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I Have CollapsedSeptember 13, 2004

Apparently what you do after running seventeen miles is rest, not go house-search, house-bid, work, and then on a date. This morning I had three cups of coffee followed by a two hour nap, just an hour after waking. I have now made it from the bed to the couch. Whoo hoo! Look at me go! I’m hoping to take a shower and go for a walk, because my muscles are screaming for me to move around and stretch them out, but I weigh approximately nine hundred and thirty-seven pounds today. It’s quite difficult to lug that around, if you were wondering. I had plans all day that were cancelled, thank god. I don’t think I will do anything that makes sense today, and being completely nonsensical, while fun for me, isn’t so fun for the people around me. I have plans for early evening but they’re fast and loose and I could easily end up watching the Amazing Race in real time. Oooh.

But if I don’t do laundry, I’m going to lose my mind. It’s in such a state that I considered going to the laundromat, just so’s I could get it all done in one two-hour stop, but if I do it at home I’ll be able to lie on the floor in between loads. It’s not like I even hurt that badly. Don’t get me wrong. I hurt. But it’s not the ginger-stepping, wanna-cry kind of pain that I had three weeks ago. These are just really sore muscles. But my strength has gone south, and I’m too tired to chase it. Maybe it’ll come back when it’s ridden some Ferris wheels and eaten enough cotton candy to make it happy. I’m too tired to entertain it myself today.

Until then, I think it’s a good bet I’ll be right here, on the couch, a cat on my stomach, the sliding door open to the gorgeous day outside, birds singing, traffic rushing, glad to be freaking Not Moving.

(And thanks for your congrats, darlings. They mean the world to me.)


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After 17 miles you deserve to give yourself a break. Lie on the floor between loads...it works! And you'll be happier (in the long run) if you give in and rest.

Ha! I get it, Margene: Happy "in the long run." Tee hee.

Hey, Rachael, are you sure Greta's ok? Seems like a loooooong time since she posted, and, you know....we worry.

I love *love* your description of your energy riding ferris wheels. You may *think* you're too tired to entertain it, but you're clearly not too tired to entertain US!

Love you!

Rachael, love, one must pay $8 just to DRIVE seventeen miles along the ocean down in Monterey County. You are a running, gazellish goddess. You are allowed to camp on the couch, entertain only yourself and assorted feline companions and contemplate laundry on a day such as this. Doncha have one of those cool laundry places in your neighborhood where you drop it off and they charge you by the pound to wash, dry, fold and tie it all up in a bow? Lord knows you've certainly earned that sort of reward. Get out the Yellow Pages and let your fingers do the walking this time!

Love you...

Dude, you need some ice cream.
I try not to plan anything significant on my long run days since I am prone to exercise-induced migraines and am generally a lazy-ass wimp. You deserve all those naps and leisure. I can't even imagine running 17 miles right now!!

I'm so sorry you hurt. At least you'll be prepared post-marathon (hint take a few days off). Don't forget the epson salt therapy.

I'm so excited for you at reaching this 17 mile stage. That is something I can't even imagine attempting. Here's a gentle hug. mwah.

Have a massage. Pamper yourself. :)

Thank god... you are human!! I was beginning to think you were some sort of running machine. Ha ha!! Honestly though sorry you are sore today but sweetie I'm sore just from reading about your 17 mile run! Your body needs a break!

Listen to what your body is telling you. Rest me, rest me. You can do enough laundry to ensure that you have clothes for today and tomorrow. The rest of your dirty clothes will wait until another day.

Rachel do you get what an incredible thing you are doing?? REST....you need it!

You're awesome, Rachael. I'm in awe. xo

Dude, you rock! Just 3 words of advice: Wash & Fold. You are worth it. :)

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