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Give InSeptember 28, 2004

Best cell-phone quote heard recently:
“That’s such a waste of a perfectly good trip down the Amazon!”

I came THIS close to spinning around and demanding to know more. What a stunning sentence. But I was in the grocery store, and I needed to buy a metric ton of ice cream. And how. You know that feeling? It's when you need chocolate brownie ice cream with that caramel/butterscotch hot topping and you need it like ten minutes ago and god forgive the little old lady who cuts in front of you in line because there is NO mercy shown even if she is wearing the most fabulous yellow fluffy duck slippers you've ever seen. I put it off all day Sunday, and it wasn’t until the evening when I finally had to give in. Moral? Give in earlier. Works for many things, says I.

I don’t actually have a metric ton of ice cream. A simple half-gallon is all. Well, considerably less by now. But if anyone in the Bay Area needs eggs, would you please let me know? I was supposed to bring three dozen hard-boiled eggs to the run site on Sunday morning. What I didn’t tell you was this: I didn’t run on Sunday. It was only an eight miler, and I chose instead to feel the pain of my shin splints. Not that they’re much worse than they ever are, which is to say they’re painful, but nothing out of the ordinary, but I was on VACATION. And there was a GIRL involved. And the lack of a POT. See how large letters increase the whinge factor? (Seriously, the biggest pot I own would comfortably boil about five eggs, or a quarter-bag of spaghetti. Shows you how much I know. It would have taken a LONG time to boil 36 eggs, no? Aren’t these grand excuses? I like ‘em all.) But I had already bought the eggs. They now overwhelm me every time I open the fridge door. Devilled egg, anyone?

Next Sunday is 20 miles, and I can’t escape that madness. The Divine Ms. Em will be in town for it, so she’ll be able to vouch for the gimpiness that will follow. [Dude, ants IN the keyboard are so not okay.]

Today is for cleaning (Em might not understand how friendly the ants are in the bathroom—I swear Oakland is just one big-ass anthill) and knitting. I’d love to finish up the Rowan sweater I’m workin’, and I’d also like to cast on something easy and small, like socks or something. I have a feeling I’m going to be knitting and talking a LOT in the next few days. O joy divine.

(Several links I'm loving: Iris does The Rachael, the Em, and models the new Iris Pose in her fabulous new sweater, Clairedelune. And Ryan writes the tell-all-end-all If You're Thinking About Blogging article. It's wonderful. Check.)


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Eggs! I'm thinking Angel Food Cake and Meringue. And those yolks are so fantastic whipped up as zabaglione or baked into a custard. Dang, girl! You're making me want to bake!

Sure, what the hell. While you're dropping that lovely dog into Em's bag for me, throw in a few deviled eggs.

I so thought you meant a lack of *pot* when you said lack of *a* POT. That's what I would need to run like you do. Lots of POT.

Will the eggs keep until the big 10-10 Knit 1-2-3 Oaktown knitfest? You could hand them out as favors? Too bad you didn't have hot burning for egg salad instead of ice cream.

ONe word: bribery. Surely there's a real estate agent around that would do anything for 3 weeks worth of boiled eggs....or leave them for a few weeks, and use them as threats.

It's not nearly as funny as the other suggestions, but if you need the fridge room in a hurry, your local soup kitchen will gladly take the eggs. I once helped a friend take about 60 eggs to a nearby mission. The eggs were left over from his work testing a new "bionic" hand. Honest.

A HUGE bread pudding with custard, some egg salad..a big batch of Christmas Fruit cake (there actually are good fruit cakes...I myself LOVE fruitcake but I tend to be a freak of nature in that way) and soak them in whisky for months..or blow out the eggs leaving the shells and make halloween eggs instead of easter eggs..(in the latest Martha Stewart magazine)or whip em at runners going faster than you!
love you tons,

I am *SO* glad someone else read "a lack of POT"....whew.

I could only sit here and think..."but, Rachel works for police dispatch....and she's actually POSTING about a lack of POT?"

I say again, whew. L

In a rush... I did a quick scan over your posting and this is what I got out of it: you were on VACATION with a GIRL and smoked some POT.

This is how my mind thinks.

ps - I love the color of your walls in your apt...

what a gal, good luck on that 20 mile run, you may still get me running as well! Oh, and I love that sweater!

Mmmm, I love devilled eggs. I don't think they're very mailable, though.

O joy divine, Em's coming! You lucky ladies. Yes, knit and talk, and then tell us everything. ;)

If you're serious about the eggs, I'll pick some up from you. I do hates the waste!

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