sheep!


My god, you are sneaky! I read your entry earlier, went away for a few hours, came back to read your comments and you changed the whole dang template! Hi, Oakland!

Love the new look, even though that maze scares the hell out of me every time I have to drive on it. I may be a bay area girl, born and bred, but I'm sure not a "city" girl!

Count me in for the knit-out! I am SO there! For that occasion I will crawl out from beneath my Sonoma County rock. A special guest blogger too, eh? We need more of a hint!

Good luck with the house hunt. I know your perfect place is out there just waiting for you! *mwah*

I wonder if the spraypaint will affect the use of the wool later. . talk about dyed in the wool. Those sheep sure look pretty, though!

hey, the condo wasn't meant to be. you'll find something better.

by the way, i love the new look. very sleek.

Doesn't accepting every offer that comes your way and playing the offeree off eachother seem a bit slutty? And, well, icky? Maybe I'm missing something, no?

I'll be there! That Cafe Tem the yummiest sandwiches! (And Beer)...

Woohoo! Knitout! Is anyone interested in doing an in-person yarn swap or would that be *not cool* to do near a yarn store? I have all this extra Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran, and really, I don't want two sweaters the same color...

too bad you didn't get the condo...but maybe this means that something even better will come along.
i'm a firm believer in "one door opens and another one opens."
take heart.

We put offers in on six houses over the course of five months before we finally landed our place -- and we were in back-up, even, so back-up works sometimes!

So hang tough with the househunting thing -- when it's the right place it'll all come together. Good luck!

The right place will come along...it will..it just will.

Condo hunting takes time....and the correct alignment of the planets. I'm sure you're find the perfect one when the time is right. It takes loads of effort. I so want to come to the Knit Out! I've never been to one before....but I'll be in London that weekend. Maybe I'll just go sit out in London somewhere at the same time.

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