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Good TimesSeptember 1, 2004

You know me. I can’t quite stay away. I can almost guarantee there will be no more posts after this one until Tuesday, but then again. Almost. You never know. You DO know about bloglines, right? I could never keep up with all my favorite blogs without them.....

Damn. I’ve been having a good time lately. You know that? There’s this amazing person I’ve been getting to know, and I like her lots. The banjo girl’s got mad skills, yo. And she’s fun as hell. We went last night to a speakeasy at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland. She wore an incredible blue wool suit that had an almost silken sheen to it, and I wore a tight black dress with a big white satin bow that formed into sleeves, and my favorite diner-tile shoes. We watched the show, which included a uke act, some burlesque, a mediocre old-time band which probably would have benefited from more jug and less saw, although the saw IS cool, and some really truly awfully bad jokes. Throw in a little jack and Coke and some shameless flirting, and you’ve got yourself a good night.

AND I’ve been knitting. I started yet another simple cardie, this bomber cardigan out of the Rowan Denim People book.


I’m doing it in Paton’s Classic Merino because I can’t get enough of that stuff. I know it pills like crazy, but I don’t care. It just feels good. And it was in my stash. I cast on day before yesterday when Kira was visiting me, and I’m now half-done with the second sleeve (I want to start the Sleeves First! Revolution. Start building the barricades. Join me!).

Anyway. Regrouping. Here’s Kira, with Digit.


I love that shot. Later we met up with her wife Rachel for coffee and talk (more knitting for me, less for Kira who had finished her extremely cute top at my house—she’s so leetle it takes her about seventeen minutes and fifty yards of yarn to make a cap sleeve tee-sweater). We met at Cafe Capoeira, which is an amazing place (even though it’s in the People’s Republic of Berkeley), combining coffee house with the Brazilian martial arts/dance lessons. Bad picture, but here’s what I snapped with the phone:


I gotta tell you. We watched the 6pm class enter and start, and I have never seen a more beautiful group of people. I couldn’t figure it out. Why was every single person on the floor absolutely stunning? Then we worked it out—it was because each and every one of them was smiling. They grinned the whole time. One person focuses on another; they smile and sway around each other, throwing graceful kicks and blows that never connect but turn into dance motions that lead to acrobatic jumps and graceful flips. And smiling! Damn. I loved it.

And even later, I had a wonderful dinner that sister Christy made—roasted chicken and wine and lovely, small potatoes. She made me watch the first two episodes of the Gilmore Girls on DVD. Do you have any idea how much I balked at that? I’d seen a couple of episodes while it aired (does it still?) and had been left cold. That mother bugged the bejeezus out of me. But with Christy’s solid nudging, I liked it. God help me. Yet something else to catch up on. That and Buffy could keep me occupied for a long time.

As well as other things. Have a safe and happy long weekend, all.


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You are SUCH a tease!

If I recall correctly, your family is headed to a bluegrass camping trip, yes? Any chance that any non-family members are going to be attending, too?

Eventually, you know, you're going to have to introduce us. And a picture of you in that dress -- including the shoes -- wouldn't be out of order at all.

Hmph. How can we live vicariously if you're holding back on us?

I agree, a pic of the dress would have been in order! Oh, and when you wanna catch up on Buffy, let me know! I'm there!

How nice ! What a lovely time. 2 dolls dolled up ! Mercy. I am glad that we will be away at the same time. I would miss you because you are the most consistent blogger on the WWW.

Let's see...You love knitting, Buffy, and IG. Those are my favs, too. Ever gotten into Stargate-SG1? It's great, too. There are some great one-liners and sarcastic comebacks which always remind me of Buffy.


I just love your joy.

Damn Rachael, you're so cute.

Digit put on some weight lately ?
That's a really cute picture!

I'm glad you couldn't stay away ;) Have a fun weekend! (Or as Z would say Fuh-UN!)

How is it that I've lived in roughly the same area as you for 5 years and don't know half as many interesting places to hang out?

Next time my boy's in town and wants me to plan something fun I'm coming to you for suggestions.

Okay -- am I just a hopeless romantic or is something brewing with Banjo Girl? Sounds like a great evening. :o)

Of course you love people who smile, because YOU'VE got a smile that lights up the internet every time you post your picture on your blog, my dear.

Enjoy yourself!

You went to a speakeasy? That's so cool! I'm in on the Sleeves First! Revolution. There's a catchy slogan in here, somewhere...

Love Gilmore Girls, but then, the mom never bugged me. And I love the pop culture ridden dialogue.

Hey! Your scarf is being made in Alexandria! See http://www.knithappens.net/index.php/knitone/blog/" for a picture!

Such glorious days! And that is hilarious about Kira finishing a sweater in 17 minutes. She IS quite the teeny thang.
I wish I could have seen you and banjo girl all dressed up at the speakeasy!

Hey Rachel...I'm the "anonymous knitter" in Alexandria doing your scarf. (The scarf is a secret present for the hubby) I'm sorry she didn't mention it was your pattern, in fact, I'm not sure if she knew...but I added the details and link to your blog in the comments. The scarf as you can see is turning out beautiful and thanks so much for a great pattern! Love it! Oh and BTW, I'm with the consensus that a pic of you in the dress would be fab!

I adore Gilmore Girls. It may be my favorite show right now.

Lauren Graham is hot. Just saying.

Hi! I made your hot water bottle cover and am just so tickled with it. Not many people remember the benefits of an old fashioned hot water bottle. It was my best friend (that and the sofa) during my last bout with a stomach bug. Keep writing, I know you're going to have a fun weekend, but I want to hear all about it. ;-) Love the Ikea story....Terri

What?! No pics of the banjo gal? C'mon...we've been so paaatieennnt!


Yay! We just couldn't have survived without yopur checking in, I swear. Sounds like you're having a great vacation, right there in CA. And as a gal with one Must-Have sleeve in the hopper (um, what's a hopper?), I'm right with you on Sleeves first! In fact, my Klaralund swatch may become a sleeve . . .

Okay, I really want to see pics of the banjo girl too. You knew everyone was gonna ask, right?

I *heart* Gilmore Girls. But I know what you mean about the mom.

Christy and I heart Gilmore Girls and as she stated a few comments above mine, Lauren Grahm is a hottie! Heehee!

Love reading your posts because you have such an amazing energy. Thanks for sharing!

I was JUST drooling over the Denim People book today! It's the first time I've seen it. So! Many! Things!

And that photo of Kira and Digit? Purrfect.

Adding my voice to those who want to see you in that snazzy dress. Also, I'm a big fan of "Gilmore Girls", which is still on the the air.

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